• Justin: "Hey guys, my sister-in-law is pregnant. Not only does she wanna put one of her sonogram pictures on her Christmas cards this year, she wants to photoshop a little Santa hat on her unborn child."
  • Griffin: YES.
  • Justin: "How do we politely explain to her that this is the worst idea ever?"
  • Griffin: You don't do that.
  • Travis: No.
  • Griffin: You don't do a thing.
  • Travis: In fact, I would suggest, like, a series of these doing different things. Like a little cowboy hat.
  • Griffin: Maybe he's playing a little flute, a little pan flute in there.

Honestly though, there are people complaining about that glitch in ME:A where Ryder suddenly starts crab-walking for awhile, and that one, at least, I don’t get, because for me it was easily twice as hilarious as that glitch in Inquisition where you’d jump but never land, and just keep wiggling and floating until you loaded a new area.

Like have y’all never enjoyed the true wonders of a Bethesda game? Some glitches are features, not bugs. 

Signs that you have slipped deep into the diamond life.

1. Memesol
2. What angel?
3. Jihan vs Jeongcheol
4. Thughao
5. You know bad dad jokes
6. Low quality?!
7. The 17th of every month.
8. Jihancheol
9. Samuel, Mingming, Dongjin, Doyoon
10. Notif squad!!! 1:07 //1:17
11. Mr removed
12. 13+3+1
13. Joshua’s handmade shirt from predebut days.
14. Drink water
15. Woozi + Guitar = Mingyus death
16. Hansol the bubble
17. Crackline
18. 말 (mal//horse)
19. BGM boy
20. MOM! *inserts tears*
21. 10hour 10minute
22. Hotline bling
23. B-Boy
24. Domi
25. Super Seventeen
26. Simple
27. Michael Jackson
28. Desert - School - Jeju - Explosion
29. Emo + Tree = ♡
30. Teach me how to dougie

If you understood at least 15 or more of theses points, then it is most likely you have slipped into the diamond life. If you got all 30….You are trash.

  • Griffin: It's by Yahoo Answers user Ra, who asks, "Would your parents explain sex if you put it in your Christmas wishlist?" There's additional details but I feel like we need to address the first question first.
  • *Griffin repeats the question*
  • Griffin: It feels like he's asking... His parents never explained sex. He's requesting, on his Christmas list, that they do so. That they do the birds and the bees talks.
  • Travis: See, this is another good reason not to have lists.
  • Griffin: 'Cause you can put some crazy, crazy stuff like that in it?
  • Travis: Yeah.
  • Griffin: I mean, that seems like a pretty important present if they...if they skipped out on that. I don't know about you guys - I received a series of lectures.
  • ...
  • Griffin: Let me bust out the additional details. "I'm 20 and still awful at it."
  • *Justin gasps*
  • Travis: Oh no!
  • Griffin: We just broke through the crust into the creepy, creepy mantle of this question.
  • Justin: Oh, wow, so, you are like, wanting sex TIPS. You wanna go to your mom and dad and say, 'Hey mom and dad, teach me how to Dougie'.
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oh sehun teach me how to dougie

The8 as a Father.

- The cute dad.

- The squishy dad.

- He will sit his child on his lap and let them squish his cheeks and slap them playfully.

- “Let’s learn to fight!”

- Little hands and feet flying everywhere as they try to learn martial arts from their father.

- Dance practices in the living room.

- His kids will watch in awe and wonder as Minghao moves his body with ease.

- “Baba, Baba, Baba, Baba, Bab-”

- “What?”

- “Teach me how to dougie.”

- He will teach his kids Chinese.

- And tell them how hard he worked to learn Korean.

- And he’s smile sweetly at the memory.

- But his kids won’t be at hard working as he was.

- “Baba! I don’t want to sit and learn this! I want to go out and play!”

- Visiting the park.

- Minghao would push his kids on the swings.

- He’d get nervous when his kids get on the huge slides… He doesn’t want them to hurt themselves.

- He’d be the over-protective dad.

- Squish.

- “Baba there’s someone at the do-”


- The8 would be more excited than the kids to see Jun standing at the doorway, running his fingers through his hair.

- To be fair, he would be a cute little supportive dad that will try to be down with the kids but also have authority.


This one was hard to write. But I tried my best :)

~ Ra

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A bunch of Seventeen videos :’) ~Updated Nov. 17 2015~

Andromeda with subs:

150716 (full)

150311 (full)

150619 (pt. ½)

150619 (pt. 2/2)

150805 (pt. ½)

150306 (full)

Random Andromeda clips:

The8 speed quiz (subbed)

Hoshi and Joshua’s staring contest

Funny/weird horse dance cut (ft.Hoshi x Vernon moment)

Hoshi singing I Do

Dk and Vernon singing 20

Vernon as a bubble

Hoshi cute dance

Hoshi and Seungkwan staring contest

Hoshi, Jun, Seungkwan, and The8 eating watermelon

Shining diamond fanchant by Seventeen


Seungkwan singing to Problem

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