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The Mother Dearest Theory

I almost named this theory “Return of the Mother of all Theories” but I thought “The Mother Dearest Theory” would probably be more fitting considering what this is going to be about. If you haven’t caught on by now with the name, let me fill you in… This theory is going to outline why I think Mary Drake is possibly the new A.D. 

I KNOW I KNOW I KNOW “But Rachel, what about Melissa/Twin/Any other possible character?” Simply because… There are too many things that point to Mary that I just can’t ignore anymore, and in true PLL fashion there is possibly Hitchcock involved. From the very beginning when Mary was introduced, she rubbed me the wrong way, something about the way she talks and carries herself screams psychopath to me (and trust me… I’ve spent most of my life researching them.) What she says doesn’t necessarily coincide with what she does, and things have been gradually building up to the point I can’t ignore the signs anymore.

 So, let’s start at the beginning so to speak… I’m going to talk about the twins from the Halloween story. We all know how it goes, one twin gets jealous of what the other twin had and then one twin stabs the other. Mary stabbed Jessica, Mary went to Radley, Mary met Pastor Ted and had Charlotte, Mary pretended to be Jessica, Mary got pregnant with Spencer by pretending to be Jessica with Peter (which is the huge secret Jessica and Peter had that they had a deal with), and Mary is batshit fucking crazy.

 Also let me ask this question, did we all just up and fucking forget this happened? 

How the hell did we forget that Mary dressed up as her dead sister to scare Alison (AND PUT HER IN THE HOSPITAL) and for that matter… How in the bloody hell did Mary know what Jessica was buried in if she wasn’t there burying herself. And for that matter, it would mean she ways the one who not only buried her- but she was there when Alison was buried as well. If you remember in season 5 when Alison came back to rosewood and Jessica’s body was found, Alison got a video of her mother being buried with a text attached saying “I buried her the same way I watched her bury you.”

 To be fairly truthful whether Mary stabbed Jessica doesn’t matter, the facts are that Mary spent a lot of time in Radley where (like I’ve outlined multiple times in other theories and it actually comes into play later…) Mary assumes Jessica’s identity which confirms not only that she was the mother Bethany was talking about and the “is it like mother like daughter?” Was referring to Mary and Charlotte and not Jessica and Alison, which is confirmed by the flashback of Jessica screaming at Alison that Cece was at Radley calling herself Alison. 

 Now to my favorite part… The Hitchcock aspect. Does everyone remember that scene where Hanna was being tortured in the barn and she hallucinates that’s Spencer is there stroking her hair and singing a song? (The same song and scene that they recreated with Mary and Spencer in the 7x10) 

Yeah that’s not a coincidence, look at Mary’s history… She assumes Jessica’s identity, she assumes Charlottes identity as A.D., she’s now assuming Spencer’s identity. Yes, my friends… PLL is pulling a reverse Psycho where Mother assumes the role of Norman instead of the other way around. Think about it, what’s the FIRST thing she does? Buy the lost woods, just as Norman Bates did with his mother and the bates motel. And just as Norman Bates assumed the identity of his mother, Mary seems to take the personality of her daughters on- becoming A.D. As Charlotte was A, and now becoming more caring, calm, and subdued like Spencer… Also people have been passing around this photo:

 I’d like you to notice something, look at the make-up and body language of both the scene where Spencer’s with Hanna and this scene compared to Mary’s tea cup scene… That ISN’T Spencer in there… That’s Mary. Confirmed by the fact Andrea was wearing the EXACT dress she was wearing.

Also, since we know for sure Mary and Archer we’re working together (and that she was helping torture Alison) guess who the only other person was who knew about the barn? Yep. Mary. And what just happened last episode? Hanna getting locked in like she was back in the barn, considering Archer is dead… There’s really only one other person who knew. Mary. 

Mary seems to have a pattern of assuming the identities of people she’s close with, so naturally that next step would be Spencer. Mary showed up before Charlotte died and A.D. Was introduced just as Charlotte appeared once Mona lost the game as A after season 2. 

Mary bought the Lost Woods where Hanna was kidnapped and tortured. And for that very matter how in the living fresh hell did she get that money in the first place? Mary was known to be working with Archer and we know for a fact whoever A.D. Is not only worked with Archer but knows the girls killed him. 

 We know for a fact that Mary was involved with everything because she LITERALLY SAYS TORTURING ALISON IS WHAT CHARLOTTE WOULD HAVE WANTED. Just like some antagonist I know of who seems to be targeting the girls because they think they had something to do with Charlotte’s death. 

We also know Jessica had some sore of heart condition and trouble getting to sleep (as per her prescriptions) that I don’t know… Would probably coincide with a devastating childhood trauma involving her twin sister? Which would only make Mary hate Jessica even MORE causing her to assume Jessica’s identity. “But she was in Radley!” Doesn’t it seem odd to anyone how the twin story was put in chronological order to where oddly a Radley sanitarium car shows up at the house the exact DAY the twin story is told? 

