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,:v me puedes entender? xD solo queria :'3 que cuanto tardas en hacer un dibujo :"3 y si me das un consejo

Mi no entender pero intenta.
Yo tardar mucho tiempo para haciendo dibujo.
Mi consejo come frutas y verduras.

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I think the movie poster/white women thing is because white women are used as essentially stock advertisements on movie posters. Put a white woman in a sexy pose, and poof, insta-movie poster. It’s not so much that it’s bad to be a white woman, it’s just that a white woman on a movie poster is really just lazy design and marketing at this point.

and here I am just excited by the fact that Black Panther is getting a movie debut all to himself XD

to me marketing has always been…lazy lol I guess that’s just how our society is  

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我要先为我的行为向您说声抱歉,我今天在您的 Twitter 上看见「哎呀汤好像被湾妹发现是国人了,怎么办呢?」对不起我不知道我的疑问已经造成您的困扰了,您其实是我在 Tumblr 上第一个跟随的画师,我一直以来都非常喜欢您的画作,只要看到 Tumblr 通知我您有新的消息都令我很兴奋,迫不及待的想知道您的动态,其中最令我开心的即是在早上手机开机时便收到和您有关的通知,这总是能让我更有决心和毅力来面对新的一天。最后,我要为我无礼与冒失的行为再次向您致歉。(因为我没办法打出简体字所以我是用翻译机翻成简体,如果有没翻译到的字还请您见谅。)[ How did you know I'm a girl, btw? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ]

啊如果你关注了我的推特那就说得通了!(btw it’s my instinct told me XD)

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Scarryberry's crush discovers the Alter of Ass. (Bonus points if pics Crush's booty is featured in it~)

Just… Be aware that my datemate wrote that last thing not me okay so. XD

Scaryberry only has pictures of his crush’s ass in his alter. When you find it, it’s because he forgot to stash it away before you came over. Then again you came by as a surprise visit. He had rushed to the front door… thing is… he left the bedroom door open in his hurry. He nervously went to go get you a drink when you glance inside and see the alter. Scaryberry is screaming behind you as he RUSHES TO CLEAN IT ALL UP. He slips and falls on his face before he reaches the table. You take a picture of his butt. “I guess I should start making my own Alter of Ass.”

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I just want to say that I love your writing and your blog is lovely. There's adult content fanfiction written for every fandom (Riverdale, Teen Wolf, Harry Potter, etc) and you do a good job highlighting that the characters are always of age, which a lot of people actually don't do. I think you and your work have been v respectful, and the fandom is on your side.

It still amazes me the amount of lovely people are in this fandom sometimes, I wanna cry man you guys are too good to me xD

Conversations in our household crack me up. XD

Me: Royal Merhartwin is def my thing.

Mary: Wait, more so than Royal Merwin?

Me: I mean, Merwin is my OTP, but Merhartwin is my main? Kinda?

Mary: Oh, right, you just prefer Merhartwin over…. crap, what is it? I just keep coming up with Galahad Squared.



So I stared at these two pictures and they inspired me for a little story….

He walked into the club and there he was, the man who sang at least two songs every night. He has the most handsome face he had ever seen. He wanted to know more about this mysterious guy so after his little performance, Baekhyun approached him. ‘’Hey, handsome can I buy you a drink?’’

Because of this bold move three years ago they’re now happily married and already adopted a child.

This is so random I know but they just inspired me XD

no brain, never had one, born without a brain: ur too obsessed with fandom lol loser XD

me, big brain: I’m autistic and it’s my special interest and if it bothers you just keep your stupid shitting mouth shut

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Estaba en la búsqueda de algo inusual y me encontré con tu blog el cual me llamo demasiado la atención cosa que es muy raro en mí jaja, me encantó todo revise mucho (estaba como que espiando xd)y me encanta como respondes tienes un sarcasmo único jaja

Nunca había tenido una stalker, se siente bonito. Muchas gracias, espero continúes espiando mi blog por los siglos de los siglos. Amen.