Don’t ever think you aren’t good enough, For God has set you apart.
Don’t let the world etch its expectations on your soul, for you were wonderfully created.
Don’t fall into the trap of ignoring your God given beauty, for there is no fault in you.
We were born sinners, transformed into saints by the cleansing blood of Jesus.
You are appointed, anointed and adored.
—  31women (Gabi)

my kink: i, jackie to ex tumblr user drop-deaddreams JFK. i mourn casually in my stilettos, moving on but never really – so great the deeds, gone, violently, so soon. we must live with what she gave us. how much lives in potentia? the history is done and over with; yet, history lives in our bodies; something still moves. i stand with my stilettos in my hand. the rain falls. history is locked into a building with pillars the size of the sky.

My Madoka Magica Self

Thank you so much, @thepageofhopes, for making this guide!

Yara Altro

Wish: Wipe all bad feelings I find with my own hands. It’s just so much to bear every single day: people hurting each other for no reason, political figures spreading prejudice everywhere… it’s so much I really wanted to help; to make people understand that’s not how life should be.

Design: Short brown hair, but gains hot magenta stripes on it when transformed. Wears glasses, and her dress and hair can change from long to short, according to how she feels like wearing it. So her design’s not very constant. Her Soul Gem however is always placed in the same spot: her forehead.

Color: Hot Magenta

Weapon: Whipencil (Whip and pencil in one weapon)/More than just whipping, it can be used as a rope or to draw her initials in her finishing attack.

Power: Bringing her drawings to life: holes, traps, ropes, anything her Whipencil power can do. All limited to her imagination,a nd of course, her power using.

Being in fact older than any of the Puella Magi does not change Yara’s selfless, caring and sensible personality. Tired of all the terrible news that make her heart hurt, and her hope in humanity lower, she made a contract with Kyubey to wipe all bad feelings she could see. She has an habit of cleaning more than often her Soul Gem, and her constant worrying just makes it more needed to find Grief Seeds. However, she doesn’t like fighting against other Puella Magi, prefering to have friends.

Witch Form

Name: Jacintha

Nature: Uncertainty

The Witch of Uncertainty can bring up labyrinths that will make anyone confused about which way to go and what choice to make, one that constantly change place. Not that she means to hurt anyone, but she just can’t help herself but to doubt.

Design: An walking paperdoll with “ink tentacles”

Attacks: Her ink bring her familiars to life, her paperskin can send cutting attacks and her tentacles can trap Puella Magi in ink bubbles

Barrier: Unstable, constantly changing, expect to see however a common use of paper things and line drawings.


Crayon: Don’t let the cute and small paper child appearence fool you, he will trace your path to the barrier.

Graphite: The Witch of Uncertainty’s loyal writers of disaster are responsible for the labyrinth’ riddles.


If anyone does this, feel free to tag me in it so I can read it; I got bored after learning some Japanese so I thought I’d answer some questions:

what do you mostly write? usually MM headcanons; if not, it’ll be fics to do with mental illness (usually) because psychology is incredibly intriguing to me.

what is your favourite thing about writing? being able to kind of express myself, but as someone else. it’s a strange feeling, but one of the best.

who is your favourite fandom character to write? Zen! he is so interesting to me. in another fandom, i’d say Rin from ao no exorcist because he is so complex as a character.

who is your favourite OC? i love Miyu with a passion, but Hayami is growing on me.

when did you start writing? i think i was around 7 or 8; i used to write a lot of poetry (one of my family members was a published poet, and my parents think i got my love for writing from her).

favourite story you’ve ever written? i had a brief story for ao no exorcist, which was a lot of fun. other than that i’d say this fic, because i tried a different writing style.

do you ever plan to be published? yes, mainly because i want more awareness of mental health in the world; we’re making improvements day by day, but there is still a lot of misconceptions.

why fanfiction? i love the idea of taking a character and fleshing them out further. as much as i love creating OCs, it’s nice to already have a base.

do you want to be an author? no, an artist. but writing is something i can achieve on the side. if the opportunity arose, fuck yeah i’d take it. but i don’t want to sit and write all day; i would get tired of the story, and cry. 

You created me and put me on earth for a
purpose. Jesus, You died for me and called
me to complete Your work. Holy Spirit, You
help me carry out the work for which I was
created and called. In Your presence and
name, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, I
begin my meditation. May all my thoughts
and inspirations have their origin in You
and be directed to Your greater honor
and glory.