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Tony’s probably going to hold that above Steve’s head for ever. I wonder if he’ll tell that story to Peter: “You know on our first day of courting your father challenged me to an arm wrestle and made me cry” *stare*

oh wait second date my bad


Tony: On our second official courting date your dad challenged me to arm wrestle.

Peter: Haha, really?

Tony: Yes, and it frightened me so much that when I got back to my room I cried for hours.

Peter: *gasp* D:

Tony: So if you want to learn how to flirt you will have to ask your Papa.

Peter: *gives Steve a horrified look*

Steve: *stares silently into the distance, stone-faced*

Bucky: *laughs so hard he cries*

ok one thing that frustrates me about like personality tests are like “OH DO YOU HATE BEING THE CENTER OF ATTENTION UR AN INTROVERT” no I love attention, i love being on stage in front of people, I love performing when I know that I can make them entertained, I just don’t like small groups or 1-on-1 interaction, it’s stressful and draining and i feel so judged up close. Large groups of strangers I’ll never see again don’t frighten me! People I will see again do! They can judge me and it will Matter please understand.

the rhythm that governs

I took a nap and my brain narrated it in Sherlolly. Also, I was bored and this has no actual plot so I used all the synonyms for hug that I could fit in (the ones that made sense anyway; is doing me a frighten).

Title is from TS Eliot’s ‘A Dedication to My Wife’. The full line is “And the rhythm that governs the repose of our sleepingtime/The breathing in unison”.

Sherlock eases open the bedroom door, peering carefully at the lump under the duvet, counting the beats between slow inhales and exhales. Satisfied, he slips into the room, toes off his shoes and out of his jacket, and climbs into the empty side of the bed.

This is a habit he’s acquired whenever Molly pulls the graveyard shift. She doesn’t often, but her routine for it never varies: breakfast for her and Toby (eggs and a tin of wet food, respectively) when she gets home from work, then a long nap to get her through the rest of the day so she can go to sleep at her normal time.

Molly knows that Sherlock sneaks into her bed, she’s caught him enough times, but he’s fairly certain that she doesn’t know the real reason why.

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Hey Sealand! What was your first thought when you saw your new family for the first time? Anything specific that popped into your head with each of them?

Sealand: I liked papa straight away! Same for mama, though he was scared of me at first, haha! I though Ice was cool and so was Uncle Den, and Uncle Nor frightened me a little… but I love them all now!


Intimidating boofs. 🔊


I’m currently falling into terumob hell so heres some lil doots of them, someone pls help

Also here’s mob returning the lil chu