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To ten million fireflies,
I’m weird ‘cause I hate goodbyes.

The Signs as My Favorite Movies Part 1

Aries: Wolf Children

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Taurus: Pride and Prejudice (2005)

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Gemini: The Last Unicorn

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Cancer: The Fantastic Mr. Fox

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Leo: The Princess Bride

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Virgo: Breakfast At Tiffany’s

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Libra: The Nightmare Before Christmas

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Scorpio: Edward Scissorhands

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Sagittarius: Serenity

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Capricorn: LOTR

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Aquarius: Jane Eyre

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Pisces: Meet Me In St. Louis

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Imagine Bodhi and Cassian...

I just re-watched the first episode of Firefly and I can’t get part of the ending out of my head, but applied to Bodhi and Cassian (like everything else these last weeks…)

So, imagine this:
They’re on a mission. Bodhi’s flying, K2’s the co-pilot. They’re spotted and chased by an Imperial ship. Cassian is right behind Bodhi, tense. They all know what’s at stake, but their ship is no match for the Imperial one.
So Bodhi pulls one hell of a risky (almost impossible) maneuvre, swivels their ship around in mid-air, so the enemy is shooting past them, almost scratching them while flying past so close. He releases some fuel or engine exhaust or something and jumps to hyperdrive, right there in the atmosphere, igniting the fuel/exhaust in the process so the Imperial ship gets at least damaged if not destroyed.
It all happens within seconds.
Cassian stares with big eyes, first incredulous then amazed. Bodhi dares a disbelieving smile while sagging into his seat in relief. And K2 states how utterly miniscule his chances of pulling this off had been.
And then Cassian says, all formal and serious: “K2, I need you to take over piloting the ship for a while. I need this man to tear all my clothes off!”
At the same moment he grabs for Bodhi’s chest, fist clenching around his flight suit, and pulls him bodily from his chair.
And Bodhi just shrugs at K2 with a resigned sigh as he gets up and lets himself get dragged away. “Work, work, work.”