 This would also mean Charlotte, Mary, and Bethany were all in Radley at the same time and if that doesn’t scream trouble incoming I don’t know what does. This also brings me to the obvious blatant lie that Mary and Charlotte didn’t know each other. She literally called herself Cece Drake. The same last name. And Mary says with quite confidence “You’re the only man my daughter truly ever loved” 

Side-note, whoever is revealed as Jessica’s killer could’ve possibly made the mistake of thinking they were killing Mary instead of Jessica, in which case you’d think it would throw the theory off course- but it actually doesn’t. It could’ve been Charlotte and she lied about it, it could’ve been someone who thought Jessica was Mary by mistake, it could’ve been Mary herself. But the signs point to Mary as being her killer, or at least being there as Jessica was being buried per her clothes a la zombie Jessica in 6x20. 

Now as per why… Simple answer, Mary wants everything that she feels was taken from her. She wants the life that she feels was taken from her. She wants revenge for the daughter she lost. She wants revenge on the families who had what she always wanted. 

 As for Charlotte’s killer (If she’s dead at all…) I will tell you that you’d do well to watch Mona. Or even possibly someone who appears to be Mona. They’re going to bring in Melissa and Wren to make it appear as though they have something to do with it, revealing things that we’ve wondered about them for a long time… 

And Melissa’s luggage bag handle may have been missing but I would like to remind you… Who paid off the mechanic and drove the huge truck that nearly ran over Emily to get it back?

 I hope the theory was well worth the wait, it was good to get back in the theory game again. 

Don’t worry, we all go a little mad sometimes.

Simon Snow’s shampoo smells like apples and he blushes when people pay attention to him and he’s loyal and dedicated and he stammers when he speaks and Simon fucking Snow is such an angel why do make him suffer

So I’m traveling with Hancock and we stopped to drop off some junk at Starlight Drive-In. I take all the stuff I have Hancock carrying and become encumbered and slow but whatever ‘cause the workshop’s like five feet away.

Hancock, beautiful sinnamon roll that he is, immediately starts fretting. “Oh no, that’s too much! Here, give some back.”

A half-second later, faintly, from clear across the settlement, I hear MacCready screaming, “DON’T MAKE ME CARRY ALL THAT WORTHLESS CRAP!”

Two types of friends.

Carry On Screaming
Carry On
Carry On Screaming

Carry On Screaming! (1966)

Medley of the music and dialogue from what I consider the best Carry On film.

As with all Carry On films this was a parody of some other well-established genre or trope within entertainment media.  Screaming! was taken to be a urine-extractor firmly aimed at Hammer and Amicus low budget horror films of the sixties.  Directed and Produced by the usual team of Gerald Thomas & Peter Rogers and with music by Eric Rogers, as it was for most of the series, Screaming! nonetheless was missing a few of the usual Carry On players associated closely with the previous productions.  Most notably of course the usual lead, Sid James, who was replaced by the marvelous and somewhat tragic Harry H. Corbett, as James was recovering from a heart attack.  Thankfully Kenneth Williams wasn’t one of those absent and his mad, cackling villain is a joy to behold.

Corbett, a ‘serious’ actor who lamented his success with Steptoe and Son for typecasting him forever after, was perfect in the role as the detective, and played it switching between magnificent deadpan and ham where necessary.  Fenella Fielding’s famous figure-hugging, cleavage enhancing red vamp dress, notable in the hysterical 'Mind if I smoke?’ scene, is also worth mention as it got more attention than most of the performers.

Quintessential British references and humour, and British of the post-war period in particular.  Even if the film is set in, for literature, that hyperactive transitionary spell at the end of the 19th and beginning of the 20th centuries, it’s target was still those only two decades of slow recovery away from awful suffering and shortages.

Wonderful/dreadful sets and props, utterly basic special effects and - scenario and design aside - entirely performance driven.  Only such a cast, familiar with each other and the method and material, could save the usual TERRIBLE jokes, each one sounding like it should have a ba-dum-tsh drum signature at the end, whilst leaving one feeling entirely elevated by the experience of viewing.

Can’t recommend this film enough.  Fabulous.

Other Audioposts

What You Can’t Have Pt. 2

Summary: You always want what you can’t have: You want Seokjin, Yoongi wants Yoora and the only seemingly happy couple is the wanted themselves. Until you and Yoongi get drunk one night and fall into a relationship that neither of you wanted or planned. The only problem is, could either of you move on from your first loves to fall again?

23 pags and 10K+ later this is what y’all get. WHY IS THIS SO LONG?!


WARNINGS: Sexual situations, blood, angst, idiocy, derpiness, general super fluff for whatever reason, also heartbreak. The usual. You know me.


