so i have finally mustered up some sort of courage to leave the house and now im in a noodlebox by my work because i left my debit card there. and in atempts to feel somewhat normal i even did my brows and put mascara on and i look pree cute

anyway i get in there and she asks me whats wrong because i wasnt at work today. my manager called me today (hes amazing)and was checking up on me because he was worried. i explained that ill most likely have to go on medical leave and he said theres always my job waiting for me back here and i cried on the phone because he was so kind.

but back to my coworker. and she is a very gruff, aggressive 55 year old woman that takes no shit. she basically yells at me after i told her wha i told our manager saying SO YOURE GOING TO ABANDON THE COMPANY AT THE BUSIES TIME OF YEAR BECAUSE YOU FEEL ANXIOUS????? WHAT IS WRONG YOU WERE FINE AT THE BEGINNING OF THIS


and i go to explain that ive been struggling with anxiety, panic disorder, depression and ocd from a very young age and this is just something i have to deal with and finally get therapy for because i never have in my whole life


yes it has actually she gave birth to me and it so happens to be in our genetics because i am her offspring but yes it must be rubbing off on me


right yes i dont need professional medical help i need oprah in my life tbh then ill be cured

anyway after that she hugged me and left and i cried in the elevator because she almost made me believe her, that its all in my head

I swear to god like that must be what happened. We have a lot of hornet nests around here but I’ve never seen one at night out of the nest, and it’s way too cold right now anyway so the nests are deserted. I haven’t seen a bee in months, so I feel like if I see one with broken wings one day and then see the same one the next day on the same porch where he got brung’t? That’s the same guy. I’m happy for him getting revenge since my brother seems to have broken his wings and left him for dead, wish I hadn’t stomped him but like after what he’s been through idk. Maybe he stung me bc he was hoping for it


Some old doodles that I did last year uwu since you guys loved this au so much!

Some things to know about this au (aka: the parent trap au) 

  • Lance and his girlfriend had the baby the last year of high school. Lance is the type of guy who wanted to wait for “the one” before having sex, so you can guess how in love he was about her. Sadly, the gf didn’t felt the same and the moment she had the baby she left him with her. 
  • Adriana has ADHD just like her father
  • Lance is studying to become a pediatrician but also he has a part-time job in a store. His parents pay for his studies but he has to pay for his apartment and their everyday need. 
  • He barely has time to spend with Adriana, so here comes cool uncle Hunk to help them out and be Adriana’s baby sitter whenever Lance needs it
  • Keith is Adriana’s favorite teacher, even if she hates math, he always helps her when she is lost (also he has a motorcycle! how cool is that!?)
  • Adriana has the looks of his father but the shape of her eyes are like her mother, she was of asian roots so Adriana has asian shaped eyes. 
  • Lance and Keith knew each other from high school, but they never really talked before
  • Lance has a new girlfriend right now. she’s the first gf he had had since Adriana’s mother left him. Adriana hates her.
  • Normally is Hunk who goes to the parent meetings and to pick Adriana from school. 
  • Adriana really loves his dad, she’s so proud of him and knows he’s doing his best. 
  • Adriana is a very smart girl, her favorite classes are science and PE. She can’t seem to be still though, school is difficult some times when there’s too much written information.
  • In this au Lance, Keith and Hunk are 25y/o while Adriana is 7 
  • Adriana stopped asking about her mother when she was 5y/o, she realized that it hurt her father and she left betrayed by her.


“ my closest relationship is with my blackberry, thank god it vibrates! ”
“ when i was a kid, most of the advice that my dad gave me was crap. ”
“ there you have it, folks. young love. ”
“ valentine’s day was a massacre in chicago where lots of people were killed. ”
“ i don’t feel comfortable taking my shirt off in public. ”
“ love is the only shocking act left on the planet. ”
“ if you’re ever with a guy/girl that’s too good for you, marry him/her. ”
“ i shut down my playerness from new years to st. patty’s day. ”
“ i need happy, i need romantic, i need love, and i need it from you. ”
“ i would crawl over cut glass to take you to the winter formal. ”
“ dude, he’s from indiana. they only celebrate love your cousin day. ”
“ did you even consider marrying me? ”
“ when you ask a girl to marry you, do you want her to just consider it? ”
“ then there’s the whole thing with my parents’ horrible… ”
“ oh don’t tell me, that’ll take the fun out of guessing. ”
“ i can’t stand the idea of some jerk hurting her, i just can’t. i can’t. ”
“ what’s the greatest love song of all time? ”
“ i’ve never had an inkling before. i wasn’t sure what to do with it. ”
“ what do you do with the flowers? ”
“ you don’t step in to love, you fall in. ”
“ apparently everyone and their mother felt that way but nobody had the guts to tell me. ”
“ have you ever seen someone fall head over heels in love? it’s ugly, bro. ”
“ love doesn’t exist unless you acknowledge it in front of other people. ”
“ unfortunately, the truth makes everything else seem like a lie. ”
“ it’s not about defiance, it’s about what a man will do for love. ”
“ that is a really weird way to talk to your boss. ”
“ this is the busiest day of the year for phone sex. ”
“ you know, i’d like to say yes. but… i don’t know if i can afford it. ”
“ when you love someone, you love all of them… ”

Stupid Boys Hitting On Me: Part I

Had a guy with an ak-47 tattooed on his neck explain to me why being gay was a sin last night.

