me. you. bed. now


Levi: What about you, Pistachio? I know you share a room with Liana. Did you hear anything last night?

Pistachio: Why are you asking me? I’m a notorious deep sleeper. I can’t hear anything when I go to sleep.

Levi: I need to ask everyone. Now tell me, when did you go to bed?

Pistachio: A little before everybody else. I think Liana came in a little after me, and then the rest did. Can I go now?

Levi: Er.. yes? Can you go get Summer for me?

And I don’t want a never ending life
I just wanna be alive while I’m here

Adrift somewhere, with old traditions.

Merry Christmas!

When all your friends are posting pics with their significant other for Valentine’s Day but you’re still single

What if I missed you, somehow, along the way. And you should be with me now in this bed surrounded by my books, and the curtains that move with the fan, and the honeysuckle leaves dried on the dirty floor. I think you’d sing, maybe. Or I would sing. And we’d fall asleep like that. Every night. What if I missed you and now we have to live like this, like a piece is missing, all the way through. A hole the size of our fists. I’ve been looking for God with no luck since I was fifteen but I think, really, I’ve been looking for you.
—  Emery Allen

I was able to extract smol cliff from big cliff thanks to the amazing process of twinkification, isnt science incredible?

To all my Valentines

I finally caved and wanted to write something special for the people that have made me feel so much love and joy by being here… It has been a wild ride here at mirsan dot tumblr dot com and I just wanted to take a minute to express my gratitude for some people that have blessed me in all the best ways possible. It got really long and mushy and I’m sorry for that, and I’m also sorry if my tired-ass brain forgot anyone, but here we go:

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Okay so I’ve made my mind up (for now) my preferred pronouns are she/they from now on please!


3D Painting Test on Leoh;;;;
(also added the rough sketch to show the progress >:0 !!)