me: brooklyn99


So Stephanie Beatriz (who plays Rosa in the tv-show “Brooklyn nine-nine”) commissioned me to do this illustration of the whole cast. It has been a really nice job and I had a great time doing the illustration and also the packages with the prints! (Click on the image to see all the details).

I had an art scholarship before a football scholarship, and I told the writers that and they added it into the script that I was an artist. I also remember telling them that for me, a father of 5, a minivan was the perfect vehicle. They turned it around and made the team do a stakeout in the minivan. This is me, I am that sensitive. the audience thinks they’re inventing Jeffords, but I exist – and there are plenty of big guys who love to paint and drive minivans out there!
—  Terry Crews Talks About His Character on Brooklyn Nine-Nine