Guy: “You know after you two are done doing what you’re doing, there’ll always be a part of you left unsatisfied.”
Me: “Is that so?”
Guy: “Mmhmm, ‘cause only men can make you feel right.”
Me: “So men are the best way to go?”
Guy: “Men are the ONLY way to go.”
Me: “Oh, so you like men too? That’s cute.”

I’ve been waiting years for a guy dumb enough to fall for that one.

Beauty and the Beast (Remake) Review

This is going to be a spoiler free review, so I won’t be able to go into too much detail, but let me give you a short preview of what I feel about the movie: It was utterly and undeniably magical!

I just left the cinema and instantly made my way home and to my laptop to write all this down so I would not forget a single thing I wanted to share with you guys, because let me tell you there is so much to say about this movie and all of it is good. Over the past couple of weeks I have seen so much negativity surround this movie, so many people threatening to boycott yet another movie they haven’t seen on the sheer basis that a character was supposedly gay and once more mistreated for it.

I write this to share with everyone willing to read just what an amazing experience it was watching this movie. I want to preface the following review by saying that both my best friend and I are not overly emotional people. Neither of us cry at the drop of a pin, especially not in the cinema. Yet in the matter of ten minutes both me and my friend had our first tears in our eyes. I say first, because the movie takes you on quite the emotional ride and it is magnificent. Now, I’m no professional, but I’d consider my opinion rather objective and trustworthy. Of course, I’d suggest you go see the movie yourself nevertheless.

Let me begin with the basics such as scenery, music and cast. The scenery was quite literally breathtaking. The second Emma Watson stepped out of her little home in that little village of France you are there with Belle. I had the pleasure to watch the movie in 3D IMAX and it was absolutely worth it. I’d recommend for anyone to pay those extra bucks, because I feel it really added to the tone of the movie.

While the CGI was certainly visible at times and slightly over the top for my taste here and there the overall feel of the movie is not damaged by it at all. Wherever the movie takes you, it seems real despite of it. The camera work is to thank for it as well, as it really helps to set a specific tone. All in all the movie does great in making you feel a certain emotion at the appropriate time by using all the means they are given to do so; including the sets and the way the camera is handled.

The music and especially the musical numbers were quite mesmerizing. Amongst the familiar classics like Beauty and the Beast itself the movie offered some new pieces as well. Especially one towards the end – sung by Dan Stevens as the Beast – caught my attention and heart in particular. They use the songs not only to entertain, but also to convey emotions and a deep insight into the characters themselves. Some performances I liked better than others – I was disappointed by the audible autotune used on Emma Watson herself – but overall the numbers were all equally entertaining.

As for the cast I have to admit I had my doubts. I was especially worried about Josh Gad as Le Fou as I’ve gotten to know him as a pretty poor comedic actor. I say poor as most jokes are at the expense of him and his weight rather than made by him. After watching the movie I can say that I could not be more pleased with the casting, even Josh Gad. I was honestly surprised as to how well he handled the role and happy to see him take on a more serious side. Of course he was still funny, but this time the humour wasn’t at his expense, but rather due to his wit and clever sarcasm.

Now I want to tackle the characters, specifically taking the accusations into account, and talk about how the movie performs in comparison to the old classic we all know and love. While a lot of the original story has remained untouched and recognizable, there still have been quite a few tweaks and they were for the better. They made the story more understandable, the characters more memorable and real. I am happy to note that the characters are granted a new depth they were lacking in the original. Thanks to that the story is much better fitting for our time, age and new audience.

Gaston I was especially pleased with, for multiple reasons. Towards the beginning of the movie I found him to be rather charming which was a clever move to make. It only made him seem worse when finally his facade dropped later on the movie. It makes you truly detest his character and therefor the movie managed to create a good villain in him. Despite being the bad guy, however, his relationship towards Le Fou is in no way hateful. In fact, their friendship is one I considered to be one of the most interesting in the entire movie!

As for Le Fou, I dare say he was one of my favourite characters. Contrary to his original counterpart he is in no way a fool. In fact, he is the one keeping Gaston in check, knowing his best friends behaviour, trying to keep him in line while simultaneously taking his jabs and making fun of him as well. Compared to the original, their relationship is much more equal and lighthearted. Gaston is still the dreamy guy everyone is into, but he doesn’t treat Le Fou as a peace of shit for it. In fact, despite his obviously homoerotic undertones, even towards Gaston, the latter never once ridicules him for it. Not only that, but Le Fou undergoes great character growth over the course of the movie and it was a pleasure to watch.

