Gahh, this took me all day and I was going to save it and post it tomorrow but… I got excited.

So this relates to an older post I did for northernbunnynaboo. We were talking about Howard singing Les Miserables in the shower, but then littleredchucks took it next level and I couldn’t resist bringing those beautiful images to life. Check that out here

PS. the little note on the mirror says ‘Howard, shave your face you hairy yeti! xox Vince’.

steampoweredrabbits asked:

I'm sorry but you both listen to Night Vale and watch The Mighty Boosh so I'm gonna have to crown you the King all things cool. Sorry I don't make the rules.

I LOVE the Mighty Boosh. It’s so wonderfully silly, like so

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I feel like it and Night Vale have a lot of common weirdness, aha!

worriedeye AKA Andie (or bythepoweroftopshop or  booshlrsarebrilliant) asked me to draw this a little while back and I was mega pumped. I wanted to start it right away, I coloured it the second I got in the door from vacation haha. 

I drew this on the beach, continuously moving my chair to avoid the sun- it’s hotter than hell in Canada right now. Just thought I’d share that fun fact.