can you believe in the middle of all of this louis had the wherewithal to ask steve to record a song with him and he managed to write something uplifting and heartwarming in dedication of his mother? that he was able to pour his love into a song that he gets to sing, and that steve is right there for him even though as far as we know they only met this year. that they managed to keep this private and process in peace. that this is how he chose to honor her and that he’s allowing us to be part of it; that he’s gotten to choose what he’s sharing, and that this is what he’s sharing with us. 

Over the years, seeing the boys instantly point to Louis when asked who’s the closest to their mom, and hearing Louis always talk about how much he stays in contact with her, my heart grew because of knowing Louis was the biggest mama’s boy.

This was my favorite picture of them, which I always say when it crosses my dashboard. To see Louis visiting his momma at work and seeing them both happy, I can’t explain the joy this picture has and now always will bring me

theflyingglassofmilk  asked:

Akaashi gets sick one day and doesn't come to school and Bokuto gets worried and goes to his house with his favourite soup and a blanket and his favourite movie and Akaashi falls asleep on his lap while the movie plays in the background.

i love this!! Bokuto would totally do that, and end up just as sick a few days later. 

(He gets scolded by akaashi for coming over in the first place, but in the end, he thinks it’s worth it.)

thanks for the hc!