me: wh13


I mean seriously, its got everything this website always bitches about other shows missing.

Strong Female Leads (actually more female leads than males)

Important POC (one of which is actually in charge of the entire warehouse)

Openly homosexual character who is not just a token gay, or a stereotype in any way, and is written no differently than any other character except that he is gay.

An openly BISEXUAL character

Umong others are Artie who is Jewish, the Regents (Who are basically like the board of trustees in charge of making decisions) are all middle class, blue collar workers (because governments and rich corporations cant be trusted with that kind of power) There are no flat  characters, everyone is written extremely well. Even the antagonists can be sympathized with. and the “Good Guys” don’t always make good decisions. Everyone is a person, who makes both good and bad decisions, each character has their own personal motives and insecurities and internal battles to face that are ALWAYS PRESENT even when its not the central focus of the episode. (which is not always the case with TV shows).

everyone’s backstory is EXTREMELY detailed and well thought out, and that plays to their character’s insecurities and such.

And not to mention they totally say fuck you to gender roles.

Oh and mark Sheppard is in it too.

So yeah basically everyone needs to go watch warehouse 13 right now its a super amazing show and you will absolutely love it.

Post Season 5. Myka, Pete and Helena have been reunited for their first mission in some time. Tension is a little high as the artifact chase has them following a familiar traveling carnival that has desires of its own with horrible consequences.

>>> Illustrated Misdeeds by Felix_27

Reasons Warehouse 13 was great:

H.G.Wells - a bisexual female character who was badass and who’s sexuality was not her defining characteristic. Who actually gets a happy ending and no death.

Steve Jinks - Gay main character.

Myka Bering - Bisexual main character, although did not have physical relations with another female character, she did fall in love.

Claudia Donovan - main character who suffered from mental illness and is not demonized for it, but who also explores what it’s like to be afraid of your own mind sometimes.

Pete Lattimer - main male character who deals more with feelings and emotions than his female costar and is sensitive as well as explores childhood trauma. (Not an alpha male dudemanbrodude)