Listen………. I’ve been laughing at this for 10 minutes now, okay? That time Merlin straight up murdered someone for dramatic effect. The guy wasn’t even in his way! He’s just a maniac. Running around throwing people off archways… #averagemonday 

The funniest thing is everyone around him just acts casually like this is an everyday event. there’s a pileup of bodies in the courtyard.  

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Eggsy finds himself shoved unceremoniously through the doors of the sheriff’s office. Bound hands keep him from regaining his balance, and he ends up on his knees. He wrenches his head around to glare up at Hesketh. Someday that pretty little rich boy is going to find himself on the wrong end of Eggsy’s whip.


Sheriff Hart glances up from his desk, gaze resting briefly on Eggsy before focusing on Hesketh. “Charlie,” he says dryly. “Who might this be?”

“Rustler,” Charlie replies. “I caught him sneaking around my father’s ranch, looking for weaknesses in the fence. Didn’t find any, though, did you?” This last he directs towards Eggsy.

Eggsy’s lip curls upwards in distaste. He doesn’t respond.

One of Harry’s eyebrows creeps upwards, but he’s careful to keep his interest off his face. “Thank you, Charlie. I can take it from here.”

Charlie leaves, but he doesn’t look entirely happy about it.

Harry is certain he would have preferred to see justice carried out fully. “So,” Harry says, standing and wandering around to the front of his desk. He’s better able to see Eggsy this way, and he notices how very young the boy looks. “You’re a rustler, then.”

Eggsy stays silent, glaring resolutely up at him.

“Well, you can’t be a very good one,” Harry continues without missing a beat. “Considering you’re here in my office instead of out there,” a nod towards the door, “stealing cattle.”

Eggsy rolls his eyes up to the ceiling, and finally breaks his silence. “Tell me, mate, you ever heard of an Eggsy Unwin?”

Harry’s eyes narrow momentarily as he racks his memory. Eventually, he’s forced to admit that he has not.

Eggsy smirks. “Course you haven’t. That’s cause I’m good enough not to get caught. Usually,” he adds, a touch begrudgingly.

Harry hums. “Is that so?” He peers more intently at Eggsy, his conversation with Merlin replaying in his head. 


“This is going nowhere fast,” Merlin growled. He scrubbed a hand over his face, looked at Harry with steel in his eyes. “I need something more, someone better. The men I have now are nothing short of incompetent.”

Harry pursed his lips. “What kind of men do you need?”

Merlin glanced at him sidelong. “Ones who know how to get in and out of a place without being caught out. Ones who have experience, goddammit, not a bunch of fledglings looking to test their wings.” He slammed a hand on his desk in frustration and heaved a sigh.

Harry scratched at his chin, watching his friend. It wasn’t often that Merlin showed his emotions so openly; this must really be getting to him. “I can’t make any promises,” he says carefully, but I’ll see what I can do.”


Eggsy draws back slightly, eyes gleaming with suspicion. “Why are you lookin’ at me like that?”

One corner of Harry’s mouth curls upwards. “Eggsy Unwin, I have a proposition for you.”

You just got to let me try (to give you what you want) - Part 1 of ?

So this is all @insanereddragon​ ‘s fault. And I am sure she will gladly take the blame.

This morning we got into talking about what if there was a Hartwin fic where the both of them were omegas and then we got into talking about their good alpha friend Merlin helping them out with some aspects of their heats and it somehow turned into me starting a new fic about ace alpha Merlin and how he came to be in a relationship with both Harry and Eggsy. Yes you read that right. Ace Alpha Merlin, because I can and if someone wants to give me shit about it, be my guest :D

So yeah, this is my first abo fic (like I have talked about it with peeps before but never wrote anything publishable) and hopefully I will do the idea justice.

Since I am not aware of anyone stance on abo I won’t be tagging anyone this time (except @dianyx I am sure she’ll want the tag) but do tell me if you want to be tagged in the next parts :)

You just got to let me try (to give you what you want) - Part 1

It’s entirely by chance that Merlin is the one greeting Galahad at HQ after the agent has miraculously turned up from a mission that had gone so tits up Arthur had been seconds away from toasting him.

Galahad can barely stands, but whether it’s because of exhaustion or injuries is made unclear by the ruined state of his suit. Not that it matters. His first stop will be the infirmary no matter what, even if Merlin has to drag his sorry arse there himself.

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I found what I'd been looking for (to be happy) - Part 1 of ?

So jamais deux sans trois, right? (aka things come in threes) Because I am an impatient little thing, here’s the first part of the Merhartwin reunion fic I am writing right now, inspired by the trailer :D It’s not yet at the part where our three favourite idiots are reunited though and it’s dealing with Harry dealing with amnesia and (what he doesn’t know yet is) imprisonment.

It’s not done hence the part 1 of ?, but if you’d rather wait for it to be completed, once it is, I’ll be posting it on ao3 like usual.

My muse on this one is @liprouvaire my precious babe, and huge thanks to @insanereddragon who never hesitate to give me a much needed boost whenever I doubt my writing and always say yes when I ask if she can read something for me. Tagging a few peeps who might be interested in this @virgosista @bouncybrittonie @dianyx @annaofaza

I found what I’d been looking for (to be happy) - Part 1

He wakes up in a padded room, the white walls around him as blank as his mind.

There is some furniture scattered in the room, but it only helps to underline just how bare it is.

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