O que eu faço com essa mania de me importar contigo? Não é algo que eu tenha controle e você me conhece, sabe que detesto não ter controle das coisas. Como eu lido com essa distância que vai além dos quilômetros? Não é algo que eu consiga mudar e você sabe como odeio não poder alterar o que bem entendo. Uma pena eu te ver de longe, com tantos outros amores e não poder fazer nada. Sádico ficar procurando motivos pra te odiar e só encontrar ciúmes. Ainda assim, acredito que o pior de tudo é olhar para o fundo na minha alma e perceber que ela ainda sangra de saudades de você. Você e seus mil amores. Eu e minhas mil dores.
—  Desanimo, quando te vejo passar.

Sonic Mania got me maniac!XD I’m really hype for this game and project 2017 too!:DDD and I really wanted to give a try by drawing sonic, knuckle and tails!

they turn out cuter then I thought!>//w//<

so hope that you guys enjoy it as much as I do!;w;

anonymous asked:

hey! i really love your blog, but i was wondering why you're quitting aion? are you keeping your characters? really sad to see people leaving the game, but hope you are happy xx

Hey, thanks so much!

Since a lot of people are asking me I might as well try to go more in depth into why I’m quitting.

Firstly, 5.0 is really the last straw for me. The enchantment mania is gross, the level grind is unappealing to me and p2w has really taken over the past few years.
It’s not the same game it used to be, I don’t care about the content anymore and I don’t want to spend more money on it (I know I don’t have to but I can be very irresponsible with my money given the chance - which is of course not the game’s fault but better to take distance from the trigger, right?).

I’ve wanted to quit for a long time, and tried and failed many times. But I think this time it’s really different. I’m just over it.

What held me there in the end was the friends I made, but I have spent too much time on this game. I have been obsessed with it, thinking about playing it when I’m not, not wanting to do anything else, sad because I’m missing events and premades and what not.

I mean, when you spend so much effort and time on something it’s natural that you worry about it and get emotional over it, and I will always feel for people struck by Rngesus, but it’s not the most healthy addiction I’ve had to say it mildly.

I’ve had alot of fun too, met so many people and made close friends. I even met my boyfriend through Aion (we’ve lived together for over 4 years now whoo). I’m lucky to have recorded many memories, so I will always have those at the very least. I always had a little wish for a irl meet-up, but hey that’s still not impossible! 😆

Maybe if some of my friends need an extra account for something, say they wanna go Runatorium on alts but need another cleric they can use my account for that. Atm I’m keeping it though.

Might be sad to say this about a game, but Aion will always hold a special place in my heart and I do really hope other people still enjoy it years to come.

Best of luck to you all ❤

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I may or may not have just woken up from a dream where Mania killed me, and I'm kinda terrified right now??? Also, *gives Mania a pack of 64 crayons and a notebook* Here, it's for drawing, my lord. (pleasedon'thurtme)

* I’m not sure how death works when people are sleeping, but you look fine, so I guess you are spared.