Only Hae can do this to Heechul and stay alive ^~^


Smile with me because you’re much more than how you treated them. Smile with me because we all deserve the tingly happiness of love at first sight. Smile with me because you’re going to pull through. Smile with me because you made it through months of hell and you finally found a small slice of heaven. Smile with me because you’ve known nothing, but fear and rejection. Smile with me because this too shall pass. Smile with me because you’re more than how they’ve treated you. Smile with me because we all need a friend.

Yes, it would, but Bruce would probably mumble a cute insult.

Happy Valentines everyone! 

Here are my favorite character from Saint Seiya classic, Omega and Lost Canvas. All of them are so cute that I really can’t.

And this is @miichan-yamagusuku​‘s fault! Querida me haces mal (?) Okay? I know Shun is too tall in this but this was because at first I wanted to draw Shun from Omega but somehow I regretted at the last minute, and I end up drawing the classical Shunie. My bad, my bad!

Okay I normally feel so uncomfortable painting in digital, but I am partially satisfied with this. I mean, I don’t love all the coloring but I like some details. I feel that little by little I’ll find my own way in digital art, I’m so happy. After three years, it was time!

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If you were to recommend one Bucky comic book that people should read to prep for the release of Civil War, what would you say?

Brubaker’s Captain America vol. 5 (2005), the whole thing. This should prepare them. It covers the comeback of Bucky, the death of Captain America, Bucky’s internal struggle, lots of angst, and Bucky becoming the next Captain America. Oh, and yeah, it covers kicking Tony’s ass too. *I love you Tony, but you know you had this coming*

But to be completly honest, nothing can prepare us for the release of Civil War. I mean… 

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Look at me, I’ve read so many comics with Steve and Bucky and I’m still not ready.


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Summary: A psychiatric ward outside of London welcomes its newest patient - Rey - a homeless girl without a last name or family. All she wants is to return to the streets she calls home, but that is easier said than done. She will need a lot of patience if she is to survive her time in the ward, for she has no intention of mingling with the other patients. However, Rey soon grabs the attention of one of the outcasts in the group - a young man who prefers to be called Kylo. He is prone to anger outbursts, but takes an immediate interest in the girl as he recognizes parts of himself in her. How will they ever recover - and will they find their way to a normal life in society, or escape before they’re ready?

Chapters: 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 - 7 - 8 - 9 - 10

THE ONLY EXCEPTION | Chapter 10: Rock Band

Friday afternoons weren’t particularly entertaining. While the Keepers had their meetings, the patients were supposed to entertain themselves. That did give Kylo the chance to help Rey with her reading. Not that he was put to use that much. She struggled through most difficult words herself, and hardly ever asked for his help, but he was always ready to assist her – always on standby – with his own book in his lap – spending most of his time looking at her while she read.
After dinner, a few patients were picked up to go home for the weekend, though it seemed like a majority had no such luck.
Friday evenings, luckily, were more entertaining than the other evenings. Depending on who was on duty, they could almost be described as ‘fun’. Kanata would often bake with them, Hux would hold insanely difficult quizzes with questions that no one knew the answers to, Phasma would let them make popcorn and put on good movies, and Thanisson would bring along a gaming console and one of his many games.
This Friday it was Thanisson’s turn, and after dinner, he gave Finn and Poe his car keys so that they could go and get the material from his car. Kylo and Rey were cleaning up in the kitchen when they returned, and they both looked at one another when they heard Poe shout: “Guess who’s going to be rocking tonight?”



Abby thinks she’s probably the only one mourning the love wall, single evidence of her shelved first blushes, for they have a whole forest to engrave with beloved ones’ names now, and flowers and food and moonshine to share.

It used to be like that with Jake: bold and open and happily flaunted, like the bustle that takes Arkadia just after the ides of February.

Marcus clinks his glass to hers at lunch and smiles sheepishly, like he knows about the weeping willow by the river with the carved hole in the trunk, inside which she whispered his name once.

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AN: Title from Catullus 101

AN2: the ides of february are the 13th

AN3: In the old days, if someone had a secret they didn’t want to share… you know what they did? They went up a mountain, found a tree, carved a hole in it, and whispered the secret into the hole. Then they covered it with mud. And leave the secret there forever. [In the mood for love, by Wong Kar Wai, 2000]