I’ll never tire of hearing Howard and Vince (Julian and Noel) riffing off each other. Like all my favourite double acts - Pete and Dud, Fry and Laurie, Vic and Bob - something special happens when Noel and Julian get together. I still listen to some of those long ad-libbed monologues in the radio series and wet myself laughing; they have a very special dynamic.
—  Dave Brown {x}

Is this:

a) A still from an episode of a British Cult Comedy Show in which two flatmates accidentally summon up an evil grandma demon when trying to impress two goth girls.  In order to save the world from ‘nanageddon’, and to make amends with their shaman friend, they hatch a plan which sees them attending the local bingo night in the guise of two elderly ladies.  


b) A still from Macbeth


An Evening With Noel Fielding | Melbourne, Hamer Hall | May 3, 2015

Last night I was transported to half an eccentric stand-up gig, half a plasticine fantasyland by the avant-garde king of the surreal mods (and panel show saviour), Noel Fielding himself.

I went in with no expectations except a 60 minute show, and I left after almost 3 hours, literally almost throwing up more times than I can count from laughing so hard. Yes, I transcended the crying from laughing feel I usually use as the yardstick for a good show. 

Antonio Banderas is Noel’s understudy, Noel’s brother Mike Fielding is Noel’s pregnant wife who’s been caught fucking an isosceles triangle, and there’s plasticine Jack Nicholson, David Bowie, a minotaur, a reverse minotaur with Nick Cave’s head… there’s just so much. 

If you have a chance to see Noel, for the love of God do your soul a favour and go. It’s stand-up, storytime, plasticine animation, music, and everything in between. Easily the best comedy gig/theatre show I’ve attended thus far.