As for the Beauty and the Beast themselves, there is not too much to say. The characters themselves weren’t changed too much and yet there was still a fresh air about them. It’s hard to explain without giving too much away. However, I can say that both of them are obviously flawed and both of them undergo a growth as well. Not only the Beast but Belle too. Instead of brushing their flaws off once the plots wants them to be in love they are openly addressed and worked on. Both parties realize their mistakes and even admit to them. It certainly was a nice, little change and I happily watched their relationship develop step by step.

As for a direct comparison of the original to the new one I can say without doubt and guilt that the new movie is better. A lot of the flaws of the original – whether due to ignorance or because of the time it was created it – were taken care off in this movie. The Stockholm Syndrome people accuse the original of is handled better and I say this with a particular conversation in mind that directly addresses the issue of freedom there is for Belle. The movie also works much better in establishing the character, their relationships and especially their pasts. You get to know more about Belle and the Beast that give you a better insight into them and explain, to a certain extend, why their relationship develops the way it does.

So, in conclusion, the movie does great in sweeping you away into a beautiful, magical world. It has a great tone, the music is catchy, the scenery is breathtaking and it hits home in just the right places. While the original was beautiful and unique to experience and is an irreplaceable part of many childhoods, it was extremely flawed. While it isn’t to say that this version is not flawed – it undeniably is – the new Beauty and the Beast managed to give you nostalgia without making the same mistakes as its predecessor. It adds a new depth and strength to our already beloved characters that make me happy in the sense of knowing that another generation will grow up with a better version of our childhood heroes.

When it Rains || Chapter Two

Genre: Angst, Fluff, (eventual) smut

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader, Jimin x Reader

Word Count: 1527

A/N: Thank you all so much for the love on the first chapter! I hope you enjoy this one too! Feel free to message me your thoughts and opinions! I hope I didn’t disappoint!

Originally posted by sugutie

It had been a couple of days since you met Jimin and Jungkook was still pissed at you. After Jimin left that day he accused you of cheating and all kinds of other shit that he should know you would never do to him. Jungkook had this idea going through his head. The idea that he could talk to other girls but you couldn’t even make eye contact with another guy. He interrogated you like you committed a crime. Asking questions such as, “who the fuck was that”, or “why were you with him”. You had to thoroughly explain to him that Jimin was just walking you home since he was too “busy” to pick you up. That shut him the hell up and you could see the glint of regret in his eyes but he gave you the cold shoulder because he didn’t want to admit he was in the wrong.

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A Little Less Sixteen Candles, A Little More Kiss Me (3)

[A/N: Last chapter for today! If you go to my page you’ll see that I’ve left a little question asking what you’d like to see in the following chapters! (I don’t want to spoil anything but the chapter after this one will have kind of Jughead POV scene or scenes)

I’m really enjoying writing this one but obviously I want you guys to enjoy it too and I want to write the kind of stuff that you want to see! I hope you enjoy this one guys! Also I love it when you guys leave comments, it really makes my day (read that as: I need constant validation to ensure that I am happy). 

Also see if you can find the Fall Out Boy lyrics in this chapter! (Hint: It’s not very subtle)]

Word Count: 1870

[Part 1]

[Part 2]

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Sugar Sweet | 5 |

word count: 5.4k

genre: lots of smut, fluff & a tiny bit of angst at the end



part 1 | part 2 | part 3 | part 4 

a/n: i’m so sorry for the wait guys! work has been stressing me lately along with some personal issues but i appreciate your guy’s patience. the next chapter will already be written out but requests will be taken care of before i post the next so please continue to be patient until then and check the schedule if you’re wondering about it.

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[Trans] 170214 Wechat post by Ruan Zhiyong (OP was selling flowers near where Yixing was filming Operation Love on Valentine’s day when Yixing bought all his flowers):

I’ll never dare to sell flowers again for Valentine’s day in the future. It was really too hard to sell. After two and a half hours I sold three.

But damn it to hell, I thought of that phrase “you still need to have a dream, just in case it can become real”.

Holding my bucket, the bucket that contains the flowers, I’m walking along the desolate ErSha Island. I’m a little eye catching and a little dumb looking, but I have something beautiful beside me, such beautiful flowers so I’m feeling not too bad.

I’m walking and walking, in front of my eyes appear a wave of people. I continue to walk forward, I was called to a stop by a guy with makeup on. He then gestured another guy beside him and left these words.

“Get all these flowers. Today’s Valentine’s Day. Let’s buy them to give to the production team.”

I found out after that this guy was called Zhang Yixing and he happened to be filming a drama at ErSha island. Around the set in all four directions was all full of fan girls.

I don’t really know the person, but just for the straightforwardness and that he bought flowers for the staff of the production team and the supporting fan girls, I thought yep, this brother isn’t bad.

I don’t have any other intentions. I just want to see how many Zhang Yixing fan girls there are in my (wechat’s) circle of friends.

Life is like (a box of) chocolates, you never know if the next person you’ll meet will buy all the flowers you have on hand in one go.

The Art of Loneliness | 02

Originally posted by jiminiemini

Pairing: Reader x Yoongi

Word Count: 8.6k

Genre/Warnings: Angst, Torture

Series: 01 | 02 | 03

Description: In the world there are two types of people, them and Carriers. You’re a Carrier, one of the people that have been selected the bear the sadness of the world. You thought that was how you would live and die–at least you did, before you met Suga. 


