me:kylie sparks


Promo: The Trump Card


based on the monologue by Mike Daisey

performed by Kylie Sparks

adapted by Jay Bushman


The Trump Card: Promo 2 - “Bad News”

Remember, ‘Web TV is NOT TV light.’ Just like cable is not TV, and TV was not film, and film was not radio, YouTube, Vimeo and other digital video platforms come with their own culture, best practices and rules that should be heeded if you intend to make your show a success. […] The more interactive, engaging and friendly digital content can be, the more successful it will be. […] A pitch perfect series that demonstrates this is the award-winning “Squaresville” – the actors (Kylie Sparks and Mary Kate Wiles) break the fourth wall at the end of every episode, a practice that is not only common, but necessary. Audiences expect the 'story-behind-the-story,’ and when they don’t see it, they have less reason to connect. Millennials, in particular, want to connect not only with the character, but the actor behind the character. Thus, creating engaging, interactive and relevant ancillary content can make or break your series.