tv-show challenge [3/10]

As promised, here’s the entry of the third show I’ve watched. 

Who doesn’t know, what’s this all about, here’s the first entry: go along 

I finished it watching it the whole weekend through, which sounds like much effort, but this show has just 3 series with 6 episodes (8 in the last series) and each episode is about 30min long. 

So, what am I talking about? I decided to give Miranda another chance, after I cancelled watching it years ago. reese1410 told me about it and that I have to watch it, but I was not into it. But now I watched it. And what could I say? I have to admit, I laughed really hard a lot of times, so for this its definitely worth watching it. 

And now I remember, I totally forgot to write about the plot the last times, but well, does it need saying? I don’t think so.^^ It’s just about a woman who doesn’t fit in the typical measures of what people think of a grown woman. This actually is really great and a reason why I loved the show. She’s not stereotypical, she’s tall and not really ladylike; she loves food and is very clumsy. Sometimes you get really embarrassed for her, because you just know that eeverything she’s planning has to go wrong. But it all ends well. 

So, if you wanna laugh a lot, you should give it a try. 

(Gosh, I loved that scene.^^) 

But besides all the fun stuff, there was something that really bugs me. 

In the first episode where the characters are introduced, there is also this guy Gary. Untill series 3 I think, I thought they just met for the first time short before the story starts, but then they say something about being friends for over 15 years.! Which is actually pretty cool and they get along really well. But, and there is a really big but for me, is, that she is madly in love with him, from the start on! And yeah, she gets the boy in the end. And that’s something that bugs me. First of, I don’t see his affection towards her, for me he always seemed to be like a best friend, soulmate type of guy and I really wish they would have left it this way! Secondly, and that bugs me even more (more than not getting why he loves her), is that I really think this show could have shown that women and men can be friends. But it was destroyed.  

And than there’s this other guy. He loved her and even got back from a great job in Africa, to be with her, because he missed her. (which is actually pretty sweet), but what happened? She decided, after she already knew, she doesn’t love him and hasn’t told him before he left, to tell him now, after coming back. ANd he? He just went away. I was so sorry for him, because he was such a nice guy and everything would have worked out in the show. They would still have the message, that even the not so pretty and perfect women can have relationships and can be loved.  Oh, and it was really bitchy of her, to just tell him “Oh I don’t love you.” and then let him go. To me it seemed, they just had to get rid of him out of the show. Why they brought him up again first is a marvel to me. 

Ah, I know why! They had to have two guys proposing to her! Serious, guys? Why? Each constellation (Miranda x guy ; Miranda x Gary) had nearly no time at all to be in a long relationship, so it doesn’t make sense to me. And again its a false signal. Why does the story has to end with a marriage? Why should every girl wants to marry? Seriously?

Perfect ending for me would have been: She and this other guy get together in a relationship and Gary is her best friend.  

If you don’t mind this or just can take this aside (well, I could while watching), than it’s a funny show with some flaws, but who’s perfect, he?