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so this week i got to 100 followers ?? thank you soo much to each one of you that follows me ?? idk why you did it but thanks for sticking up with me:( ilysm !!

this is a list of some of the blogs that i follow but all of them are really cool and i love them so much (i’m just including my mutuals because i’m lazy as that but i’m not bolding my ‘favorites’ because i don’t want anyone to feel bad)

i didn’t ordered them on alphabetical order but from the ones that followed me first to my recent mutuals

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i love each one of you and thanks to the ones that’ve talked to me (also sorry i can’t keep a conversation ?? i’m really bad at it) and given me advise when i’m a mess (i’m always a mess but lets ignore that).

  • Beats like a thousand drums: Taurus, Cancer, Pisces
  • Burns like the hottest sun: Aries, Leo, Libra
  • Hits me like a hurricane: Gemini, Sagittarius, Aquarius
  • Runs through my veins: Virgo, Scorpio, Capricorn

The power in my hand was gained for her sake.

why Dennis says he hates Mac a lot (imo!)

“Mac makes me feel a lot!!! I must hate him. I love Dee and that sibling love must be the Only Possible Way To Love” (note: not in a deedennis way u fuck heads)

“If I loved Mac that would be weird because he’s gay and probably in love with me already and he hasn’t tried to bang me so that must mean that he thinks I’m disgusting so he is an idiot because I am perfect I hate him so much why does he hate me”

my gf once said something along the lines of Dennis’s attraction to Mac “Mac must be terrible in bed as a gay guy. I mean he has no core strength. If *I* was banging him, HYPOTHETICALLY, id probably have to ride him which would be *dreamy stare* horrible. Also he would come in ten seconds. Also he would be so gay afterwards which would be awful and I would hate that a lot bc that’s big scary emotions”

“Mac doesn’t live up to the standards of the idealized version I have created in my head OH WAIT he came out and now more closely fits my vision of him?? Scary and Bad”

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Hello Leela! This latest vid feels a lot like Phil indulging Dan, doesn't it? Haahaha and i felt that Phil probably knew the gist of the game but never actually played it. Dan kept glancing at Phil to see his reactions which was cute. The part when Dan burst out laughing when Phil did the "Heyyyyyy" thing at 11:48 was cute as well.

(horse boyfriend simulator

yesssss ahhhhh. i didn’t end up writing anything much about this vid nor did i take very many notes while i watched it because i didn’t feel there was anything super complex going on. but yes to me this was such an important part of the dynamic throughout the video. “indulging” is perhaps too strong of a word, but it was certainly phil being pushed quite outside of his normal boundaries for youtube as a result of dan’s humor. and in my opinion he handled it beautifully and carried forward a lot of the new laxness around sexual references and Adult Themes that we’ve been seeing. he went out of his way to make quite pointedly sexual comments (especially the one where he asks why the horse is steamy and gives dan a very exaggerated look to make sure dan caught on to the sexual undertones of his joke). the situation def didn’t demand that but he went for it anyway. and he also didn’t steer clear at all of openly complimenting the looks of the horse-dude (how is this a sentence i’m writing i hate them) despite his maleness. i’m so proud of him for warming up to being able to talk about things like this and not just talk about them, but to do so gleefully, in the extremely clever way that he has mastered, and, just like dan and his sexual banter in the pastel edits video, completely on his own terms. i’m just. so proud. 

i think this is part of the reason why dan was so very obvious in the way he kept looking at phil to gauge his reactions–because a lot of the jokes were things that one wouldn’t expect phil to be totally okay with. and to that end, one of the things i thought about most during/after the vid was dan’s rationale when he played through that first episode and then concluded it would be good for the gaming channel. not even just as a one-off vid but as a potential longer series. why that game???????? ? why a game that demands them to basically voice act two characters flirting with each other in very overt and sexual ways and eventually fall in love? why a game that basically requires them to talk about a hot dude constantly??????? ? that’s such an insane and incomprehensible leap from even a few months ago when people were like ~oH shiT how are they gonna do that scene in undertale with the two male guards who are into each other ohhHhHhHH shitTtTtT~ like not only are they apparently completely fine talking about hot man-horse hybrids and commenting on how “meaty” he is and whatever else, but apparently they’re also completely fine with the notion of 20 min long vids of them basically reading a sexual script to each other. that’s cool! 

so. it will certainly be interesting to see where the series goes but i am vvvvv intrigued and just so happy, as always, that they’re reaching these new and unprecedented comfort levels with each new piece of content they put out. it’s crazy. it’s so so crazy. 

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Will you do some comics to haikyuu again? Its so cute and awesome.... So gay ಥ⌣ಥ i miss them (♥ω♥*) pleeeeaaase (with lev would be cool....)

Uh, sure? I mean, I posted one just yesterday, I’m not sure what’s giving you the impression that I’ve stopped haha

Anon said:  I think I’m obsessed with the matsu.hana thing

Ohhhhh I’m glad you liked it!!!!! *O* 

Anon said: Aah matsu.hana.. that pair of memeing dweebs never let us down.. ♡

Haha I know right? Whenever I draw them I always feel better right after, they’re such a chill pair~

Anon said: Hi! I noticed you posted some tana.noya a little while back and honestly I almost died of happiness. So thanks. But I was wondering what your thoughts are on tana.hina.noya? Because honestly they are so cute and work so well together and I love them all so much.

Love it!!! Not my fave ot3 with Tanaka and Noya tbqh, but as I’ve mentioned before I’m weak to every and each Hinata ship, and Tana.Hina and Noya.Hina make me really super weak, like, top-5-Hinata-ships weak, so yeh! They’re adorable and I love them!

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I imagine Jesper like soft curls and a deep tan-middle eastern looking? does anyone else feel this way I don't imagine him black?

hmmmm….well idk if anyone else feels that way…but i certainly do not. i guess i can see how he could be interpreted differently because he is mixed race and his dad is said to be pale with reddish hair (right?) but his mother has dark skin……but look my dad is a very pale filipino man and my mom is black yet i am still very distinctively black so i need jesper to be too :) that representation is important to me and i’m sure it is for many other people as well. and i don’t know for certain what zemeni is based off, if someone has an idea please tell me, but there is a zemen in ethiopia, which i know because a quick search of zemeni shows results of a drama based there (and okay yes there’s a zemen in bulgaria too) which just solidifies my belief that jesper is very much black. 

i really had no idea people envisioned him differently and now i’m especially curious. pls come talk to me about jesper lmao

So it’s pretty common knowledge that Philip means ‘lover of horses’…

…because it comes from the Ancient Greek words φίλος or phílos (meaning ‘lover’, ‘beloved’, ‘dear’ etc) and ἵππος or hippos (meaning horse)…

…but Phil on its own would just be referring to the word φίλος, which of course means ‘lover’ or ‘dear’…

…so technically whenever Dan calls him Phil rather than his full name, Philip, he is calling him ‘dear’ or ‘lover’.