what really bothers me is that channing tatum may look like a thumb, but he’s a really cool dude. like, he’s openly bi and clearly is obsessed with his family and apparently loves fairies and there was that time he helped stan lee off stage bc he’s a gentleman and his favorite disney character is the sentient broom from fantasia and he’s been outspoken about gender equality and stuff and also his wife is hot as hell

but his fanbase is essentially like 40-60 year old women who are like ‘OOOOOOOH ABS MUSCLES DANCE LIL BITCH’ and it’s created this v specific image of channing tatum in the media when in reality his image should be giant fucken nerd in love w his amazing wife

Three SERIOUSLY UNDERRATED Movies I just watched recently:

1. Strange Magic

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A work by freaking Lucasfilm/George Lucas himself!

Did not expect it to be a musical, very much cringe worthy—but once you look past that, this movie has stunningly beautiful animation! 

Not to mention the plot is actually kind of interesting. THIS coming from the same man who brought us STAR WARS and we know how well those relationships work out half of the time *cough* Anidala *cough*—but it is a movie ENTIRELY about LOVE! I kid you not. 

Though a few places are indeed very very much a cringe, other parts have me squealing like a fangirl! I wish I would have heard about it sooner!   

2. Epic

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So I guess 2013-2014 were just the years to have stunning visual animation for forest-related characters, in movies that both basically flop in the box office.

Epic was a little slow at times, but it was funny, unique, and had a few very memorable characters! 

I will not lie to you, I am a sucker for ships, and Ronin and Queen Tara never cease to make my heart ache for a whole week after I watch this movie. T_T If you watch for nothing else, at least enjoy the beautiful visuals, A-list voice acting cast, and the FRICKING relationship between the Queen and the most badass guy in this whole movie!

3. Book of Life

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So, aside from slamming me with the crippling nostalgia of watching El Tigre on Nickelodeon as a kid, this movie is witty, gorgeous, and (again unfortunately) more of a musical than I typically look for. 

STILL! I cannot believe it took me THIS long to watch it! It was fun, exciting, and busted all sorts of chops for various people and stereotypes. 

Plus, the fandom for this movie is ridiculously awesome! Jorge R. Gutierrez is very open with the fans with his info/rumors of sequels, and the voice cast nearly killed me. Channing Tatum was one thing, but DIEGO LUNA is the main character!  We’re talking Cassian Andor with more than 5 lines of dialogue and a leading role! ❤ ❤ ❤

And let me tell you about La Muerte and Xibalba—the OTP I didn’t know existed or that I needed in my life—their personalities are so different from what I was expecting and I love everything this movie did to make me think vs what I saw. 

Plus it is produced by Guillermo Del Toro—I’ve been seeing his name so much recently—seriously, what does this guy not do!?

So those are the 3. This is just my opinions of things based on recent exposure to the films, and they aren’t the best movies I’ve ever seen by far, but they were enough to be exciting and they definitely deserve more love than they were given! —or at least more exposure so it didn’t take me this long to watch…

Things kentin has said with this face
• *instert Childish mimicking of peoples words here*
• “im rubber your glue what ever hits me bounces off and sticks to you”
• “Preps”
• “Hi my name is Kentin small ass’kicker Evan brownies and i have short brown hair (thats how i got my name) with ack died ends and green tips the hair goes all the way down my neck and bright green eyes like green grass and a lot of people tell me i look like Channing Tatum(AN: if u dont know who he is get da hell out of here!) [[im not related to evan but i wish i was because hes a major fucking hottie]]”

I have no regrets on the last part but im sorry for those who dont get the last joke and what i was parodying.
Kentin belongs to chinomiko and beemove

  • Jordie Benn: Oh come on, Segs! What straight man walks around all day everyday without a shirt on?
  • Tyler Seguin: Oh gee, let me think. Matthew McConaughey, Channing Tatum, Joe Manganiello.
  • Patrick Sharp: You do realize you're listing off cast members of Magic Mike?
  • Tyler Seguin: Oh sorry. Is that the name of the movie? I thought it was called... the BIBLE.
Anime Weekend Atlanta: J. Michael Tatum Panel

Tatum: Good morning, everyone.
Tatum: I just want to let that word sink in: “morning.”

Tatum: I did not schedule this event. The con did. I think they’re testing our resolve.
Tatum: “Do you really want to continue with your career?”

Tatum: My boyfriend’s the kind of person who wakes up with a song in his heart.
Tatum: I’m just
Tatum: “I love you.”
Tatum: “I want to continue to love you.”
Tatum: “Shut up.”

Tatum: Raise your hand if this is your first Q&A.
Tatum: mmm, fresh blood.

Tatum: I will propose to all of you in Sebastian’s voice. Let’s just get that request out of the way.
Tatum: This is not my first rodeo.

Tatum: I’m going to say “fuck” a lot. If you get offended, well…
Tatum: Welcome to this little thing we call language.

Tatum: If I have to dance up here, you have to dance with me.
Tatum: Don’t come up here and try to dance with me.

Tatum: Hi!
Tatum: Is that an Aloise?
Tatum: [as Sebastian] Crap.

Tatum: Why do you want to marry Sebastian? He’s going to eat your soul.
Cosplayer: I don’t have a soul!
Tatum: [as Sebastian] Then what’s in it for me? Your soul is your dowry. If you don’t have a soul, you have to have… land, or something.

Tatum: I feel like Tomoe and Sebastian would get along. Similar predicaments.

Tatum: I love Grelle. Tatum loves him some redheads.

Tatum: It helps being psychotic, when you’re an actor.

Tatum: This is a civilized place, so you are all Doctor Who fans in my heart.

on Steins;Gate
Tatum: I do not envy the poor son of a bitch who has to breathe life into these lines. Oh, it’s me? Crap.

on Steins;Gate
Tatum: Seitz and I turned into 12-year-old girls, calling each other in the middle of the nigh
Tatum: …giggling

on Steins;Gate
Tatum: [as Colleen Clinkenbeard] “Honey? Are you okay?”
Tatum: I’m literally in the fetal position in the corner crying, “I’m fine.”

Tatum: If you want to hear Tatum have an honest-to-god mental breakdown in the booth: Steins;Gate, episode 13.

Audience member: What show would you most want to see get another season?
Audience: OURAN
Tatum: I have a lot of shows on that list, but Ouran is actually not one of them. […] I don’t want to see Ouran: The Shitty College Years.

Tatum: Ian Sinclair is a phenomenal actor.
Tatum: The only reason the rest of us get any work in this industry is so that Ian can sleep.

Tatum: So, not eating or drinking all day is a preferred method of carrying something heavy?

Tatum: I am now contractually obligated to wear the snuggie.

Tatum: He was the voice of Megatron
Audience: Unicron
Tatum: Boy, you can not get up here if you do not have all of your facts.

Tatum: Please, someone draw that. I want to see fanfic of that.
Tatum: But no tentacles.

Tatum: Tell me this guy does not look like Isaac. I want you 2 to become friends and change clothes.

Audience: What is your favorite yaoi couple?
Tatum: It’s not a couple at all. It’s Kyoya and the twins. Because redheads.