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when i was ~6 years old, my mom was at work and she'd left this mysterious tube that, when i opened it, it had a bunch of lines sticking out (mascara) and i thought "hmm... mummy puts this on her eyes. i should do the same!" i miraculously put it on okay-ish and, not knowing that i couldnt rub my eyes, i rubbed it and got mascara all over my cheeks. my mom came home later that day seeing me with grey cheeks as if i'd been crying with makeup on. must have been a lovely sight, if you ask me.

wow you were such an artistically able 6 year old kuDOS
ahh yes im sure you looked like a beautiful work of art haha :’)

it’s a sleepover! B) (fmk, crush stories, your tumblr crushes, would you rathers, ask my advice, tell me a story about you, anything!)