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I really liked your awkward Hanzo comics~ Could you make one where McCree compliments his hair (particularly the white little hair-wings part thing) and the next day someone (Genji? Symm?) finds him with a little smile trying extra hard to make them perfect? (not in a snooty/prideful way. more of a "i hope they look good today maybe he'll talk to me again" way) I am not sure if I'm allowed to make requests/suggestions so i hope this does not come off as pushy~ '3' Welp, 25 letters left so this -

im super glad you liked it omg thank yOU!!! i am 1000% down for requests & suggestions hehe there u go!!!

Louis already has someone who...

“is there for him”

“is one of the most genuinely caring people in his life”

“is a stable…influence in his life whom he trusts”

“genuinely cares about him as a friend” 

  • Jules: *sees Ophelia and Evan* Aw, y'all are so cute!
  • Ophelia: Aw, thanks!
  • Jules: *pulls evan aside* You ever so much as look at her wrong and I will break every bone in you body.
  • Evan: Uhh...
  • Jules: We should go on a double date! You and Evan and Me and Tyler!
  • Ophelia: Yeah! Did you say something to him *points at evan* he looks terrified?
  • Jules: Oh no, don't worry about it! (:

Did I ever say I love these two today? 🙈