It’d been a month and a half since you and Yoongi started dating and, for some reason, your stomach was finally starting to release on that feeling that you needed to escape–that you needed to tuck and roll out of this relationship and back into singledom. Maybe it was because Yoongi was your best friend so dating him didn’t feel like dating anyone at all. Because he was your friend, he wasn’t demanding; he didn’t want anything else out of you other than your presence–no kisses, little hugs, no cuddling, no pressure to hold hands, none of it. You were both interested in other people, and that was what made the relationship work best. At least, that was what you thought.

To everyone else, it probably looked like you were a couple permanently stuck on their first date–always awkward, like you were just learning how to be around each other in this new way. Today was no different.

You wrapped your arms around your stomach to disguise all your insecurities as the water washed over your hips and kept your thighs out of view. Turning over your shoulder, you spotted Yoongi on the shore, unable to make himself move forward into the ocean with his modest swimshorts and shirt. There were two reasons you were halfway out into the shallows contemplating just throwing yourself off the drop-off: you loved the water, and you were (stupidly) wearing a bikini. You went swimsuit shopping with Yoora yesterday and, after debating between a one or two piece, you’d gone with the latter. At the time, you didn’t think it’d matter; then, there you were practically bolting into the water until it was up to your chest just to cover everything from Yoongi’s sight. He was an idol, he was literally perfection.

You…well, you had these things called stomach, thighs, butt, breasts–yeah, you were a walking ball of insecurity. Why the hell didn’t you think about that previously?

“Yoongi?” You shouted to him only to find him staring at you blankly. He started into the water, moving in until he was about ankle deep before he found himself content with that depth. He curled a hand over his ear, raising an eyebrow at you.

“Are you sure we should be doing this?”

“Dating or coming to the beach?”  He was grinning, speaking softly enough to get you to come closer just so you could hear him. You frowned but took one whole step closer.

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i had the best dream...

AND I NEED TO PRESERVE IT. i have to save this in detail bc it was honestly the most happy ive ever felt about a dream ive had ;-;

-it was a dream about one of my old fave ships, Hardenshipping from Pokemon (Maxie x Archie, ORAS) 

-the dream actually started out of just me on Youtube and i was watching the new(ish) Pokemon Generation series, and there was a 19th episode (theres only 18)

-im assuming this was an episode about the postgame of ORAS because it fucking started out just showing Maxie and Archie both sitting at a small table, like on a date, and they had both of their hands clasped to eachother’s across the table like two love fools,

-they were in a conversation about something i cant exactly remember, though it was most likely just reminiscence of their fruitless endeavors and sort of poking fun at their past rivalry

-archie was speaking rlly softly. rlly lovingly. not like the loud boisterous pirate he is. MAXIE though was fucking, giggling and being flirtacious like really different from his given character and he’d get embarrassed super easily, turning his head away and stifling laughter etc etc.. it was so  p r e c i o u s

-at one point though i can CLEARLY remember one quote: Archie was being a flirt and he said “Aye, I wouldn’t be surprised if ye had a girlfriend already ;)” (of course he doesnt hes gay archie wtf) and Maxie said kinda irritably, “No… ”

-then they flirted even more, Archie was getting bolder and Maxie getting more flustered and red and giggly

-until the CLIMAX: they both move in at great Speeds for a good, pure kiss. Maxie and Archie were both so,so happy to be with each other and they didnt stop smiling. that was the end of Pokemon Generations Episode 19

-then the dream carried on to me freaking the fuck out and screaming at the top of my lungs at the computer screen at what i just saw. everything was good, my crops are flourishing and theres rainbows everywhere. the end

anyways id like to give my brain a big thanks for giving the best dream ive literally had in the 15 years of my existence. i havent even thought of Hardenshipping for months but i love it…………. /sob

For Better or For Worse

Inspired by the song Old Friends (Jasmine Thompson) - I think you will all recognise this song from the elevator scene in 13x21 - enjoy!

People who matter don’t mind
They don’t need all of my time
Somebody told me to light up every room
Make them remember you
But nobody here knows what I’m going through
No they never do

She had broken down in my arms, no words, not one. The only sound that filled that elevator was that of her heaving breathing due to her crying. She was crying, I had only seen her break down like that once before and that was after Derek had died. This was more, there was more to the situation than I could have ever anticipate. But in true Amelia style she was burying it, ‘managing it’ as she had put it in the past.  Even though she hasn’t been home and had barely said two words to me, I don’t care; she is my wife, I love her, I love her so much. I need her to be ok, I need to know that she is ok. Even though I love her and will be there for her no matter what, I need to recognise my own limitations, there is only so much I can do at the moment. As I walked past the OR board I noticed Amelia’s surgery being wiped off, then I noticed who she had been in surgery with.

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