           “Remind me, who thought this was a good idea?”

           Your eyes darted to the opposite end of the room as two more people slinked out of the shadows, one of them shaking their head disapprovingly while the other crossed their arms over their chest, their eyes set on you.  

           “Did he just say ‘surprise’? Does he know how creepy he sounds?” The blonde haired man commented as he walked past the guy you left one the floor, ignoring his groans.

           “If it were me I would have kicked you in the balls too.”

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Ruined Prom night (Shawn Mendes)

Hi loves,

please request something I’m running out of ideas haha. 

Requests are open!

Summary: Y/N instead of her prom she goes to iHeart Radio festival where Shawn leaves her alone for Camila. 

Hope you enjoy it!

Originally posted by teendotcom

Never in a million years would I have thought I‘d miss my own prom, but looking at my plane ticket I knew it happened. Since I was a little girl I always dreamed about wearing fancy dress to my prom, accompanied by a handsome guy, but when the guy I love asks you to be his pair to iHeart Radio Festival which is happening on your prom night, I guess you don‘t really have choise


„Why are you so nervous?“ Shawn asked slighly laughing at me. „There will be hundrets of people!” “Don’t  worry, you’ll be fine. I won’t leave you” Shawn kissed my lips trying to calm me down. When he left to get ready I knew it was time for me too. I guess wearing make up to cover up my acne skin since I was 15years old paid off because now without any struggles I did some kickass glam make up. After putting on my dress I looked at the mirror. Of course I didn’t look perfect because it would have looked prettier with slimmer legs, flat stomach, but perfection was never a thing. So I didn’t really think about it. If I said I wasn‘t nervous I would be lying because just thinking about standing there next to people you always watched on your computer screen gives me anxiety. Of course I said to Shawn that I won‘t be standing next to him on the red carpet because that would be just too much for me but it still made me nervous.

„You look amazing“ Shawn whispered making my cheeks heat. Even though I‘m dating Shawn for a very long time he still makes me feel like it happened just yesterday.  „Well you don‘t look bad yourself, Mendes“ I smirked looked at him. „I swear to god, Y/N, if we would be alone right now, I would rip that dress off your body“ Shawn huskily murmed leaving small kisses on my neck. „Maybe you should wait till the evening‘s done“  I said knowing it would put him on the edge. „You‘re..“ „Mr.Mendes, Miss Y/L/N. We‘re here“ Shawn‘s drivers said. „Don‘t be scared, princess. I will meet you there“ Shawn kissed my lips before stepping out of the car.


Scrolling down my instagram something catched my eyes. It was Shawn scaring Camila on the red carpet. I guess perfection is a thing now. Camila looked like a goddess with her white top and short-thing, whatever it was. It‘s actually quite rude if you ask me, people still talking about Shawn and Camila dating even though Shawn said in one of his interviews that Shawn and I were in a relationship, but again no one is asking me.

When the evening started but Shawn still wasn‘t with me  I got nervous. Where the hell is that boy? Leaving a few messages I put my phone down and tried to enjoy the evening. He will come eventually. At least that’s what I thought.

On the break he still wasn‘t here. Did he just betrayed me? Scrolling down my social medias I saw pictures of my friends in their  prom dresses. I should have been there with my friends not here. Alone. But after seeing something my sadness quickly changed into anger. There was a photo of Shawn and Camila enjoying themselves. Shawn had his phone in his hands. Maybe he didn‘t see my messages? Of course he did, he just found a better company than you. I couldn‘t be here anymore so I left.

Angrily wiping all the tears rolling down my face I looked through the car‘s window. „You okay, ma‘am?“ driver asked concerned. Nodding my head I smiled through my tears. If someone would have said that I would be crying on my prom night I‘d say they‘re lying. But now look at the mess I am. Pathetic.


Stuffing my mouth with multiple candy and ice cream was never in my planner but sometimes things happens. All I wanted was to leave this place, far from the highways, close to the sea. My phone starts to buzz. I look up to see Shawn calling. There‘s no way I‘m picking up that phone. ‚Have fun with Camila‘ I quickly send it and throw my phone away.


„Hi baby, why did you leave so soon?“ Shawn asked confused. „Are you serious right now? Please tell me you‘re not because if you are then just leave“ I said pissed. „What did I do?“ „What the actual fuck Shawn? That‘s the thing, you did fucking nothing. You left me, your girlfriend alone, when you promised me you wouldn‘t“ I yelled frustrated. „Just calm down. Why are you so mad at me?  I gave you an oppurtunity to be in this festival, for free“ Shawn said rolling his eyes. I can‘t believe what I was hearing. „Wow, thank you hero of the day!“ I yelled putting my hands in the air. „Stop making it such a big deal“ „No fuck you, Shawn. Fuck you and your stupid celebrity life. You don‘t get it, I missed my prom, the night I was waiting since I was five years old, for what? This night that I was all alone why all of my friends enjoyed themselves?!“ I snapped at him leaving our hotel room. I needed to get out of here.


