me: veep

  • me watching parks and recreation: working in government is fun and will lead to lifelong friendships and great change for citizens!
  • me watching veep: working in government is terrible and will make you hate everyone and prove change is impossible!
  • me watching west wing: working in politics is honorable and courageous and will let you interact with the greatest and most heroic people in the country!
  • me watching house of cards: working in government will get you murdered!

Oh, Dan is a shit… He’s a massive and total shit. When you first meet him you think surely to God this man can’t be as big a shit as he seems, but he is. It’s like if there were a book with covers made of shit you’d think “That’s intriguing, I wonder what’s in this book that they saw fit to give it covers made of pure shit.” And then you open it and, shit.