I’m using the first graphic for homework in my intro to digital art class, but I figured I’d design an extra graphic to accompany it so I could post it here too (cause I like photosets and single gfx are lonely :c). Took the opportunity to experiment with some coloring techniques as well. I love Javik. =v=

Yeah, I need to play the first two games before I get the full version of this game because I need to know the storyline before I go any further or I’m going to feel like a dunce. :B Strangely enough, from the little bit of the demo I’ve played so far, fem!Shepard reminds me a bit of Ripley from the movie Alien. Also, ngl, I think the graphics and designs in ME3 are absolutely fantastic. yess

Playing the ME3 demo 8) I’m gonna take a moment to appreciate the irony of basing my Shepard off of the character of River Tam from Firefly because Shepard works for the Alliance whereas River was being hunted by the Alliance. The character customize menu had a set of lips that looked almost just like Summer Glau’s, whoopie! But damn, I’m so sorry Wrex. I just can’t seem to save your female, like holy crap. I only managed to shoot down that mecha boss once, and after Llara said “We did it!” I stood up to rejoice thinking it was over and was promptly slaughtered by the grunts I hadn’t realized were trying to kill us from behind. Wow. I think suck at this game.