New Videos Today [8/03]

There’s been quite a few new videos today so I thought I’d make a quick easy ref list of links for you guys, if that helps!

  1. She’s Kinda Hot [Music Video]
  2. She’s Kinda Hot [Behind the Scenes #1]
  3. She’s Kinda Hot [Acoustic Performance at 101.3 KDWB]
  4. Fans vs. 5SOS [Hilarious game hosted by 101.3 KDWB]
  5. 5SOS has strong opinions on skinny jeans [from MTV]
  6. Calum + sweaty shirts + sweaty Michael [twitter video]
  7. Luke Hammings [instagram video]
  8. And just for the hell of it, here’s some BTS photos of the She’s Kinda Hot video.

nevarland asked:

Do you organize your saved gifs in a particular way? Or are they just collected in a large folder? Just curious, since you have so so so many.

I’m a little bit crazy about organizing. I have a tumblr folder, then a gif folder, then categories, then subcategories, then maybe another subcategory, then gifs. Here’s an example: