There is a friend of mine on here, she is 32 and it genuinely disturbs me the way people treat her age.

The level of ageist misogyny is unreal, people trying to dig at her and imply her life must be awful because she is 32 and… Uses social media?

Like, what kind of weird-ass Logan’s Run shit is this? You turn 30 and you’re supposed to, what? Close down all your social media accounts, except Facebook where you are only allowed to post wine mum jokes and minion memes?

The age of a woman is often used against her like a weapon and it seems very evident that women over a certain age (apparently it’s around 30) are supposed to disappear, or stop having opinions.

The fact she is a woman of that age with strong opinions and a strong social media presence is somehow used to imply she is lesser, unworthy, unsatisfied, sad, lonely, desperate.

It’s fucking mind blowing. Meanwhile these tools will listen to 43 year old men on the internet complain about undersized anime tits or whatever else THEY deem to be important.