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Art trade with the lovely @beerwolves, who spoils me tbh

She wanted some jock!Derek and nerd!Stiles, except somehow when I was focusing on Derek looking super jock, Stiles turned out kind of small hmm…..

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do you know any fics where stiles or derek (or both) wear panties but not for sexual reasons? like nsfw fics are okay, but i enjoy reading the ones where they wear them because they like them and not because its a kink

So I tried to make them just wearing panties, but some kink might have snuck in. - Anastasia

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Take A Picture, It’ll Last Longer by cheshirecat101

(1/1 I 2,389 I Not Rated)

Derek is a photographer who’s had a crush on Stiles for quite a while now. Erica’s new lingerie campaign seems designed specifically to punish him.

Laundromat Hazards by losingmyangelgrace

(1/1 I 3,574 I Teen)

“Hey, you forgot your-”

He turned, and blanched. It was Tall, Dark and Beautiful - his voice was softer then Stiles imagined but no less gorgeous – and he was holding up a pair of red lace panties, the tips of his ears turning pink.

They weren’t even the only pair Stiles owned. He liked the feeling of the material against his skin. They made him feel good and just a little bit naughty.

Stiles. Was. Mortified.

Ruffles by ImpulsivelyFicced for LadyDrace

(1/1 I 4,149 I Explicit)

Derek likes to wear panties, and Stiles likes it when Derek wears panties. Especially after he’s had a long day at work.

Cause of Death by Fr333bird

(1/1 I 4,227 I Explicit)

It turns out that although Stiles may be the one who’s been caught wearing panties, he isn’t the only one with an awkward boner, and that makes him feel a whole lot better about this situation.

Little Red Riding Hoodie and the Sourwolf by SourWolfie (pieprincess_andthe_fallenangel)

(1/1 I 7,229 I Explicit)

It had seemed like a good idea when Stiles had first thought of it… it was funny… would make everyone laugh despite all the recent deaths in their pack.

Or the one where Stiles wears a revealing little red riding hood costume to Lydia’s Halloween party.

Kintsugi by artemis69

(1/1 I 7,866 I General)

Derek is too big, and strong, and a werewolf. He knows perfectly well what men are and aren’t allowed to be.

Stiles would beg to differ.

In which there are pretty boys, flowers, panties, glitter, and Stiles gives a heartfelt fuck you to the concept of toxic masculinity.

Bright Eyes by wearing_tearing

(8/8 I 81,753 I Explicit)

When Stiles told him he was a cabaret performer he certainly wasn’t expecting this, and now Derek doesn’t know what to do with himself.

Because Stiles is a drag queen and about the hottest person Derek has ever seen in his life.

Or; the one where Stiles is a drag queen cabaret performer and Derek somehow ends up being his makeup artist executive assistant.

2017 Steter Fic Recs

Mind if I check you out? by Aminias

How Stiles saved Season One with Pick up lines

Before you let go (and the light takes you in) by Issay

Stiles makes one last errand - goes to leave flowers on all the other graves. Fuck, so many graves. The grief is as endless and as inescapable as the sky.

He goes home and there is a thing wearing his father’s face, waiting for him in the kitchen.

Begging Me To Open Up My Mouth by Green

In a world where the supernatural is known, Peter still has to stick out. He can’t just be a werewolf, he has to be a sub, too. He can handle the stupidity from his classmates, he doesn’t even care about that, but Talia not understanding what he needs because werewolf subs are so rare?

Yeah. That he could do without.


Stiles is a Spark, freelance Emissary, and a Dom, in that order. He likes it that way. The freedom of it, the ability to travel and learn. He’s not ready to settle down.

But he maybe considers lingering when someone catches his eye.

To wolves and Darkness by Rachaayy

The boy is wolf in every way except the physical; a snarling, vicious thing full of fierce loyalty and unfathomable rage. And the Alpha loves this dark creature Stiles has become.

a language they cannot understand by frostedgoddess

Stiles says things in Polish because he thinks no one can understand him. Peter decides not to share the fact that he knows Polish too.

There’s also a lot of very juvenile pining.

strange capers by sinequanon

A little story of how some hunters and a sex demon brought Peter and Stiles together. Or, the one where Stiles saves Peter, Peter saves Stiles, and there’s some kissing.

sugar sweet (good enough to eat) by sinntowin

Stiles discovers the magic of subtle suggestion to get what he wants (spoiler: it’s Peter Hale).


Peter Hale thinks he’s in control but Stiles Stilinski knows otherwise.

Living on Instinct by TriscuitsandSoup

Peter never had such a wonderful friend as death.

I Bet You Have Strange Coffee Table Books by SushiOwl

Tumblr prompt,

Steter, dog park: “Did you know that cat penises have barbs?”

Under the Songbird’s Wing by mia6363

Captivity easily destroys the will of escape. It can break the fiercest of animal. It can strip the most regal man and woman down to nothing but animal needs.

Captivity can, if met with unwavering determination, shape a person into something unimaginable.

Stiles is sixteen when he’s captured. Stiles’s first thought is, “I won’t die here.”

