me: the muppets

Steve Whitmire who voices Kermit the Frog revealed that Disney planned on replacing him last October. Whitmire who has voiced Kermit since the 1970′s will be replaced with someone else.

Matt Vogel will be replacing the legendary Whitmire and honestly, everyone so far is beyond displeased. Especially at Disney who called up Whitmire during October and simply stated they were recasting and did not require Whitmire’s services anymore.

Each house as: sitcoms
  • Gryffindor: How I Met Your Mother - the never-ending brocode tale
  • Hufflepuff: The Muppets - nostalgic meme generator
  • Ravenclaw: The Big Bang Theory - a bunch of adorable nerds
  • Slytherin: VEEP - Local Sass Master Tired Of Your Bullshit