me: return to oz

Things I Can't Fault Movies For Based On Their Source Books:

The Planet of the Apes: As someone who has seen and owned every movie (old and reboot and read the original book) I will join the chorus that despite a great cast and solid production, the movie fell flat. However, everyone cries about the ending, but really the ending is way more consistant with the book.

Return to Oz: For those who thought the movie makers made it too scary etc, the wheelers, the Witch with the room full of heads that she would change out… really about the entire movie other than opening is all from oz books.

I am Legend: They should have kept the first ending instead of the happy ending they used instead. In one of the endings they filmed, will smith’s character realized the mutants were now the dominant life form and he was freak and the monster (thus the I am Legend of the title). So of the three (Last Man on Earth, Omega Man, and I am Legend) I think Last Man on Earth is still the closest adaptation.

War of the Worlds (new version): People complain about the aliens being killed by germs. (Let me bang my head a few times). Not only is this consistant with every version but actually very likely (and even happened to earthlings when exposed to new germs) plus the total irony that the unstoppable aliens brought down by something so basic and small.

The Hunger Games: People who complained that their beloved Rue was cast by an (amazing) African American. What the heck book were you reading???


Deleted sequences from this amazing cult classic.