me: jurassic park

tbh jurrassic park/world would’ve been such a chill place i’f they’d just focused on the herbivores

  • you could actually go and see the dinosaurs up close without a 10k volt fence
  • actually, you wouldn’t need any fences at all, you could have a walk around the entire island and chill with the dinos
  • you could pet and feed them
  • (or the big ones)
  • also no one??? becomes??? dinosaur?? food????
That Awkward Moment When He Says, “You’re So Sweet,” and All I Can Think Is: “Nah, Man. I’m a Velociraptor.”

Velociraptors and I have faces for the movies.

We have learned how to open doors: We scrape talons

across the knob, sneak out middle of the night

leave fading indent in the bed.

He calls asking where I am;

I’m in your blind spot.

I’m watching heat radiate off you

as you stumble through the woods. I am attracted 

to movement, meaning I only chase something 

when it runs. Like a velociraptor, 

I will not text you back.

He kisses me like he doesn’t even know I have teeth,

like I don’t mouth his neck carotid and catastrophe.

He thinks the parts of him I’ve swallowed are pieces

he’ll get to keep. When he looks into my eyes, I try to seem

like a warmblooded girl, but I am a fucking velociraptor;

I trace my lineage back to birds.

He doesn’t understand how I can be so lizard-distant,

why I don’t want to kiss him outside the restaurant;

chalk it up to Cretaceous differences.

Squishy mammal boy, I don’t hunt in packs;

I have hooks for hands and very limited patience for bouquets.

If you wander into my woods,

don’t be startled when you call and I don’t answer.

Check your periph; don’t ignore that rustling.

You might have time for one last “clever girl”

before you die.



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Welp i said what i was going to do and so behold! Giraffes! Plesiosaurs! Giant Sea Turtles! AND MOST IMPORTANTLY A FAT PUG!!!! (to apologise for the giant arachnid. Have fun slaying that thing.) 

  • Mayura, (Peacock)
  • Gerfauntz, (Giraffe)
  • Niseag, (Plesiosaur)
  • Zaratan, (Sea Turtles/Archelon)
  • The Nope, (Whip Scorpion)
  • Grimble, (Pug)

There will be more (I know @shoddymoddy and @niklisson both want cat grimm). Honestly, I’d end up doing an entire post on prehistoric and deep sea grimm because that map of Remnant has a lot of water and many islands so naturally there would be grimm to reflect the animals in those environments. 

Who’s up for Jurassic Remnant >v> ?

Also check out @ask-team-clst and their Big Book of Grimm tag, as they’ve done bios for the first batch of grimm (x)