Remember how you guys– jimiin, leolic, jiminjuice, btsleepy, y-oonqi, 95pjmhugtae, victaeni, tae-kooks, jeonchristineee98, bwoyaa, xtaehyung, nojimin, rvxseulgi (there maybe more but these are the ones that I’ve saved ;A;)– tagged me in a lot of selca tag games and I haven’t posted one in return? Don’t worry! It’s not that I never check who tags me in things, it just takes me 214993183 years to reciprocate! 

I’m sorry it took so long, but here are four of my most recent selcas! I remember that some of you wanted to see my new hair so here it is; I have bangs now (ノ´ヮ´)ノ*:・゚✧ And oh, look! I even tried to do that eye-thing that Namjoon always does!

Tagging time! I tag jiguk, seasalt-lattae, raphyung, pingkeujin, jomjjeoreo, hugtae, milkt-ea, y-oonqi, yoonkooks and 95pjm!


20 beautiful people tagged by the lovely, beautiful Berny ( flying-dimsum you are so PRETTY and sweet and nice) <3 and the adorable ohmarkiepooh (who tagged me forever ago but I forgot OTL I’m so sorry sweetie <3 you are so PRETTY too and cute!)

I know these aren’t technically selfies, but these are from my recent trip to Taiwan~ ^^ so they are the most recent pics of me~

Tagging just a few of my favorite people: jaksunshine nimrodelle yougotmeyugyeomie zeloswhistle igot7-love pakjinyoung <3

No pressure though guys ^^ only post if you want to~