Voltron doodle dump. 

Summary: Keith with a ponytail is the best; Pidge is perfect; Shiro and Allura are work out buddies and Shiro is smitten; Lance puts Keith’s hair in pigtails and Keith bonds with Lance

└ Cut it out Masaki!  You’re too devastating distracting already! Mou~~ (^_^;;)

Cr: VS Arashi 2-hour SP 14.07.2016

Please come talk to me about Patrick Stump

一口辛口:someone who doesn’t speak often, but when they do, it’s scathing

Every ESTP that I have ever met has, at some point, become so stimulated by the moment, and thrived off of life so much, that the only way that they could adequately express it is by yelling “WHOO.” in a high-pitched voice while clenching their fists and jerking their arms in front of their torso.


Have you ever seen one of your childhood book OTPs on the screen together for the first time and literally started crying? BECAUSE I AM RIGHT NOW.

I have arrived at the hospital, completely forgot to phone this morning for bed availability (I was supposed to call at 10am but like I was already in trains…) but they found me one in another ward so now I’m just sitting on my bed not knowing what’s happening or when someone’s gonna check in with me but hey! I’m there! it’s happening!