I haven’t had time to do much recently, but I found myself with the sudden need to draw Arthur, so here is a very rough thing I managed to sneak in

I'm not as Sexy as Katie McGrath

With her mystical eyes and the bend of her brow, She creates a deity to which we all bow, For nobody will ever be on pas With the Goddess that is Katie McGrath. From Morgana in Merlin to a Luthor in the states, She’s reeling us in from all over the place. No corner of the world is ever too far For the enchanting effect of Katie McGrath. There’s no point in stockings and suspender belts, When just one smile could make us all melt. I could wear lacy knickers and a matching bra, but I’m still not as sexy as Katie McGrath. With just a toss of raven black hair, And a contempt for bullshit that all her characters share, The hearts of gay women are forever marred By the ethereal personage of Katie McGrath.

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  • me, after watching 4 to 6 episodes of a new tv show / reading a new book: well fuck
  • me, after realising that i've discovered yet another fucking ship to dedicate my life to: ahh fuckity fuck