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trucy goes to khura'in to visit apollo -> phoenix gets kidnapped -> athena’s phone gets stolen -> Simon gets kidnapped -> klavier shows up at the office before he gets kidnapped too because he’s genre savvy enough -> taka shows up with something plot relevant -> let’s rock


this made me GAY



  • Person: so i was reading about this conspiracy theory-
  • My Friends: no don't she'll hear y-
  • Me, running through a crowd, pushing people out of my way as I scream: THE MANDELA EFFECT IS REAL AND I HAVE PROOF, JUST LOOK

Hey guys! I know I haven’t posted a masterpost in a while! It’s short, but here are some tips for speaking in front of your class/crowd/judge!

1.     Know what you’re going to say. If you’re giving a speech, have the main points and important bullets memorized. This will give you confidence and decrease the chance of you stumbling on your words or freaking out!

2.     Speak in a moderate pace. Don’t rush, because you might stutter or forget your next words. Don’t speak too slowly either! The audience may think you are not confident with the content or you are afraid! Choose a pace where you can think of your next words/look at the power point and still have the leisure to look around the room and add points to your own sentences.

3.     Speak naturally. This goes hand in hand with don’t panic. Choose a tone that comes from your belly, not your head. Your voice should be strong and powerful, but not too commanding. If you panic, you might have a high, soft voice or a low, mumbling voice. Smile and tell yourself that you can do this.

4.     Address your audience mentally before you speak. Look around the room and understand the crowd. If they are your classmates, do not panic because mistakes are going to happen. Realize that the teacher doesn’t expect a stellar performance either! Calm your nerves, and you might see that you have no serious pressure.

On the other hand, if you’re in front of a judge or a crowd, you’re going to want to externally and internally show that you are confident. This may be a very scary audience to address, but don’t fret. Think that you are the ruler of the stage and have come to show everyone how intellectual you are about the topic. Boost the self-esteem and maybe add a hint of ego ;)

5.     Practice! Practicing in front of a mirror and family/friends may relieve the initial stress of speaking and the pressure you may feel from speaking in front of others. Be open to criticism! Make notecards and read from them, enunciating every word so that you remember it well. Laugh at your mistakes but note them too so that you don’t repeat it later!

6.     Have fun with it. Speaking in front of people is actually kind of fun! Everyone gets to hear your share/ opinion or hear something you researched! This is a great moment for you, so do everything you can to make it the best moment!

Extra Side Tips!

1.     If you make a mistake, don’t falter! Keep going and show everyone that one little stumble won’t make you fall!

2.     If you find yourself rushing, subtly slow down. Don’t abruptly slow down, because that will make you look unprofessional.

3.     Make eye contact!

4.     Don’t look at the board (too much: if you’re presenting)!!

5.     Smile, smile, smile!

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