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Hi hun!! I see your posts all the time, but i just noticed I don't actually follow you. So!! I am now! And I have a small question about the mun. Are you actually Canadian? <3

(( Hahaha….I…I wish I was. ;w;  Truth is I’m just a silly U.S. Citizen trying her best, ahhh. I read up a little on Canadian History and Culture, and my Sis blog @asknyotaliacanada and other actual-Canadian friends (who I don’t think have tumblrs anymore) have taught me things too, lol. I just find the country fascinating and I…I miiight have a slight obsession with collecting any Canada coins that I come across, souvenirs, and maple leaf themed items….I also have a small collection of moose and polar bear plushies. 

I probably need help, eh? xD

I seem to fool a lot of people into thinking I am though, and I miiight be a bit proud of that lol. ))

Check Please @ Anime Expo 2017

Hey, y’all! I’ll be at Anime Expo in Los Angeles from July 1st to July 4th, table I-52 and I’ll be doing quick sketches in every book I sign! (When I run out of books, I’m totally out!) I’ll be sitting with known pal, Mad Rupert, the creator of Sakana! (She also drew those hilarious pictures in Huddle 2? You know the ones.)

Available Merch @ table I-52:
Year One & Year Two (softcover & hardcover)
Huddles Volume 1 & 2
& Posters!

Future Conventions for 2017

AUG 19-20 | Flame Con, Brooklyn NY

SEPT 9-10 | Staple!  Austin TX

SEPT 16-17 | Small Press Expo, Bethesda MD

OCT 5-8 | New York City Comic Con, NYC NY

I will be at Otakuthon as a special guest for Yaoithon! The panel I will be hosting will be about Avialae and my method for BL webcomic success. I’ll also be selling in the AA with Lucky Juice – table 713. Please come if you will be there! :)

(I will also be selling at Otakon the weekend after! I’ll make another announcement if and when they give us table assignments)

☆TCAF 2017☆

Guys! I’ll be at TCAF next weekend as a featured guest and ready to sign Check, Please: Year Two!

I’ll be signing copies of Year One and Year Two, speaking on two panels, and will give a one hour talk at the TCAF Word Balloon Academy. (Check here for scheduling!)

  • 12:00 PM – Spotlight: Ngozi Ukazu – Check, Please! by Ngozi Ukazu has taken the comics world by storm. Its giant readership and successful crowd-funding campaigns show how the series has tapped into an audience that is hugely underserved by mainstream publishing. Come and hear Ngozi talk about her life in comics thus far, her plans for the series’ future, and what it like to have a small side project suddenly turn into a huge hit!
  • 12:15 PM – Sports! – Comics and…sports?!?! This pairing isn’t as strange as you might think! From diehard sportos to secret jocks, come and hear what these creators love about the wide world of sports!Panelists: Michael Nybrandt, Sonam Wangyal, Ngozi Ukazu, Jarrett Williams. Moderator: RJ Casey.

When I’m not signing or in panels, I’ll likely be wandering the show floor and hanging out around @mynameismad‘s table being a nuisance. But otherwise, I’m psyched! I can’t wait to see all of you guys! TCAF 2016 was an amazing convention and being welcomed back is an honor.

GenCon 50 //

As usual, I’ll be exhibiting at GenCon in Indianapolis (August 17 - 20), but this year is a little extra special! The show is celebrating 50!!! years running, so I designed a limited edition gold foil stamped print to commemorate.

Only 50 will be made, one for each year of the show, so be sure to stop by my table as early as you can if you wanna snag one!


Hey, y’all! I’ll be at Emerald City Comic Con this weekend. You should definitely drop by! (Or reblog this if ya can’t make it!)

Also, check out @mynameismad who will be at table J13. She’s in Huddle: Vol. 2 and you should get her to sign your copy. ‘SWAWES ))))