me: the fall

Just close your eyes, the sun is going down
You’ll be alright, no one can hurt you now
Come morning light, you and I’ll be safe and sound

Please no shipping. :T

I’m already in love with this game. It hits real hard as a young adult. Mae is a fantastic protagonist.

Once Upon A Time (according to Emma Naylor)

Jac tucked the duvet up under Emma’s chin.
“Once Upon a Time,” she began, absently smoothing Emma’s hair. “There was a beautiful princess…”
Emma shook her head vehemently, dislodging Jac’s hand.
Jac’s eyebrows rose.
Emma continued shaking her head. “No, not a princess, Mummy.” 
“Ok,” Jac shrugged, smoothing the hair out of her daughter’s eyes. “Who, then?”
“The one about the Big Macho Army Medic,” Emma declared, staring at Jac expectantly. Jac floundered for a response. 
“The… what?”
Emma rolled her eyes, and Jac almost conceded Johnny’s point that she may be instilling some very un-toddler-ish traits into their child. 
“The Big Macho Army Medic,” Emma enunciated. “Once upon a time, there was a Big, Macho, Army Medic…” she prompted, her eyes narrowed at Jac, and Jac definitely conceded the point, if only to herself. 
Emma suddenly beamed at the space behind Jac.
“Zoshee knows it!”
Jac arched an eyebrow, leaned back slowly into the chair and crossed her arms. 
“Oh, she does, does she?” she drawled, swivelling her eyes to the bedroom doorway where Zosia stood, shuffling in place. 
“Zoshee, tell Mummy!” Emma bounced excitedly where she lay, grabbing Jac’s hand and hitting it on the empty space next to her on the bed. 
Zosia waited until Jac’s eyes beckoned her, and she plonked herself next to Emma, her knees touching Jac’s.
“Once upon a time,” she began, throwing Jac a rather apologetic glance. “There was a Big Macho Army Medic-”
“Who was very beautiful!” Emma supplied eagerly.
“Yes, who was very beautiful,” Zosia repeated, wincing as Jac’s knee pressed harder against her own. “To a certain Vascular Surgeon,” she added, hurriedly. 
Emma frowned. “No, Zoshee, all the land thought she was charming! Tell it properly!” 
Zosia’s eyes closed almost of their own volition as Jac began tapping her fingers against her own arm. 
“Yes, Zoshee, do tell it properly. I’m all ears.”

k so i have approx 4 hours until this coffee wears off & i can go to sleep. that sounds like just enough time to fall in love, internally wrestle with some existential conflict regarding that love, break my own heart, and fall out of love again. who is keen?

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anonymous asked:

I don't get it. You're not that nice but people constantly like you. You are obnoxiously annoying when it comes to jongup too. we get it, you and him have something. don't have to rub it in everyone's faces. But it wouldn't be anything without your so-called friends you probably pay to give jongup your gift just like how you paid for post its. if they were really your friend you wouldn't have to pay for it. but you keep saying they're your friends.

ok but…

One of the things that’s stuck out to me since transitioning from college to “adult job” is being thrust back into an atmosphere where I’m usually one of the youngest (if not the youngest) in the room. As a result, every time I say “I’m old”–even in a half-joking context–I’m immediately accosted with various flat looks (with varying ratios of exasperation and fondness depending on the person) and a “no you’re not.”

And like, buddies. Pals. Esteemed colleagues.You don’t get it. When my early twenties ass says “i’m old,” I don’t mean age. I mean that I’m Tired™. That I’m existentially exhausted. That in the time it took me to slog through high school, college, and enter the work force, I have seen enough of mankind seemingly on a mission to shape itself into a living ode to fictional dystopias that I am now world weary. That I am clinging to hope like it’s a tiny little raft getting tossed about by a vast sea of the unknown and I only have the most illegible of maps and knowledge of steering to get me on my merry way.

Lol and also my joints are creaky. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

considering how hard it is (and sometimes impossible) to trigger a sneeze in your sleep it just fuels the suspicion that this sly motherfucker

isn’t sleeping at all

he was probably posing all along i mean look at him who sleeps like this in front of their crush 

goddammit viktor 


Stanuary week two: Protect
He might not always be able to be there to protect his brother from bullies, but at least he can keep him from taking their words to heart.

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