I feel like every cell in my heart, is on constantly fire.
I miss texting with you.
I know whatever we had, wasn’t anything serious - but it was getting serious to me.
And when you picked her over me, that just broke me down.
Not that I loved you, but I wanted to love you, I wanted more, I wanted you to want me.
And now here I am, broken, sad and a bit sentimental while; you’re kissing her, calling her cute names, making fun of her hair, telling her secrets about yourself and you like her. You’ve always liked her, but you didn’t tell her. And you didn’t tell me either. So while I was hoping for us to become a lilac sky, I became darkness and you turned her into your sky.
—  avouer, 11pm

Tomorrow, September 24th, we’re voting in Germany and the right-winged AFD is probably getting way too many votes so here is your reminder @ my fellow germans to go and vote. If you don’t, you’re giving your vote to parties like them who are openly racist, homophopic, antisemitic and who whine about Germany not being proud of WW2 (???). Also, if you waste your voice by not voting don’t complain during the next four years.