John Landis and Michael Jackson The Making of Thriller 1982. (Funny)
  • Michael Jackson:I was impressed cause you were real nice on the phone I didn't think you would be nice, for some reason.
  • John Landis:I was nice? I think it might have been the connection.
  • Michael Jackson:I saw American Werewolf on London and I really liked it! I said "who's the director?" and they said "John Landis John Landis!"
  • John Landis:When I met Michael and went to his house we talked and I gradually became aware he knew me from American Werewolf and knew nothing else!
  • John Landis:It was really akward so then I asked Michael if he saw any of my other movies. The answer was-
  • Michael Jackson:No. ONLY your biggest ones right? Ha ha
  • John Landis:Real depressing day at Michael Jacksons house!