was doing sketch requests on mah twitter & @mrcutio asked for ‘bahorel doing a sick kickflip’ and then this…. turned into Les Amis: Primary School Origins

i don’t know anything about kickflips and neither does bahorel, luckily feuilly doesnt seem to mind 


les mis moments that break my heart: 1/?

combeferre, bahorel & the rest of les amis trying to stop courfeyrac going after gavroche

you know fucking what? courfeyrac randomly breaks into song and ferre is the type of guy that JOINs in with perfect beatboxing or random harmonizing and choruses and they often do weird mashups of songs or jazz renditions of pop songs and ??? it’s always so perfect and?? how are they so in sync literally how do they KNOW what the other is about to do what the fuck?? bossuet filmed them once and they went viral

When they were in high school, Enjolras and Combeferre won ‘cutest couple’ all four years, despite the fact that they had never so much as held hands romantically.

Cosette isn’t sure who was more indignant: Marius or Enjolras

Joly isn’t sure who laughed harder: Bahorel or Eponine

Jehan isn’t sure who pinned worse: Coufeyrac or Grantaire

  • enjolras: grantaire stop complaining
  • grantaire: sorry, I let the whine go to my brains
  • enjolras:
  • grantaire:
  • enjolras:
  • grantaire:
  • marius:
  • cosette:
  • éponine:
  • gavroche:
  • combeferre:
  • courfeyrac:
  • feuilly:
  • bahorel:
  • joly:
  • bossuet:
  • musichetta:
  • jehan:
  • montparnasse:
  • jean valjean:
  • fantine:
  • javert:
  • thénardier:
  • mdm thénardier:
  • azelma:
  • bishop myriel:
  • grantaire: *cough* I mean what
Hogwarts Dating

Enjoltaire Edition

  • Muggleborn Grantaire trying every iconic and cheesy muggle pick-up line on Pur Blood Enjolras who’s ever heard them
  • Enjolras snuggling into Grantaire’s Ravenclaw scarf in winter and not giving it back until late spring
  • Quidditch commentator R who never fails to points out how fabulous Enjolras’ butt looks on that “new” broom he got two years ago before someone take the mic away from him
  • They got their first detention together when Grantaire got punished for doodling in class:
    • “Mr. Grantaire, since you’re so manual you’ll polish everything in the Trophy Room.”
    • “My hands are so good at polishing stuff, sir.”
    • Enjolras snorted so loud he got detention as well
  • Grantaire once sent Enjolras a musical card for his birthday and Enjolras was very confused because??? There isn’t??? Magic involved???
  • Enjolras spending a couple of weeks at Grantaire’s in the summer and Grantaire introduces him to muggle rock and all the bands he grew up with. Enjolras looking at static pictures of baby Grantaire with a fond smile
  • Enjolras couldn’t figure out what his amortencia smelt like until he held Grantaire close for the first time and made the connection
  • Grantaire’s cat loves Enjolras so much he’ll sometimes spend the Slytherin dormitory, sturting all the way to Enjolras’ bed with a doodle stuck in his collar
les amis working in a book store

Enjolras: just sits there and watches, mostly; it’s a little unnerving. Very very good at figuring out what kind of book you’ll like and pointing you in the right direction. even if you claim not to like reading, he’ll figure something out for you, thinking you’re going to give it a chance.

Combeferre: will never tell you if a book is good or not. it depends, yknow? there’s no bad book, really, only bad times to read it perhaps. “but is it well written?” you ask, wanting a clear answer. “that depends on what you’re looking for,” he replies. “I can’t say for sure if a book is well written or not…”. hypocritically, is super picky about good writing himself.

Courfeyrac: you don’t know how he does it, but you came in for a paperback and you end up leaving with a shelf worth of books and an invitation to come over for apéro, his door is always open if you need it. it might be because of his verve, or his gorgeous eyes, it’s hard to say.

Feuilly: will recommend you books about the history of Poland, or Italy, or Greece, or about any other countries currently under oppressing regimes - even if that’s not really what you’re looking for. It’s always à propos, though, isn’t it? You’re looking for a thriller? this book is about the partitions of Poland. it doesn’t get more thrilling than that, and you’ll learn about important parts of history!

Bahorel: knows everyone. This book? He knows the author, they’ve shared a beer that one that. That one? Yeah, he met the author at a family party. The tallest, so he can reach the higher shelves. Unafraid of a barricade of books toppling over him. Unafraid of anything, even the latest cheesy bestseller.

Prouvaire: sets himself in a corner and plays the flute (and violin, and guitar, and whatever he’s been learning that month) to entertain the customers. He will also always reccomend you read books in their original language. Even if you don’t read that language. He’ll suggest you learn it.

Joly: is really into the newest trends in health, self-help, or borderline esoteric books. He writes to his favourite authors and invites them to come and speak and sign books at the store sometimes. Makes tea for the customers, and brings blankets to the cozy reading corner on cold rainy days.

Bossuet: tried to publish his own book, but somehow, despite his talent, manage to lose all the money from it because of a crooked publisher. Will self-publish next time, maybe, when he gets an idea (it’s been 10 years). somehow always gets the  customers that talk about their entre life stories to him, but he doesn’t mind.

Grantaire: probably knows the book you’re talking about, because he’s read it, but then he (accidentally or not) spoils it for you at the register. can’t shelve books to save his life - he always gets distracted.

I really love Grantaire being insanely smart

Getting his PhD and graduating at a high rank, if not the top, of his class in liberal arts and sociology or something very broad and applicable to people and society.

And it infuriates Enjolras even more when he learns out how qualified Grantaire is because not only is he pessimistic, but his arguments against their causes are valid. They tear down and are dismissive of the goal, but his arguments are always full of useful critiques that help Enjolras patch up the holes in his plans (holes that not even Courfeyrac or Combeferre catch during their strategy meetings).

But also Grantaire just being able to have incredible conversations with everyone because he’s so intelligent. He has, at the very least, surface level knowledge on practically every topic thrown his way, so people absolutely adore talking to him because conversations can go any and everywhere.

He’s a huge proponent of trying things, so he has so many cool experiences and anecdotes because of it. It never fails to amaze people that he’s so interesting.

And he may be the most cynical man about society that Les Amis has ever met, but he’s also so full of curiousity about life that it never fails to awe the people he interacts with.