„Stupid stupid stupid“ I started murmuring „Stop crying“ a frustrated yell escaped my lips when I couldn‘t take it anymore.

I was sitting on a hotel’s roof looking at the city’s view in front of me. If I wouldn’t be so mad and sad I wished Shawn was here too.

I turned around when I heard soft music start to play. There was Shawn standing with flowers in his hands. As I got up to leave Shawn grabbed me by my wrist. “Just hear me out” he looked at me apologetically. Again I turned to love but he caught my wrist. Again. “Please” I stopped moving and looked at his eyes. “I know I messed up. Really badly and I’m so sorry” if he thinks saying sorry will sort out everything he’s wrong “I know sorry is not enough. Hell I don’t even have an explanation why I left you alone. But I know that I love you and I’m so sorry for making this mistake. I promise I won’t leave you, never again. And I’m terribly sorry for ruining your prom night. But please can I make it up to you?” Shawn asked hopefully while I was glaring at him. “Y/N, will you dance with me?” He asked giving me flowers. Slowly taking flowers I hugged him. Feeling his body relaxing made me giggle. He was nervous coming here. “I’m still mad at you, Mendes. But nothing can change the fact that I love you. And no prom night, stupid fights will change that.” “I love you too Y/N” Shawn leaned over to kiss me. God, I love him. “But I swear to god, if you leave me again, I will chope off your balls”
I used to be a Neo-Nazi who should have been punched in the face. • r/offmychest
The 'Punch Nazis' trend, and people saying 'no don't do that', lately has brought up one of the most shameful aspects of my life. Once upon a...

The ‘Punch Nazis’ trend, and people saying 'no don’t do that’, lately has brought up one of the most shameful aspects of my life.

Once upon a time, many years ago, I was a neo-Nazi. As a teenager, I got involved with a guy who also considered himself a neo-nazi and I wound up with a swastika scratched into my leg that fortunately has left virtually no scar. Unsurprisingly, this was a horribly unhealthy relationship for 17yr old me to be in and it didn’t last long. A few years later I dated another guy, and his girlfriend. He was a neo-nazi, and his girlfriend was Jewish, and he got off on having a Jewish girl willing to basically pull a 'Night Porter’ with him. That too, unsurprisingly, was a very unhealthy relationship and was over very fast.

But how, why did I get sucked into that life? Quite simply, I was raised by racist parents. Parents who, though they’ve much improved in their views since my younger years, instilled in me the same racism and prejudices they held, all with the classic phrase of 'but we’re not raicst.’ No matter how rebellious I was in everything from religion to sub-culture to music to w/e, I never felt a need to rebel against that because it had been a part of my life on such a passive, natural level. As I became an adult and became more aware of the world around me and actually STUDIED (after some help) and educated myself, I began to see that what I was buying into, or at that point at least NOT rebelling against, was fucked up. Yet it was still hard to overcome, because hatred and pride are so, so easy to get sucked into. 'Misery loves company’ and there is a lot of misery in the world of white supremacists, so there’s plenty of people to pull you down while making it seem like they’re holding you up.

Ultimately I met someone who was willing to challenge me on absolutely everything and force me to think for myself. Every view I presented was questioned harshly, meanly, and time and time again my views that aligned with racism and nazism were demolished with logic. Soon this logic enabled me to realize 'Holy fuck, I have been a huge idiot, this is wrong’ (to say the least) and the same cognitive dissonance that set in with my 'religious epiphany’ began regarding human compassion. In that moment I swore I would not be party to those views again.

Looking back on it, were it not for the fact that I am A: Rebellious, B: Open to learning new things, and C: had someone willing to be a patient asshole with my stubborn bigotry, there is a chance that even now (I’m 28) I would not have overcome those viewpoints. Shy of someone literally punching me in the face, of someone blatantly and rudely standing up to me, I’d have carried on like I was right to hold those prejudices and ideologies.

And from what I knew/know of people who identify as 'nazis’ or 'alt-right’ or 'fascists’ or whatever fucking label they’re trying to put on their idiocy… they’re terrible people. The vast majority of whom are completely unwilling to entertain the idea they’re wrong. It doesn’t matter how eloquent you are, how patient you are, how peaceful you are, probably 98% of them will not listen and will not change their minds. There is something about the comradery of that hatred and pride that is more addictive than heroine. And that 2% that might be willing? They’ll branch out on their own, secretly, and entertain those ideas. But that 2% isn’t worth holding back.

Now we have the trend of punching nazis. And I love it. I love the fact that I love it, because a decade ago, I’d have been offended because I’d be a target. And yeah, punching their lights out may only serve to close their minds further, but, it does in fact teach them to keep their nonsense to themselves and not spout it publicly, and that they aren’t safe if they do. So, I just can’t get behind the idea of 'no, you can’t do that, it’s just more violence!’ because I’ve been there and know that’s the language they speak, that I once spoke; it was the language I best understood at the time.

If I met 17 year old nazi-me today, I’d punch myself in the face. And I’d have deserved it.

