good morning lovelies

This morning’s rant is brought to you by you guys, actually. 

Ever since poe party happened, my activity has gone through the roof and I just want you guys to know I really appreciate you and the way you just [clenches fist] like and reblog all the things. 

So I hope you all have a great day, cause seeing the poe party community so active always makes my day better. 

wow i am such a dweeb

also I’m still working on the second part of that fic so please bear with me

do u ever actually forget that a character is dead in canon because the fandom denies it so consistently

  • Person:So what's your favorite song
  • Me:
  • Person:
  • Me:No, it's not like that
  • Me:You have to narrow it down or something
  • Person:No like all time favorite song
  • Me:
  • Person:
  • Me:You don't understand

I KNOW THIS QUOTE IS OLD BUT I STILL LIKE IT anyway i hope you had a merry christmas 

Reblog if you are a woman who, upon expressing your stance on never wanting kids, has been patronized with condescending remarks such as "you're too young to know that" or "you'll change your mind later"

Setter dump

A setter dump occurs when the setter plays the first pass directly over the net rather than setting to an attacker. A setter who dumps on a good pass is a brave man, since failure to score will invariably invoke the wrath of his hitters.(x)

You know that place between sleep and awake, that place where you still remember dreaming? That’s where I’ll always love you. That’s where I’ll be waiting.
—  J.M. Barrie, Peter Pan

we need to talk about the way matt removes that chair like it has personally offended his butt


I don’t know, I think sexiness is strange, it’s a thing you can’t really- it’s a strange thing to define… I always find… People say ‘what do I think is sexy?’ and I was… I don’t quite know… Um… I guess the sexiest thing in the world is… is- what I think, when I meet someone and… they seem like they are themselves. You know, be yourself… I guess.

this afternoon i decided i’d try my hands at the most iconic andreil scenes

now at 1 am i’ve got a single WIP, lots sleep and no motivation OTL

Edit: this actually got notes so i repainted it with proper shadows + u can now get it here