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I, a full time Louie, who was born to be a Louie, who would die for him, who would do anything and everything for him and who's blog is 95% Louis, am so so so happy for Harry! He's been working his ass off since he was 16, he deserves this!! And I'm happy because I know Louis is happy for him. Yeah, it kinda sucks, but Louis' moment is comming!! I can feel it in my boobs! And is gonna be something BIG!! But right now I'm so excited for Harry! He deserves this and a bunch of other things!

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Game of Thrones may be set in a magical realm with fictional creatures that have make-beileve powers, but the science behind the stories is sometimes not far from reality. For example, there are species on Earth that share a surprising number of similarities to the crazy critters from Game of Thrones.

Take the hyperthermophilic bacterium Pyrodictium, which grows in deep-sea vents and can withstand temperatures as high as 400 °C. The Targaryens, then, may just be another example of a hyperthermophile.

You guys, my article finally got published! It was supervised by a geneticist/genetics instructor so I promise you the science in it is fairly legitimate :)!  

30 Days of Techienician

Day 26: Before They Met

Before they met there were a lot of things Matt didn’t feel. He didn’t feel wanted, or needed, or anything more than a burden on the Order. He didn’t feel comfortable in his own skin, only angry; at the world, at his coworkers, at himself.

He didn’t feel the stirrings of protectiveness that come from wanting to take care of someone, and have them do the same to you.

He didn’t feel the sense of complete strength and utter fragility in the same instant that comes from having Techie in his arms.

Before they met, Matt didn’t feel love.

Before they met there were a lot of things Techie didn’t know. He didn’t know that he snorted when he laughed, although to be perfectly honest, he didn’t know he could still laugh. He didn’t know it was possible for the broken shell of his body to feel remotely human any more. 

He didn’t know just how much he loved having his hair stroked, or the base of his spine, or even his eyelids for that matter.

He didn’t know that given half the chance he was almost uncontrollably loud in bed and he especially didn’t know that he possessed a streak of exhibitionism almost as bright as his hair.

Before they met, Techie didn’t know he could love.

Featuring another lovely illustration by @sadly-techie. My poor babies, I feel so guilty keeping them apart.