Thanks for reading, reddit. And also, to everyone who has ever been persecuted by fascists, neo-nazi’s and the 'altright’ or straight up racists… I’m sorry. I can’t apologize for them, but I still apologize for anything and everything I ever did to add to that grief.

EDIT Well. This got a bit popular. I’m trying my best to answer questions and messages! The biggest question I’ve gotten in messages has been about how to address people who are racist/involved in white supremacy to help turn them around (without just punching them in the face.)

My advice on this, and what worked with me, was knowing logical fallacies as my 'mentor’ who guided me out of the cave did. And he was a relentless asshole Granted, I was already open to new things and to learning, and without that it would have been a futile effort. One has to be open to and aware of the notion of cognitive dissonance for it to have a positive impact, otherwise they will just run further into the cave out of fear. However, if they are open to it, ask what their views are. Do this several times without criticizing or affirming, just do it to understand. Then go back and each time you speak with them, point out their lapses in logic: “But that’s post hoc… you’re basing that on false equivalence… don’t strawman’ and explain what those are. This took months and also my mentor convinced me to travel a bit with him on his dime. Like, he went above and beyond what most people could ever do. He helped to physically remove me from that life for a short time, but while someone is immersed in it… it’s daunting, and it’s going to take a very long time. I wish I could give you a more positive, instant-gratification answer, but that’s been my experience and that’s what I can convey best.

EDIT EDIT I understand many of you don’t advocate violence/are against the notion of punching people in the face even though they are literal nazis/think violence isn’t the answer… and you’re welcome to that view. However, I was met with those views time and time again, and they didn’t work. Being a woman, I seldom was the one attacked (sexism is a thing everywhere and in many directions… but that’s another issue) but my male counterparts were, and they deserved it. That’s what shut them up, that’s what pushed them back into the shadows. Yes, I am living proof that you can crawl out of that hole without that physical violence, but I also know how much of an anomaly that is (also that the verbal skirmishes with my mentor were far more painful and filled with far more rage than a fist to the face). You can accept the testimony of myself, and others who have posted here who’ve dealt with this lifestyle first hand, and consider it, or don’t. That’s up to you. I’ve posted this to simply express my experience and how I’ll choose to deal with it if needed.

EDIT EDIT EDIT Holy gilding batman! Thank you! And regardless of the mixed responses, even the harassing ones, I appreciate the conversation this has started and the insights that have been shared here.

EDIT EDIT EDIT EDIT This post got far bigger than expected. I’m doing my best to answer questions and messages but I didn’t expect to front page (apparently this did? I didn’t see it but a few people mentioned that) and I can only tackle so much but I’ll try to get to all of it in time!

BTS reaction to you staring at their hands for a while and then suddenly starting to play with them

Namjoon: expect a ‘we’re up for some fun’’ smirk and something along the lines of ‘’Finally! I was starting to get afraid that i would actually have to ask you to do it’…’

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Jimin: would use all strength he has left to pretend that he’s not flustered at all but a sudden fangirl-y reaction and ‘’why are you doing this to me, jagi?’’ are kind of telling screaming completely another story

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Jin: ‘’How about you move from the hands onto something else?’’, ‘’JIN!’’‘’What?? Was it too cheesy?’’ poor guy meant kissing instead of holding hands but that was the the day he learned that context is a bitch

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Yoongi: on the outside he seems completely unbothered, continuing what he was doing but inside his head…he’s doing a victory run across the field with his hands up in the air ‘’It’s happening!

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Hobi: he would suddenly be all over the place like you two haven’t even kissed before yet alone held hands and somehow your simple gesture turned into an hour long cuddle session with no ways of escaping not like you want it anyway

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Taehyung:  would actually let out an excited squeal ‘’What are you doing, jagi?’’‘’Um…just playing with your…fingers?’’‘’You’re making me blush!’’, ‘’…’’I’m literally just playing with your fingers.’’ excited puppy is excited

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Jungkook: proceeds to make a seductive face, ‘’What are you doing, Jungkook?’’‘’Um…I thought you… wanted to kiss…’’ and you better play it off like it was indeed your intention or you would have to spend an entire day luring embarrassed Jungkook out of the closet

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I feel like witchy people can sense each other

Oddly enough, they all come to my work too (except the barista at Barnes).

This one guy was wearing a Mjolnir necklace, and I complimented it. He thanked me and told me it meant a lot, because it’s a symbol for his religion. Then he followed that statement with “but I feel you already knew that.”

A young lady was in my shop today and was asking about tea, and talking about lavender and aromatherapy, and I noticed her moon tattoo on her left forearm. I told her it was lovely, and she thanked me and told me that she loves the moon. She leaned across the counter and whispered “She gives me strength.” I told her I felt the same way, and she got all happy and said “So you know!” and I really feel like we just had this connection about it without having to come out and say (in front of the other guests in my shop) that we’re witches, or we study the occult, or any of the like.

