Alô? É da Rádio? Queria oferecer “Daria tudo pra você estar aqui”. Tudo. Tudinho.
—  Caio Fernando Abreu.
E tem o seguinte, meus senhores: não vamos enlouquecer, nem nos matar, nem desistir. Pelo contrario: vamos ficar ótimos e incomodar bastante ainda.
—  Caio Fernando Abreu.

Tomography of Antarctic Conifer Fossils
“3-D tomographic reconstruction of a late Early Eocene age conifer fossil (~53 million years old), discovered on Seymour Island, West Antarctica reveals a beautifully preserved new flora, Araucariaceae, much resembling Araucaria araucana, the modern-day Monkey Puzzle tree. In this case, neutron tomography has replaced the time-consuming and utterly destructive serial thin-sections method. The 3-D structure has been held in tact with the leaves spiraling around a central woody stem.”

The Signs as CT quotes
  • Aries:Oh and, that line I talked about? You'd better hurry up and figure out what side you're on, Agent Washington. Before they figure it out for you.
  • Taurus:They're not the enemy Carolina. We're the ones working outside the rules, not them. You don't know what the Director has done, he's broken major laws; when this war ends, we're all gonna have to pay for his crimes. Maybe some of us're already paying for them.
  • Gemini:You two are fools. The Director is playing you, don't you see it?
  • Cancer:Here. Take the info. It's not complete but it will get them started. Go. Find the new artifact.
  • Leo:I'm taking the originals with me as an insurance policy. I leave this copy for you not because you are the best soldier in the squad, but because I know that I can trust you the most. After reading these files you will understand why. Good luck. Your friend, Connie.
  • Virgo:No. I know what you are, Tex. And I won't take orders from a shadow.
  • Libra: You don't understand. They want me. They don't care about the rest of you. I know too much. If I leave, they will follow me.
  • Scorpio: What're you looking at? Mind your own business.
  • Sagittarius:If you're reading this then that means I escaped. Or, well at the very least, I'm probably not around any more.
  • Capricorn:You promised me. You said we would be together. I have all the information we need, I have my armor.
  • Aquarius:Yeah? Great. Hey, why don't you go make Carolina feel better? Go pat Maine on the head. See how that works out for you.
  • Pisces:The Director? Who do you think gave them the ammo?