No Road Untraveled by Udunie

Peter bit the lobe of his ear, licking into the shell to make Stiles shiver.

“Not good enough… say ‘please, daddy.’”

It wasn’t even something he really thought about before he said it if he wanted to be honest; just a random little thing he thought Stiles would enjoy - his boy was nothing if not a kinky little explorer.

The reaction he got was a bit… different than he expected.

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So I’m looking for this lost fic where it’s Derek was searching for a scent and he wakes up naked in the woods without finding out who’s scent he was chasing but he stumbles upon a bakery which stiles works early in the morning? And they don’t know each other but stiles offers him some clothes and they talk and derek knows the scent is stiles but stiles is a spark but sparks are only mated with alphas and that’s how Derek turns into an alpha? Thank you so much!! 💖

@les-petites-coeurs thinks it might be this one!

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moonstruck by haleofStilesheart

(1/1 I 11,129 I Teen I Sterek)

For the past few years, Derek has been chasing the most intoxicating scent around Beacon County whenever there’s a full moon. When he wakes up one morning half naked and hungry he seeks refuge in a bakery, where he’s hit full force by the scent he’s been chasing. A scent belonging to the cute baker named Stiles.

Soulmate AU

Prompt: Soulmate AU, the name of your soulmate appears on your skin

Pairing: Stiles x OC

Fandom: Teen Wolf

Word Count: 1486

AN: Hey so this is my first imagine on here and it may be a little rough feedback would be nice, the idea came to me and I thought it would be cool to write even though it’s probably been done before I thought I would do my take on it. Hope you enjoy- xx Kelly

Part 1: Who Would Name Their Kid That?

“Are you excited?” My best friend, Linn, asked over the phone. I looked at the clock on my computer it read 11:55 pm. My heart fluttered at the thought that I only had five more minutes until I was sixteen.

“A little,” I paused, “but i’m also scared what if I don’t get a name? What if I was never even supposed to get one? What if-”

“Whoa! Charlie! Slow down you’ll get a name, I swear it’s just a myth that some people never get a name.” She assured me. I took a deep breath taking a seat on my bed trying to calm my nerves.

“You’re right I’m just nervous that’s all this person is supposed to be my soulmate, the one I’m gonna be with the rest of my life, that’s kinda scary.” I let out a nervous chuckle looking at the clock on my computer again. My heartbeat sped up as the number changed to 11:59, just one more minute. “Linn there’s only one more minute and then I find out, what did it feel like? You know when the name appeared?” I asked

“Honestly I wanted it to be a surprise so I was asleep when it happened. My mom said that hers just felt like a tiny needle hitting her skin and my dad, well he didn’t handle it well he said it hurt like a bitch.” She and I laughed together, “I’m sure you’ll be okay, why don’t I let you go so you can enjoy the moment but call me as soon as you know the name!” I promised I would tell her before hanging up. I felt more anxious as the seconds went by, finally the clock turned to midnight. At first I didn’t feel anything and I started to get worried. Then I felt a tiny prick on my shoulder blade. I jumped up from my bed hurrying to the bathroom dodging unopened moving boxes as I went. I stripped my shirt off pulling my long brown hair over my shoulder to look at the name that was appearing. Black ink stung my skin as it spelled out the name of my soul mate. Mieczyslaw.  I squinted at the name my brown eyes struggling to read it. What the hell? I thought, this has to be some joke, I was destined to be with someone with that name? Was it even a name? I watched my shoulder for a little longer waiting to see if maybe the letters would rearrange themselves into something else but they didn’t. I shook my head pulling my shirt back on heading to my room. I grabbed my phone from where I left it and dialed Linn’s number.

“So who is it?” She squealed immediately picking up

“Um, I…I have no idea.” There was silence on the other end of the phone

“Charlie, did… did you not get a name?” Her voice was laced with worry

“No, no I did I just have no idea who this person is or why in the hell their mother would name them this.” Linn laughed,

“Oh come on it can’t be that bad.”

“Yeah Linn I can’t even say it.” I reply pulling my sleeve down to take another look at the name. “It’s spelled M-I-E-C-Z-Y-S-L-A-W”

“What the hell? Is that even a name?” I giggle

“My thoughts exactly” I lay back on my bed with a sigh, “well whoever it is, he and I are meant to be.”

“Ohh maybe you’re gonna take a trip to Germany or something and that’s how you meet him, it sounds like a german name.”

“Yeah, i’m sure that’s gonna happen.” I glance at the clock all the excitement and adrenaline gone fatigue taking over my body. “Hey Linn i’m gonna get some sleep, i’ll call you later okay?”

“Alright bestie and hey have fun at your new school, don’t go getting any new best friends okay?”

“Okay I won’t” I say with a smile “goodnight.” I put my phone on its charger before snuggling underneath my covers. Mieczyslaw. The name was all I could think about and who it might belong to. I wracked my brain trying to think of someone I had met before with that name or something similar to it to no avail. Maybe my parents know it, or who it could be. I made a mental note to ask them in the morning as I drifted off into a deep sleep.