At Barnes, the young man at the cafe had a beautiful Amethyst necklace, which (you guessed it) I complimented and asked if it was Amethyst. He was quite surprised and happy that I knew, so he told me all about the shop in town where he got it, and a few other hole-in-the-wall places between Naples and Fort Myers that sell things like crystals and herbs and incense. Places that don’t have websites and aren’t on yellow pages or the like. 

I have had so many experiences where one of us compliments the other on our jewelry, or a tattoo, or a piece of clothing and it launches us into a conversation about the occult, or witchy things, or even just Paganism, but neither one directly says that it’s what it is. We help each other out, give each other little tips and tricks (and sometimes I will tell people which teas I use for spells and incense and baths) and we go our separate ways. I like to think that they think of our exchange at least a little, because these exchanges give me a type of energy that I quite enjoy, and they make my weeks more fun and full of color. 

It’s good to know that we are everywhere.


So….with chichi this is interesting because during buu saga you see that she is fine with goten training but now she like “nope. Studying is more important”…For me, maybe what happened with the whole majin buu fiasco left her with ok never mind I don’t want my goten to fight bad guys and be a training junkie like his father. Her changing her mind probably revolves her feeling scared if her son ever got hurt/killed in battle. And then probably when goku told her that goten died by Zemasu in an AU. Chichi is like “nope nope I take everything back I rather him study then having the chances of him dying in battle”

My momma is still an overprotective mother …. ;;__;; 💖 ((personally if I had all this crap happen in buu saga and with zemasu/DBS I will change my mind too if I were her))

Also, from what Bulma says, it seems like chichi let’s goku do what ever he wants (after all he is in an adult). And all chichi ask for is that goku provides for them. He already worked in the morning (his schedule now) so she is fine with him leaving to train.

My OTP is funny I swear….

Sinful (Lucifer drabble)

Warnings: Slight smutty, gracek!nk, bossy!lucifer, fingering

Summary: Just a drabble I had that I posted to my Wattpad, so I thought I would share here as well. The reader is left to babysit Lucifer, but things take a n unexpected turn. So let me know what you guys think? Should I write more like this?

“Y/n, he’s not that bad-” Dean began to say trying to reassure you.

 "-My brother is far too injured to be of any harm, Y/n,I assure you,“ Cas cut in casually.

 "Cas!” Dean scolded him, throwing him a look that read  ‘you’re not helping’ in big letters, but Cas either didn’t get it or didn’t care.

 "It’s true, Dean. Lucifer-“ Cas paused, interrupted by the door to the library suddenly opening, revealing none other than the devil himself.

 "Are we talking about little old me?” he asked with his famous half-smirk, the blue eyes of his vessel starring at you.




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 Lucifer smirk grew as he regarded the three of you.  He shifted back on his heels and blew out a breath. "So,” he began with a clap of his hands. “What about me has got you all guys gossiping like old biddies?”

“We are not 'old biddies’,” Dean mumbled under his breath, sounding like an overgrown child.

Of course this action caused Lucifer’s smile to spread, obviously happy that his words had affected Dean.

 "Y/N, does not wish to keep you company while Sam, Dean, and I go to investigate a case. We were trying to convince her you were of no harm,“ Cas supplied to Lucifer, looking quite pleased with himself for getting the gist of the conversation.

Lucifer out a hand over his heart dramatically, "Y/n, I’m appalled! Of course I won’t harm you!” He rolled his eyes at you, “it’s not like I’m the Devil or something.”

 "But, you are the Devil, Lucifer. Have you bumped your head?“ Cas asks him with furrowed brows.

 You bust out laughing, causing all three men to eye you suspiciously. This was getting ridiculous. You obviously weren’t going to get out of babysitting duty, but Cas’s innocence was to much for you to take. How had so many years with Dean not make Cas a sexual know-it-all?  How was he just so hilariously innocent?

 "Go,” you finally managed after calming down. “Just go. If I get bit by the Devil, I’ll call.” You start to push them playfully out of the library.

“Lucifer, please do not bite, Y/n! Dean has always told me that it’s rude,” Cas called over his shoulder.

You feel your face grow hot, as you slam the door shut. Starring at the wood, you try to push Cas’s words from your mind by instead focusing wholeheartedly on trying to calm down your humor and your hormones. It was no secret the Lucifer’s vessel Nick was very attractive. The blonde hair, the forked tongue, and all the other little things about him you wanted to explore. Not to mention Lucifer himself was just delicious. A fallen archangel. He was obviously hurting, had daddy issues, but there was a fire underneath, something that just spoke to you. A part of him still held love, passion, loyalty, humanity. You had fantasized about bringing those qualities out in him, healing the devil with affection-love? Maybe.
You were so engrossed in your thoughts that when Lucifer spoke you jumped halfway out of your skin.

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 "You wouldn’t really call them if I bit you, would you, Y/n?“

 You shrug, turning to face him. "Depends on how hard, I guess?”

Lucifer eyes seemed to darken at that point as he regarded you thoughtfully. “Do you like being bit, Y/n?”

 "Ah-“ you could feel your face heat up again at his words. Maybe they weren’t meant to sound so sensual. After all, angels-any of which you’d already met weren’t "hip to the lingo” of this day and age. So why would Lucifer be any different?

