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Top 5 Thursday: Star Guardian: Invasion Tips

By Helmight

Invasion’s been out for less than twenty-four hours, but I already can’t stop playing this game mode. I’ve always loved PvE, and being able to do so in League of Legends - while checking out the brand-new Star Guardian skins - is a dream come true.

However, this mode isn’t an easy one. Onslaught difficulty requires a lot of skill and a bit of luck to succeed at, and here are the best tips I could come up with to maximize your chances.

#5: Build the right comp

If you’re going for the missions requirements, you’re a bit more limited in how you can structure a team. However, if you’re just playing for fun, you need to make sure you’ve got at least one or two supports - ideally Soraka or Janna. Their ability to protect their allies’ health bars and apply Ardent Censer makes them incredibly strong in a mode where lifesteal is heavily nerfed.

Besides that, you can make do with just about any combination of carries. I’ve found that Jinx/Miss Fortune/Syndra is the ideal setup, but you can make any of them work.

#4: Focus the carries

The Kog’Maw and Vel’Koz clones are the highest damage-dealers of the alien forces and will annihilate your team if they’re given enough room. Kog’Maws need to be killed or disrupted immediately, lest they ramp up their damage, while the Vel’Kozs should be hunted down when you get a moment. Big Vel’Koz’s definitely need to be prioritized - their lasers not only pack a wallop, but restrict your movement.

#3: The long road

One of the hardest scenarios in Invasion is the long escort map, especially when Vel’Koz’s spawn behind you right at the start. Make sure you kill them off immediately, even stepping outside of the circle if you have to. Dodging the projectiles from the front is tough enough as-is - dodging them from the back too is nigh-impossible.

Remember too that the victory is just to reach the golden star. If you’re close enough to the end, you may be able to Flash outside the safety circle and close on the objective before bleeding out.

#2: Stay together

It sounds like advice from a bad anime, but fighting as a team is the best way to survive. Most of the champions in this game mode are stronger when played with their allies nearby, and sticking together mean you can revive each other quickly or focus-fire priority threats. The power of friendship is definitely core to success in Invasion.

#1: Mobs first, then boss

In the final battle, it can be VERY tempting to ignore the other enemies and focus on the Big One. Don’t do that - the mobs will kill you incredibly quickly if you leave them alone.

Instead, check your minimap for spawns and always kill the Kog’Maws and Vel’Kozs when they appear. When the enemies have been properly thinned out, return to DPSing the boss. It’s a slower road, but it gives you the best shot at victory.

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Me and @smiley-the-guy are helping @aleksandr-marchant-the-third through the first Dark Souls when this magical event happened.

i don’t know why i’m thinking about this now but,,, consider the legends discovering brangelina broke up a month after the rest of the world did bc they were in the temporal zone.

like they get back during invasion, and mick asks “what did we miss” and someone is like “oh brad and angelina are no longer married” and mick just looks,,, broken, oh so broken, bc mr and mrs smith was his favorite movie.

sara finds out and starts cackling and everyone is like “what” and they discover she’s actually crying
sara: i really liked mr and mrs smith ok??

jax is,, not as upset as everyone expects him to be? and then stein starts rubbing at his eyes like “dammit jefferson express your emotions so that i don’t have to feel them!!!” and it turns out jax has been bottling all his pain over the fact that the most iconic duo in cinematic history, mr and mrs smith, have broken up

amaya doesn’t understand the fuss, like why does everyone care?? they’re just people in movies, celebrity culture isn’t a thing in 1942
amaya: who are these two people and why do they matter that much
sara: when we get back to the waverider, i’m gonna make you watch mr and mrs smith

ray is sobbing uncontrollably, he needs like 7 pints of ice cream, three boxes of tissues, and two viewings of the notebook to get over this breakup
ray: they had children, children
everyone: wow so far ray has the only valid reason for being upset about this
ray: their child, the movie mr and mrs smith

nate is the only one who is happy about this, because you just know his 90s ass idolized jennifer anniston and has been petty  @ brad pitt since that divorce
nate: it’s what they deserve
mick: *slams his hand on the table* have you even seen mr and mrs smith one (1) time
nate: i preferred that one episode of friends where brad pitt starts a “we hate rachel green club” with ross
everyone: *collective gasps*