Jacksepticeye {{ @therealjacksepticeye }} 

                    as the Joker {{ Heath Ledger ver. }}

I hope he sees it and likes it!! Sorry that it’s a very ‘basic’ concept but I was sooo late for the septic art week & … this was the best I could whip up ;_; i really wanted to draw him as Pennywise but i already drew someone else as Pennywise TT sigh, but I hope to do more of Jack & others in the future!! ❤️👀

Septicart Entry #1

So I’m making an official post for what I am entering into the Septicart event by @therealjacksepticeye!!! 

#1: The Hero & The Villain 

First time ever drawing Jackaboy Man and since there are plenty of theories of how Jack and Anti share a body I decided to through in a little Jekyll and Hyde on this one! Spoop-tacular is I do say so myself. XD