Are you reading fan fiction? Ha ha! You are! Teenage girls are such losers! You’re just freaks trying to make straight guys get it on cos you’re too ugly to get any real action.
—  The guy next to me as I waited at Centrelink when he read what was on my phone over my shoulder.
To which my reply was: fuck off. (He moved away from me after that cos I am a scary little blue haired freak apparently.)
But I wish I’d replied that I’m actually in my late twenties and that while my fandom does include teenage girls and boys (who we as a fandom guard and protect and value) there are also people of all ages. A lot of us have kids and some of us have been writing ff for years. We have people of all genders and our stories reflect those different experiences (the fic I was reading was ‘Pea: or the Rediscovery of Howard B Moon’ which deals directly with being trans and starting transition) and we aren’t interesting in forcing straight blokes to get it on, most of the characters we write about are canonically bisexual or sexually ambiguous. And even if they are straight in the show, fuck you, we can pair who we want. Our writers are also of all sexualities from ace to pan, gay to straight, bi, undecided and queer, and basically I am proud of my fandom and our fanfictions.
I didn’t say all of that to that yeast infection of a man but I felt it and I wanted to express to you all, my precious Booshlrs (and all our associated fandoms) that you’re brilliant and I love what you do. Thank you for writing lovely stories on a wide range of topics as well as slash and bringing a smile (and the occasional blush) to my face.
Also, we’re all as hot as an Australian summer and that sweaty ball sack was obviously blind to not know this just by looking at me. Kay, I’m done now. xx

It’s such a strange feeling when something comes into your life like a movie or an artist or a band that just feels like it’s made from the same stuff you are, it immediately becomes part of how you define yourself and it’s everything you see yourself as at that point in your life and everything that you aspire to be and it’s such a bizarre sensation when you discover something and you immediately feel it fill a hole inside you that you didn’t know was there


"Look at you. You lose your panda, you lose the book deal… you’re still happy as a bean".

"It’s this poncho! I can’t believe it. It’s impossible to be unhappy in a poncho. But don’t you worry about it, Howard. I’ve got a surprise for you”.