Hey guys, that’s me on my mobility scooter. For a year it’s helped me get to work, doctor’s appointments, to see my family & friends, to live. Without it, I’m not getting very far. I’m in too much pain to walk or stand for long periods of time. And yesterday it stopped working. 

I’m permanently disabled, so this is really scary for me. It turned out to be the battery that had gone bad. I reached out to the scooter company and the good news is that they will repair it free of charge! The bad news is that due to the nature of the battery, it cannot be overnight delivered, only shipped via ground. Both ways. Which will take a long time. I can’t afford to miss that much work, plus I have vital medical treatments to get to. I need a functional battery asap.

Fortunately they do make a different type of battery that can be sent via priority mail, and that’s what I need to get. Total including taxes & shipping is $300.
If you’d like to help, I have some cosplay items for sale on my fb page. If you want to donate via paypal, there’s a button on the top corner of my blog.
Thank you all so much, this hit me out of nowhere & I appreciate any help or reblogs to get through this.

ETA: Thanks to everyone who helped me by reblogging, donating or buying cosplay items, I’m able to order a new battery for my mobility scooter! Those of you who bought items will be getting them as soon as I’m able to get moving again. Thank you for your patience. I appreciate all of your help & kind words. I’m in a lot of pain, as I always am, but at least I know that I’ll be able to get going again soon. Thanks again!
Jay <3


No matter what happens in RWBY ship-wise from this point on… I will go down with this one.


Even the blood cells in my body are red and white



build god then we’ll talk // panic! at the disco