This is dumb, but I’m getting it out anyway because why not???

I’ve seen a lot of posts going around with this gracielovesjesus person preaching hate and such and I went to the blog just because???? It’s dumb, but I did, and it’s made me realize that in being forced to go to church all the time I actually learned some stuff.

From what I understand and have retained from 8-10 years of Bible study and going to Mass and such (My family is extremely Catholic), is that Jesus was super duper loving! His number one rule was to treat people well and try to make the world better. He helped people that were pushed to the side, didn’t discriminate, and did his very very best to be loving all around. Objectively speaking, he was pretty great!

One of his most devoted followers was a woman who had been a prostitute for a long time and as a direct result of that, she was shunned and no one wanted to be around her. When she was going to be killed for what she did, he stopped her persecutors and made them leave. Then he let her decide if she wanted to follow him or not. He never forced anyone.

In the Bible, Jesus speaks very little of condemning anyone. He’s extremely against it, actually. And he doesn’t talk about sending anyone to hell, only that he wants to take everyone to heaven.

In my understanding, the ridiculous list of commandments where you can’t eat shellfish and stuff, are God trying to cleanse humans from original sin. When Jesus died, he got rid of all of that. None of those early rules apply anymore. The ten commandments are pretty okay! They tell people to be kind, not hurt others, try and make the world better. Hell isn’t anywhere in there.

It just really gets on my nerves when I see people twisting the worlds of a wonderful prophet to support their own disgusting and hateful agenda.

I believe that if Jesus was with us today, he would be against guns. He would be at BlackLivesMatter protests. He would go to Pride. He would be on social media promoting love. He would be happy to see others happy. He would not support hate of any kind. He would want equality and happiness all around. That’s all he ever wanted.

I can’t believe there are people that claim to love him who tarnish his good name and destroy the good work he’s tried to do.


For centuries

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The Rich Man’s Daughter - Breakups

Allow me to express my love

Alright guys, I want to share the love, too. Get ready to receive my love.

Here’s MY list of awesome people. They are all so incredibly talented that I sometimes suspect they may not be human. From writers to artists to costumers, these are the people who create the content we blog and reblog and JUST EAT UP. I wish I could do something more special for each and every one of these superhuman peeps, but alas, there is literally not enough time in the day.

So, to each of you I say thank you so much for sharing your talent with us. Thank you for sharing the things you create with just your heart and imagination. Thank you for making our time here so incredibly beautiful (and sometimes painful. and sometimes smutty).

(I have a not-so-secret Tumblr crush on all of you and pretty much worship you all from afar. I am too chicken to talk to most of you because you are all amazing. Seriously. Most of you will have no idea who I am. >.>;)

Names under the cut because LONG LIST OF PEOPLE YOU SHOULD FOLLOW.

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How i feel right now ^

So I was helping two friends of mine move over the weekend and as we were packing up the kitchen my friend (who knows nothing about 1D other than the things she’s heard me ramble about) after hearing my ringtone (fireproof mashup btw) said to me ‘Can we talk about him leaving the band? Because it seemed so random and I’ve been seeing a lot of news about him and I just find it really weird that he would be allowed to leave in the middle of a tour and not have any kind of punishment. Instead it seems like he’s doing awesome things. Do you think this could be for publicity?’


So this happened, mostly because I hate myself and don’t understand the value of time. It’s all very inaccurate but heh. I tried to include everyone if I didn’t I’m sorry I missed you.  Under the read more if you want to know what’s going on because I actually thought about these.

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i want to run away so badly but like my dear father just said “you have nothing, you can’t do anything without my money.”