me: ttoi

Top Peter Mannion lines:

1. You bought a bank out of social embarrassment? I might buy “The Big Issue” out of social embarrassment. I don’t buy a fucking bank!

2. All right, Terri, I admit it. I’m in love with you. Now fuck off to the office and organise the wedding.

3. And maybe you don’t mind switching your phone off, because it doesn’t ring as much as it used to. Oh. Doesn’t ring as much as it used to - yes and ho.

4. Shut the fuck up, you prancing shit!

5. Is revenge a mature response? Let me think. Yes, it is.

6. I couldn’t have looked more of a twat if I’d been dressed up as a mermaid with scallops on my tits!

7. I’m bored of this. I’m going for a twix.

Happy Mannion Monday!


It is extremely important that everyone ingrain this into their mindboxes and remembers Tucker’s Law