The next morning I woke to the smell of pancakes and bacon cooking in the kitchen, my dad always made pancakes on my birthday in the shape of the age that I was. I threw the covers off stretching before I stood up, looking around my room I sighed at the mess. Boxes of my things were strewn around the room haphazardly. We had just moved to Beacon Hills a few days before and I hadn’t bothered unpacking my stuff yet. Neither did mom, I thought as I climbed down the stairs to the first floor rubbing the sleep out of my eyes stepping over boxes on my way. Suddenly I remembered the name on my shoulder, I pulled the arm of my sleeve down to see that the strange name was still there. I walked into the kitchen where my parents were waiting with big smiles on their faces.

“Good morning sweetie! Happy Birthday!” My mom and dad exclaimed. My mom  hurried over to meet me pulling me into a tight hug; after a moment she pulled back raising her eyebrow, “So who’s the lucky man?” She asked a nervous edge to her tone.

“Um if I knew how to pronounce it I would tell you.” I reply with a slight laugh, her brows furrowed in confusion.

“What do you mean?” My dad asks coming to stand next to my mom and I. Reaching up I pull down my shirt sleeve down to show them the name. They both look at the name closely puzzled looks crossing their features as they try to pronounce the name.

“Do either of you recognize it? Maybe someone we used to know from another town?” They both shake their heads.

“I think I would have remembered a name like that one.” My dad said with a chuckle going back over to the stove to continue cooking my mom nodded in agreement.

“When you meet him I would definitely like to know how his parents came up with that one.” My mom giggles taking a seat at the table.

“Yeah me too,” I agree as I sit down at the table next to her pushing a few boxes from the move aside. My dad placed a pancake of my age in front of me. I smiled as I poured syrup over it and dug in.

“I bet he goes to your new school, a foreign exchange student from across the sea.”

“Right because i’m sure foreign exchange students are tripping over themselves to come to Beacon Hills.” I retaliate taking another bite of pancakes. My dad shrugged,

“You never know.” I made a face of disbelief going back to my food.

“Are you excited about your first day?” My mom asked as my dad put food down for the two of them. I nodded shrugging,

“I guess, I mean i’ve done it so much I feel like i’m an expert new student at this point.” They both smile at me.

“Sorry that you have to start on your birthday, maybe we could call the office put it off until tomorrow.” My dad suggested taking a bite of bacon.

“No it’s okay! I’m ready to start if I didn’t I would just be sitting around the house another day.”

“That’s true, well I gotta go get ready for work, hurry and eat your breakfast so that you’re not late!” My dad said coming over to kiss the top of my head before heading to my parents room.

My dad had been hired as a contractor to do some work in Beacon Hills, he could do the work off site and visit every couple of months to make sure the work was going smoothly but he liked to be very hands on. So he moved my mom and I with him to the town this happened every time he got a new job. I had been the new girl more times than I can count but I didn’t mind I liked seeing the different parts of the country. We had traveled from coast to coast never staying more than a few years.  

I quickly ate the rest of my breakfast before heading upstairs to get ready. As I did I had a strange feeling about being here at Beacon Hills, maybe it was because of my birthday and finding the name of my soulmate, but I knew this place was going to be special.


We’ve been on tumblr, as a writing blog, for a little more a year now and I want to have a serious conversation with the people who interact with our blog. Ash and I have struggled bringing this up but with the recent post of @ellie-bee242 on this topic has Ash and I speaking more.

When I first brought making a blog with Ash back in January 2017 I thought I wouldn’t give a shit about feedback. I was naive to think that now that I look back on that and realize I do give a shit about it now. Becoming one of the writing blogs, we ain’t stupid to realize we’re not one of the big ones and probably never will be, has opened my eyes to the problematic part of writing. It’s been said countless times by countless blogs that I could probably list and it would be a novel.

I take time out of my day to write when I should be studying for my university classes or actually relaxing. I do it for free aka meaning I get nothing from being active on a blog. Don’t get me wrong I love writing but it becomes a chore when all you get is likes and reblogs with feedback. I know completely understand how important it is to have some kind of feedback for a writer because it barely takes five seconds to comment/reblog an emoji or simple ‘you broke my heart’ or ‘love this’ or ‘hate this because ______’. It hurts even more over the course of a year of the feedback dwindling on our pieces of work. By doing this you’re letting us know if you actually care about us posting or not.

Call me desperate, call me thirsty but at the end of the day you have to realize how terrible I feel when I search our posts or activity and see 98% of it is just liking and quick reblogging.

I can’t speak entirely for Ash because I kind it terribly disrespectful to dish out details on her life. I don’t know the entire story of her life and frankly she doesn’t have to.

I’m very much aware this post will have the first sentence read before scrolling passed. I’m highly sure that it will get reblogs and likes with no actually words written down.

That being said: I’m taking control over this new regulation on our blog. In order for us to post an actual fic.I want at least two comments of some kind on our work because I’m pretty close to announcing our blog being on strike. 

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