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Minute by Minute (Part 1)

Summary: Jack knows somethings wrong and Lula isn’t exactly forthcoming. At first.

Triggers: Accident, Hospitals, Comatose character, tears

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___________________________________________Jack stared after Lula’s retreating figure, biting his lip in both worry and apprehension. She’d been so distant lately, leaving for hours at a time, almost daily, only to return with tear stained cheeks and messy hair. She always had the same excuse too.
“I just went for a walk” she’d say. Jack knew she was lying, simply because he knew her. He wanted to know what was eating at her, wanted her to talk to him, but every time he tried she’d snap at him and lock herself up in her room. She’d sleep on the very edge of her side of the bed, refusing to come closer to him, and sometimes he’d turn to see her body shaking with tears until she fell asleep. He wanted to help, truly he did, but he didn’t know how. He sat there, running his fingers through his hair with a resigned sigh. He stood with a grunt, taking his coffee cup to the kitchen sink. He rolled his eyes as he saw the full garbage can. Merritt hadn’t taken it out…..again. He heard light footsteps come up behind them, knowing enough to realize it was his girlfriend.
“Jack?” He perked in surprise. She hadn’t spoken to him in so long. He couldn’t remember the last time he’d heard her voice.
“Can we talk?” He gulped, nodding, fear brewing in his stomach. He followed her to the living room, sitting down with him and grasping his hand.
“I know I’ve been distant lately. I’m so sorry, I just, I just didn’t know how to talk about this. But I’m willing to try.” His brows furrowed as he watched her, her eyes beginning to fill with tears.
“I have a younger sister. Her name’s Y/N. She’s always been my best friend. I know siblings are supposed to fight, but her and I have always gotten along so well. She was the only person in my family that supported my decision to be a street magician. We still talk a lot, well, we used to. Three years ago, she was in an accident. An eighteen wheeler ran her off the road. The car flipped, then smashed into a tree. She never woke up. Her skull had fractured in four places, several of her vertebrae had been broken. Between the brain damage and all the other injuries all over her body, she couldn’t take it. She’s been in a coma ever since. She was only 20. I visit her every day now that we have the time. Her doctor told me that her conditions been getting worse. He recommends pulling the plug, and I just, I don’t think I can Jack. I don’t know how to say goodbye to her.” Jack had pulled Lula to his chest long ago, feeling her tears soak his shirt. His arms flexed as he clenched his eyes. His own tears leaked from under his lashes, but he did his best to hide them. He needed to take care of Lula.
“I’m so sorry Lula, I’m so so sorry.” She shook her head, burrowing herself impossibly closer. She pulled away after awhile, wiping her eyes with the back of her hands, mascara smearing down her cheeks.
“How can I help?” He asked. She looked up at him with a soft smile, shaking her head.
“Would you come with me? The next time I visit? I’d like to have you there.” He nodded without hesitation, pulling her close again.
“Of course I will, anything you need.”
The next day, the young couple found themselves standing outside the hospital. Lulas hands were shaking, Jack standing solid beside her, fully prepared to be the only stable person. She walked in slowly, the nurse simply smiling at her and nodding. Lula smiled and waved, walking towards the elevator. She held onto Jacks arm for dear life, using his stability to keep her upright. When the elevator stopped, Lula led them down the hall and into a white room, a steady beeping sound coming from the monitor. Jack moved his eyes to the body on the bed. If there hadn’t been any machines it would have been easy to mistake the girl for sleeping. She had long Y/H/C hair, a pale complexion, but he saw the resemblance to Lula. He gulped at the thought of it being her on the bed instead of her sister. Lula sat on the chair next to the bed, taking her sister’s hand. Jack placed a hand on her shoulder as she spoke to the younger woman, simply telling her about her day, about Jack, about her new life with the horsemen. They stayed there for several hours, Lula simply talking to her sister about everything and anything she could think of. Jack stood behind her, unwilling to leave Lula alone now that he knew what had been bothering her. As they stood to leave, the monitors beeps began to get faster, causing the couple to stop in their tracks. Jack had prepared himself for many things he could see once he turned around, but the sight of bright Y/E/C eyes wasn’t one of them. Y/N had woken up.

you know the recent trend with celebrities reading what they think are celebrity mean tweets but they turn out to be from fans who are just joking (eg “oscar isaac is a brooklyn hipster piece of shit”)?

what if that happens to jack. he goes on jimmy kimmel and he agrees to read some mean tweets. the first one they hand him says “@omgcheckplease: jack zimmermann has the dumbest fucking blue eyes who told him this was acceptable”

S̡̙̩̝͈͎̪͍̹͙͓̙ͬ̆ͩ͑̉͗̽ͧ̇ ̶̡̘͉͎͎̠̲͍̱̱͉̘̏ͤͪ̏ͮͤ͑̃̂͒ͯͫͅͅỎ̸͙͕̙̖͙͇̘̗̻̙̹͇̠̘̙̟͙͖̺͊̆̃̂̿͑̉ͤͯ̈́ͯ ̏ͦ͆҉̣̰̗̠̪̺̺̝͉̣͇̹͍̙͕͚͍͡Oͥ͋ͯͮͮͪ͊ͧ̇͗̚͏̭̲̻̳̤͖̠̫̦͉̖̮̰̹̳͕̱̼̻ ̱͓̝̺̱̙̭̰̤̳͍̰̪̼̗̳̓͒̓͋̀͢͟͝ͅŅ̝̟̩̼̞̳̳͚̯͙̣̖͈ͮͤ͌̊̀̚