He’s only the Devil.  

Even still, you could feel the flush of your body warming up your neck and your face.  You tried to avoid his eye contact, not quite ready to admit the Devil put a fire deep in your belly. He couldn’t know what you were thinking about, obviously right?

“You didn’t answer me, Y/n,” came Lucifer calm and collected tone a moment later.

“Like I already said, depends on how hard and what context.”

“Ah- and what context would you like my bite, Y/n?” he asked stepping closer to you in a blink of an eye. 

 He was getting too close now, walking closer to you with a almost sensual demeanor with a determined glint in his eyes.  Your body and brain were shifting into to high alert for different reasons. Your body was beginning to buzz with life in areas you had not felt life before. You almost feel as if you are shaking at the knees in an anticipation that you didn’t understand. You were beginning to feel warm, and aching. In your mind, you felt a lot like prey- helpless tracking every movement of the predator in front of you. The way his muscles bunched and moved under his shirt as he moved closer, the way his eyes seemed to demand contact with yours. Rationally, you knew this was not a prey vs. predator moment, because who could honest run away from the devil?

 Lucifer chuckled, his lips picking up at the corners sinfully once more. “I would catch you, you know, Y/n.” his voice fell over your body like a dark, forbidden caress. Finally, standing in front of you, he raised one hand to your check in a gentle but dominant hold. “Tell me, Y/n, you will not run.”


“Such…descriptive thoughts run through that pretty little head,” He says as he leans his face into your neck and you feel him chuckle against your skin. “And I thought I was sinful. You make me look like a saint again, Y/n.”

 "I do?“

You feel cold lips against your skin, a lingering caress. You feel him make his way around your sensitive skin, barely holding still. Was Lucifer really going to bite you?
"Oh, have no doubts, Y/n. I fully attend to accurately create and indulge in every single fantasy of yours tonight before those three return. And I fully intend to bite you.”

 He pulls back and stares at you thoughtfully. “As I said before, you make me look like a saint. But tonight- I intend to show you exactly why I am the devil.” He pulls you flush against him with a smirk, and smashes his lips to yours.

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 The cold yet comforting feeling of his kiss shocked you. You had thought his kiss would be demanding, arrogant, but that wasn’t the case. Yes, the kiss was demanding. He demanded you respond, that your lips moved with his, that his tongue caressed yours as your caressed him, but he was gentle. It was like he was holding onto the most fragile gift he had ever received. He was coaxing, not arrogant. It was a complete reverse of what you would have expect.

  When his lips finally left yours, he began his focusing his attention on your neck kissing down the sensitive column. It shocked you when you felt his slightly sharp teeth nip at your skin, causing you to jump with a squeak.

  “I thought you said you would enjoy my bite?” he questions against your skin.

 "I do,“ you whimper. "Please, Lucifer.”

In a matter of a few seconds, you find yourself against the wall, pants and shirt seemingly disappeared. Your legs around Lucifer’s waist, as he pushes your bra down. His lips hungrily attacked your hardened nipple as you let out a keening wail. His fingers were spayed out along your neck giving the impression of danger, but not really.

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He was everywhere.

You jumped when you felt a hand that couldn’t have belonged to Lucifer, slide into past your underwear line. Lucifer chucked against your breast, and pulled back to wink at you.

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 "Even the little of grace I still have is sinful, my dear,“ he concludes to your unspoken question.

Lucifer’s invisible hands glided across your inner thighs, shivers following their path. They began to curve upwards, pressure circling around your clit. It felt strange, almost forbidden. It was torture to have this unknown touch against your skin. It was exquisite.

  And you wanted more.

You arched into his touch with a wanton groan which Lucifer was more than happy to oblige. You felt his teeth bite at your nipple a little rougher as you heard (more than felt) your underwear being ripped away.

  "I have to touch, Y/n.”

 You were so ready. The need hot within you, your juices flowing in anticipation. You clenched your thighs and nodded at him, breathless at the situation. You basically were fornicating with the Devil. And it was totally okay with you. The god of a man in front of you who was treating your body and needs as his on personal vendetta. His touches were cold and electric, but warm at the same time. Everything about him made you crazy.

 You felt his invisible hands run through your folds, and felt him groan against you again. “So wet for me. Damn, pet. You are sinful. So much delicious, sinful wetness. All for me. Say it,” He commanded, rocking his jean-clad bottom into your apex.

 You gasped, “Yours.”

 He presses against you hard, a growl in his throat. “Whose?”

 "Yours, Lucifer.“

 Suddenly, a cough across the room, catches your attention. Freezing, you and Lucifer throw your heads towards the location of the cough to find Dean standing there awkwardly.

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You watch as Dean coughs and averts his eyes, rubbing his neck. "Guys, that’s nice and all, but can we not do this in a public library?”

 Lucifer’s eyes roll, “It’s not public, technically.”

Not. The. Point.” Dean reassures, pointing toward the door.

 Lucifer turns back to you and sends you an eye catching smirk. He brings his fingers up, and in a snap, you’re gone.