Don’t thank me, Twinkles. I don’t deserve it. It was a cowardly thing I did, and a day doesn’t go by that I haven’t regretted it. I even sent a letter after the trial, but too little, too late, I reckon…
I’m pretty good at running away from things.

Story time!

At the plane, there was this lil 8-year-old (moreless) boy traveling by his own.

It’s amazing cuz he did it all by himself. It was a night plane, he took his blanket, his puppet, set a movie and stayed there, calm, looking so mature even surprising the flight assistance that was taking care of him.

That guy was amazing

And then…. There was me.

A 16-years-old senior, graduating this late November asking to my mom if she had brought my favorite blanket.

archadianskies asked:

Your commission of Francis (the solo one) was turned into a shirt and gifted to Tommy! He's posted a shot of it and it's super cute.


*5 min. later*

EEEEEEE!!!!! I knew it was gonna be on a shirt but omgg!