she says: you,
you should touch me -
touch me some more
where it hurts, where it throbs.
there’s this void in my chest -
your touch, your touch,
your touch knows it best.

she says: you,
you should say some words -
say some more, soothe my heart,
wash my mind away, help me find my way.
lips apart, new-found day,
there’s this emptiness in my soul.
your words, your words,
your words can make me whole.
—  Michael Lottner (@michaellottner on twitter)

can we just take a moment to appreciate how wonderfully dorky this hunger magazine photoshoot is

he looks like a kid waiting outside the headmaster’s office trying to look cool

what are you doing, preparing for a race? because the only place I want you to run to is in my direction

oh look I’m just going to casually flip my tie and hope it doesn’t whack me in the face

peek a boo


oh shit he’s hot (x)

Sweet girl, who taught you that you are not worthy of your own love? Don’t you know that once you’ve realized your worth, you are infinite?
—  don’t let them hide you from your own light