Two personal thoughts I want to point out.

-Orange Is The New Black is honestly one of the most realistic, personal, and emotionally involved shows I’ve ever watched. You don’t just watch perfect actors and actresses make characters and stories in themselves- you actually live these people. You live their lives, you relate to each character and if something happens to one of them you emotionally feel attached to them because you see a part of yourself in each and every character. You find yourself thinking that these are real people, real lives, real scenarios, real feelings, real traumas and they hit you in the heart so fucking hard. They are vulnerable, they aren’t perfect, they don’t have perfect bodies, perfect personalities, perfect words, or perfect lives. None of them are innocent but none of them are robots. They are human.

-As for the actors and actresses, they have many many things that people may say “tv won’t want you”.
Things such as tattoos, scars, stretch marks, race, or sexuality.
This show is simply just incredibly real.

‘Infinite Challenge’ Viewer Ratings Skyrocketed When G-Dragon and Taeyang Took Off their Masks

According to the Nielson Korea ratings announced on July 5, July 4’s episode of Infinite Challenge posted an average of 15.6 % in viewer ratings. The highest viewer rating per minute – Best 1 Min. – was 20.4%. It was when the masked G-Dragon and Taeyang revealed who they were.

G-Dragon and Taeyang were the last performers of the Masquerade, and when they took off their masks, the viewer ratings skyrocketed.