The Normandy is so smooth and streamlined and I can’t help but oggle its sxc curves every time I leave the Citadel.

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Back home after going to the premiere of Struck by Lightning with my friend and this post apparently didn’t get published even though it was queued. Dumb queue never works. :B Chris Colfer is actually very talented at screenwriting! He was there too, and at one point while his bodyguards were manhandling him back to his van to be carried away from his legion of fangirls I was actually literally 5 feet away from him. I’m not a fangirl but it sure is surreal to be near a person who’s as well known as he is. Also, Emma Watson was actually in the same auditorium because she’s apparently a fan of him, and it sure was a surprise to hear her voice asking a Q&A question in her British accent. @_@


I was thrilled to discover that our own solar system was available on the galaxy map. Though I guess it should have been obvious considering what I know happens in ME3…lol. We’ve always been able to see the moon from earth, so seeing Earth as a celestial body in the sky was really cool.  *__* I’m also really glad that I can literally flip the Mako onto its back and it’ll act like a Daruma and just right itself again. Except that I also figured I must be invincible as long as my shields were up so I dove headfirst into some lava the first time I drove it and died. Also leapt off Feros’ skyways and died too. *A*…


I’m not really finished with Garrus (missing a few scope details on his eyepiece…and does his eyepiece change after the first game? Feels like I saw different versions of it) and I honestly should have made both of them…bumpier…but I am sleepy and tired and wanted to get the uploading over with. durr

I think I’ve mentioned how much I adore Wrex before but I’ll just say it again because I just love him that much. Wrex was a lot easier to draw than Garrus, imo, because his face is less humanoid and flatter and also has lots of knobbly bobbly scars and creases that serve as good visual markers for me when I’m judging spatial distances between details. I had a lot more fun drawing Wrex, his face is so squashed ILOVEIT

Pretty sure I missed details here and there because I was too lazy to look up better references, but maybe I’ll try harder next time. ;~; I haven’t advanced far enough into the game to meet all of the characters yet but I’m tempted to draw more ME aliens because they’re just so fabulous looking. I assume Thane doesn’t show up in ME1? I saw pics of him and originally wanted to draw this as a trio because he’s green, but then I realized iunno anything about him so I scrapped that idea. bleh. Good night =w=


Wrex is my spirit animal. ◕ u ◕

The Rachni actually remind me a lot of the Formics from Ender’s Game. The Formics were also insect-like aliens controlled by queens through a hive mind. S'been a while since I read the book but I think it’s later revealed that the sentient queens didn’t realize that individual humans each had their own consciousnesses so believed humans felt no pain when slaughtered. I assume more information about the Rachni is revealed in the sequels? *3*