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Helen George talks about being immersed in the world of Call The Midwife (and that time Judy Parfitt caused her to eat 10 chocolate eclairs)


Judy Parfitt was recommended for the role of Vera by director Taylor Hackford’s wife, Helen Mirren. Parfitt, who had largely confined her career to the stage, was virtually unknown to film audiences at the time. After auditioning with Kathy Bates, Bates reportedly turned to Hackford and gasped “Who was that?” They agreed to cast Parfitt on the spot.

Dolores Claiborne (1995) Dir. by Taylor Hackford.



Today we continue our journey through Call The Midwife Series 2 Episode 4.

Jenny is in high spirits as she sits with her friends round the table for dinner at Nonnatus House.

Jenny is happy that Ruby is finally accepting her son’s condition following his diagnosis of Spina Bifida.

Sister Monica Joan begins telling everyone about her first case of Spina Bifida and back in her day it was common to let the baby pass away peacefully. Everyone is surprised by this, however, Sister Julienne says back then there was little help and letting the baby go was considered the kindest thing to do.

Sister Evangelina then says that the baby will have many complications and as they get older they will lose bowel control and have a reduced life span.

Jenny and Sister Julienne believe that Ruby’s baby will have a good chance. Sister Julienne says there is hope and much more can be done today. Jenny has faith in Ruby and Douglas saying that it may not be easy but they will cope.

Photo 1: Jenny feels confident after visiting Ruby as she sits with her Friends for dinner.

Photo 2: Jenny listens to Sister Monica Joan as she tells everyone about her first case of Spina Bifida

Photo 3: Jenny and her friends are shocked when Sister Monica Joan tells them back in her day the babies with Spina Bifida passed away peacefully.


I’ve been struggling for a name for this little madam. Everything I liked, I heard being yelled out in the street by somebody else’s mother. I want something special, like uh…yours might do the trick. As long as we drop the Joan. I had an Aunt called Joan, couldn’t stand her.

You’re going to call the baby Monica?

It is an honour! Unearned…

No it a'int. It goes lovely with her surname. Don’t it, Miss Monica Anne Bowe.