me: serenity

🌙¡The beginning of a great and beautiful story!🌙

Merry Christmas everyone! I hope everyone who celebrates is having a great holiday, and for those who don’t celebrate Christmas, I hope you’re having a great day.

My non stitcher boyfriend made this for me for Christmas. He spent 2 months working on it, taught himself to stitch for it, and made the pattern from an image. All on his own! I’m so proud of him.

Lavender and Sage

Everyone knew that Serenity was going to be trouble the day she arrived at Elsewhere University, even before they found out that she was an English major. She came with no salt, no steel, no sense of what was better left unsaid and certainly no sense of where not to let ones eyes linger. What she did come with though, was a crown made of lavender and sage and a knowledge of things that shouldn’t be. In every sense of the word she spelled trouble with a capital T, but that certainly did not stop Tide from befriending her, if anything it encouraged them. Trouble meant adventure and they  craved adventure above all else. 

They were instant friends, the sort that made one think that, just perhaps, this wasn’t their first lifetime together. 

It came as no surprise when one of them was taken, though oddly enough it was Tide, the quietly confident and ever so slightly reckless architecture student, not Serenity. What did come as a surprise though was both returning, not even a week later, looking none the worse for wear, wearing matching crowns of lavender and sage. 

Now days they go by Lavender and Sage, though no one’s quite sure which is which, and if you have lost your very closest friend, and are sure that your friendship is true, then they will freely give you the tools that you need to bring them back with you. 

And if your friendship is not true? Well you might as well have asked the crows to help the cats for the sort of help you’ll get.