oh sehun teach me how to dougie


oh sehun teach me how to dougie

A bunch of Seventeen videos :’) ~Updated Nov. 17 2015~

Andromeda with subs:

150716 (full)

150311 (full)

150619 (pt. ½)

150619 (pt. 2/2)

150805 (pt. ½)

150306 (full)

Random Andromeda clips:

The8 speed quiz (subbed)

Hoshi and Joshua’s staring contest

Funny/weird horse dance cut (ft.Hoshi x Vernon moment)

Hoshi singing I Do

Dk and Vernon singing 20

Vernon as a bubble

Hoshi cute dance

Hoshi and Seungkwan staring contest

Hoshi, Jun, Seungkwan, and The8 eating watermelon

Shining diamond fanchant by Seventeen


Seungkwan singing to Problem

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  • Justin: "Hey guys, my sister-in-law is pregnant. Not only does she wanna put one of her sonogram pictures on her Christmas cards this year, she wants to photoshop a little Santa hat on her unborn child."
  • Griffin: YES.
  • Justin: "How do we politely explain to her that this is the worst idea ever?"
  • Griffin: You don't do that.
  • Travis: No.
  • Griffin: You don't do a thing.
  • Travis: In fact, I would suggest, like, a series of these doing different things. Like a little cowboy hat.
  • Griffin: Maybe he's playing a little flute, a little pan flute in there.
Masterpost of all the snapchat videos of Aaron Tveit

(alternate title: Aaron’s castmates terrorizing him)

I’ll add to this as more come out

  1. Dec 7, Hands in for Grease Live — taken by ?
  2. Dec 12, Teach Me How to Dougie: part 1 — taken by Keke Palmer
  3. Dec 12, Teach Me How to Dougie: part 2 — taken by Keke Palmer
  4. Dec 17, Jordan pretending to take a selfie with Aaron but it’s actually a video; Aaron’s putting on chapstick and continues to do so even when he thinks someone’s taking a selfie with him — taken by Jordan Fisher
  5. Dec 17, Aaron trying to hide from the camera by making himself smaller — taken by Keke Palmer
  6. Dec 17, Aaron singing Ride Wit Me — taken by Keke Palmer
  7. Dec 18, Jordan singing the Jaws theme and slowly walking toward an apathetic Aaron — taken by Jordan Fisher
  8. Dec 28, Grease rehearsal, singing “Grease Lightning” with the cast — taken by Vanessa Hudgens
  9. Jan 5, Aaron and David Del Rio pretending to be zombies — taken by Keke Palmer
  10. Jan 9, Jordan trying to fistbump Aaron and Aaron not understanding what’s happening — taken by Jordan Fisher
  11. Jan 11, Jordan asking Aaron and Julianne if they love him — taken by Jordan Fisher
  12. Jan 12, Keke asking Aaron what’s going on and he says “Oh, you know. Just rehearsing. Living life. Living my best life.” while he’s hiding in his jacket — taken by Keke Palmer
  13. Jan 13, Aaron and Keke on the high school set of Grease, pretending like they’re on an after school special — taken by Keke Palmer
  14. Jan 14, Rydell PD (the boys pretending like they’re detectives); three video compilation — taken by Jordan Fisher
  15. Jan 14, Aaron and the male cast members playing ninja; two video compilation — taken by Keke Palmer
  16. Jan 14, the other boys playing ninja while Aaron laughs uncontrollably; two video compilation — taken by Keke Palmer
  17. Jan 14, Aaron and Julianne working out choreography — taken by Keke Palmer
  18. Jan 15, Aaron and the rest of the cast at TCA16; ten snap compilation — taken by Keke Palmer
  19. Jan 15, Aaron and the rest of the cast singing “We Go Together” at TCA16; three snap compilation — taken by Keke Palmer
  20. Jan 15; Aaron being asked if he’s enjoying himself and him saying “Yeah this is awesome! It’s the TCA’s, man!” — taken by Keke Palmer
  21. Jan 22; the boys playing ninja again — taken by Vanessa Hudgens
  22. Jan 23; various Grease Live behind the scenes snaps including some of “Summer Nights”; four snap compilation
  23. Jan 27; Aaron and David asked if they’re ready for Sunday — taken by Keke Palmer
  24. Jan 28; Aaron and Julianne being interviewed in character; six snap compilation — taken by Billboard
  25. Feb 1; post-Grease breakfast party at Julianne’s house, and Aaron cooking, being startled by the camera, saying that he loves Jordan, and talking about his tight pants; eight snap compilation — taken by Jordan Fisher and Keke Palmer