• terminallyCapricious:my head feels like its gonna fall off
  • terminallyCapricious:omfg
  • adiosToreador:mine too
  • adiosToreador:yours wont though cuz its so good
  • adiosToreador:mine may though
  • terminallyCapricious:omfg
  • adiosToreador:i give you permission to keep my head though
  • adiosToreador:sounds kind of weird with our screen names

tatum sorry this is late but her you are happy birthday!
i can’t even tell you how thankful and indebted i am to your mother because she gave birth to you. my life and others around me would be worlds different! it would have taken me forever to get out of my weeaboo stage wouldn’t have gotten into homestuck met like almost all of our friends that make up the ohana. i honestly cant imagine what it would be like without you now i feel safe and loved around you all and i never want that to go away ; u ;. you have been through some much shit and deal with even more on a daily basis and when all that shit has been moved to the dump you help everyone else with there shit your like a super garbage man! Im just so greatful you bit the bullet and became my friend tatum and know ill always be there like you are and have been for me!

One Direction has released four albums, soon to be five, and has done 4 tours, 3 of them being world tours, back to back. They also have made and released two movies about life on tour. On top of that, they have been trying to have relationships, spend time with their family, and probably deal with their mental health. 2015 has been one hell of a year for them. A former member, Zayn Malik, left the band. Malik has released solo work and broke up with his fiancé, Perrie Edwards of Little Mix, which reflects back to the current members of 1D. Another member, Louis Tomlinson, is a soon to be father. Two of the current members, Liam Payne and Niall Horan, are clearly getting fed up with fans, as we can see from some of their recent tweets. In the past couple years, it’s been very obvious how unhappy the boys are. For example, compare pictures with fans from 2011 or 2012, to pictures with fans from 2014 or 2015. It has been confirmed that in 2016, after the release of their fifth album, One Direction will be taking a break. THIS BREAK IS WELL DESERVED. Those boys have been working their asses off for 5 years and they deserve at least a year long break. If you consider yourself a fan and you shame those 4 boys for taking a break, then you are clearly not a fan of the boys, you are only a fan of the music. DO NOT HARASS THEM FOR THIS BREAK. They deserve more than most the chart topping artists

  • Tatum:hear me out what if animals could talk?
  • Keli:...
  • Tatum:like what if the they had the same thought process and wanted jobs?
  • Keli:...
  • Tatum:and what if they had like forbidden love with a human do you know how disturbing that would be? cows and humans shouldn't be together.
  • Keli:are you high?

Channing Tatum’s Directorial Debut?

I read that after finishing Gambit, Channing Tatum will try to co-direct a movie with his business partner Reid Carolin.

They have two projects on hand, one is Matthew Quick’s Forgive Me, Leonard Peacock, the other is Jo Nesbø’s The Son. They have not decided which one to go first.

In my opinion, the Peacock book is easier to adapt. It will be a small movie backed by Weinstein Co. Also it is rumoured that Tatum will play the teacher, who is gay in the book. I feel the boy from Boyhood can definitely play the title character, but they can find someone new, lower the production cost. It will be a good test project. Tatum said he wanted to try earlier, if he fails, there is always time to improve.

Now The Son by Jo Nesbø. I think it was 2014, Tatum flew to Norway to meet the author himself. So he is sincere. The movie is in “option” stage, Warner Bros. and Nesbø has an agreement, they need to make the movie within certain years.

I just finished reading the book yesterday. It was quite violent. The main character Sonny is charming, but he is a serial killer. Sonny’s motive is to revenge the baddies who wronged his father and himself. M

The characters in The Son are well written, but the plot is often unbelievable. I wonder is the police in Norway that useless? Or just too corrupted.

Tatum is rumoured to play Sonny. In the book, Sonny is 30, imprisoned for twelve years since he was eighteen. Tatum is 35, not too much a stretch. Also Sonny was trained to be a wrestler, Tatum played a wrestler in Foxcatcher. They both have green eyes.

There is a love story in the book, as unbelievable as it is, Tatum can definitely pull it off.

But Tatum playing an anti-hero who killed criminals ruthlessly? Can he play a former junkie? I struggled to root for Sonny in the book, I cannot approve his actions. If the story is set in another era or another world, I might.

Anyway, we will soon find out more about Tatum’s next project after Gambit.