me: the frighteners

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Why do you keep saying things that vaguely hint that something bad is gonna happen to Georgie, pls stahp, ur doin me a frighten oAo;; what's gonna happen to the precious lil bean??

Nothing!! He is definitely not going to be devoured by a cosmic clown monster that has not eaten in over a month and has spiraled into an unknowable and unpredictably hysterical mental state! That is not going to happen! ! 


Peter Cushing in “Shatter”. Part 1

What I really like is that expression of total despise on Cushing’s face. Like ‘I’ve killed vampires, werewolves and other monsters more times than you can imagine. And now you are trying to frighten me with that little toy gun of yours. Think again’.

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My friend is so suicidal and depressed, I don’t know what to do. She means the world to me, she always says she wants to die. I repeatedly tell her “I love and care about you” but she always says I’m lying. She wants to die, I can’t do anything about it. I don’t want to call the police, it frightens me at the thought of it, I don’t want to tell my parents. That would make me so terrified that I literally can’t do it. Because of her depression, it made me depressed. -struggleful friend anon (1)

answering in pt. 2

i love my mother dearly but ability-wise she frightens me bc not only can she find 20 four leaf clovers within the span of like 2 minutes, everywhere, she can also write her name w/ both hands on a dry erase board or w/e at the exact same time and have both be a mirror image of one another


Intimidating boofs. 🔊


I’m currently falling into terumob hell so heres some lil doots of them, someone pls help

Also here’s mob returning the lil chu