dont talk to me about CJ because he’s the only one that isn’t visibly destroyed tHAT IN ITS SELF IS A DIFFERENT STORY OK FOCUS

★゜・。。・゜゜・ lets talk about the CJ kids ★゜・。。・゜゜・

Alright so let’s get the obvious out of the way. It’s canon now that the CJ is blind, although “justice is not.”

That out of the way, let’s get to the fan-stuff. So, he’s the only one that has not been visibly destroyed or demoted on screen. It’s safe to assume then, aside from the state of systems eventually becoming inert and obsolete, that he’s still the original “first” CJ made or appointed.

In my mind, that puts the CJ in a position the other Cog Bosses don’t have. If anything, I think he probably has the Chairman on the phone to maintain a juridical system that suits the both of them.

If I’m honest, I always headcanon that the longer the CJ is around the more likely he’ll adapt to true neutrality. Because maybe he’s the only one that can ‘see’ there’s no point in the conflict. Toons will grow like different genres of comedy, and the cogs.. well, they’re mass produced at such a rate, the two sides are at a stalemate.

It doesn’t mean to say that he likes Toons, no, he probably hates them as much as the next cog for being without order of course. But more that he’s probably becoming self-aware.

the signs as ships from the fosters
  • aries:callie & brandon
  • taurus:stef & lena
  • gemini:jesus & emma
  • cancer:jude & connor
  • leo:mariana & mat
  • virgo:brandon & lou
  • libra:jesus & lexi
  • scorpio:callie & wyatt
  • sagittarius:mariana & wyatt
  • capricorn:brandon & tony
  • aquarius:callie & aj
  • pisces:mariana & tia
really important psa abt enjolras super duper important

ok i know a lot of ppl write/draw/headcanon enj as tall but like CONSIDER

  • enjolras who is like five foot
  • enjolras standing on his toes when he yells at grantaire or when he gets super impassioned during a speech and he doesnt even realize he does it
  • enjolras who is sO SMALL but he still manages to make himself seem huge with how aNGRY he gets
  • sometimes when courf has a death wish hell use enj’s head as an armrest
  • enjolras having to pull grantaire down to kiss him uwu
  • enjolras has become really good at climbing unstable structures (boxes or crates placed precariously on top of each other, moving carriages, etc.) bc whenever theres a crowd hell find ANYTHING to climb so he can see
  • TINY

thank u that is all


i was tagged by serperoir!! here are my top ten fictional character :)))

1. snow villiers- ffxiii trilogy
2. misty- pokémon!!
3. zoey- left 4 dead series “look guys, the zombies killed God!”
4. ellie- the last of us
5. oerba dia vanille- ffxiii trilogy
6. beast boy- teen titans/dc comics
7. GLaDOS- portal 1 and 2
8. harley quinn- suicide squad/dc comics
9. luna lovegood- harry potter
10. howl jenkins pendragon 💘- howl’s moving castle

if any of you guys wanna do this, tag me!!