Laurent Blanc said that to start Marco Verratti and Javier Pastore Tuesday against Chelsea in the Champions League when they just returned from injury was “too risky.”

Asked at a press conference on the event to begin Verratti Tuesday, Blanc replied: “It’s like Pastore, I don’t think he’ll be able to play against Chelsea from the start. There’s too much risk. It goes very fast, a Champions League game is a higher level than a Ligue 1′s. If you play there, the risk is to aggravate the old injury because you will go beyond the possibilities. There are risks to be taken but moderate risks. The first leg against Chelsea is important, but there’ll also be a rematch, and I hope there’ll be others. We must also think about our end of the season, which might be interesting, I hope.”

Asked about the physical condition of the two players the coach said: "After the game, Verratti did not have a specific pain, just a few aches, Flaco (Pastore) too, which is normal. We had planned to play Javier a little longer, but he couldn’t play more than 45 minutes so we did not insist.”