Always wanted to do colour rings for berry babies since I saw serindeppity do that, but my colour combos within the legacy never did the trick for me.. 

But this’ll work as Ivory and the future heir/ess’ will have white skin. Woop woop!

bunny-virus asked:

Oh damn, now I remember what Eyeplier looks like to me. His hands eyes reminds me of 0² from Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards. That thing bleeds out from its eyes too! 8]

Haha ohman! yes! it seems the similarity is there pfff!! XD
Never played that game so haven’t even seen this precious ball of joy before~! (which seems to posses all stuff I like, eyes, wings and lil’ bloodiness XD)

//Aggh… me dieron Ask Limit! (o eso quiero suponer porque ya no puedo enviar nada lol) Pero siquiera hice aparecer a Kurose-kun <3

Por favor disculpame lafginger por casi matar a tu bebé… Pero es que es tan lindo cuando está así todo débil y akjsdhfas

Fue un placer “pokear” a Laito ;D krem-a-la-kreme Aunque una lástima no poder jugar otro rato con él(?)

Y todo un honor traumar al pequeño Haise, querida Sis winged-bunnies supongo que era obvio xD


The bright moonlight was falling over every detail on the clearing. Flowers and leaves blessed by silver secrets her beloved Goddess was telling her in the voice of the wind. There, the lonely lunari sat in solitude, closed eyes and chin up, only enjoying the Night Orchestra of crickets, cicadas and owls, making company to her own voice.

An oblation, respectful and devoted, sinking so sweetly in her dreamy state of faith, she would never notice the silent and soft steps approaching her.

( bloodmoon-elise )

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1. What is your favorite season?


2. What type of movies do you prefer to watch? (Romantic, action, etc)

I actually dislike watching movies xD

3. Your favorite ice cream?


4. Are you an introvert or an extrovert?


5. What would you do if we randomly bumped into each other on the street?

Probably yell “Oh my gosh!”, then ask you for a high five.

6. Have you booper doopered today?


7. If given the opportunity, how would you spend the day with Mark or Jack (you choose which one)

With Jack; probably ask him to give me a tour of the town in which he lives..?

8. Mark and Jack are in front of you. They both want to hang out with you but you can only hang out with one of them. Who do you choose?

Mark; since I chose Jack for the last one..

9. What do you like on your pizza?

Pepperoni, Sausage, Mushrooms, Pineapple, Bacon, Cheese

10. Your favorite color?


11. Who is your best friend on here of you have one?

Outside of tumblr.. no one. Here.. I have more than one :p

My Questions:

1. Favorite sport?

2. What date was your very first Tumblr post?

3. Preferred social media outlet?

4. Favorite day of the week?

5. Favorite book genre?

6. You’re stranded on an island. You can have an unlimited amount of 4 things, and you can bring one other person with you. Who do you bring, and what items do you choose?

7. What kind of phone do you have?

8. Laptop or Computer?

9. Favorite number?

10. Who do you go to for advice?

11. Favorite quote/catchphrase?

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Orochimaru has changed throughout the years but certain aspects about him will always remain the same… I’d say he still has his moments. But I know him rather well after those years of training and I guess you could say I’m used to his mannerisms by now…