J’ai préféré aller voir Age Of Ultron et éviter de me faire spoiler plutôt que de bosser mon mémoire et éviter de me faire engueuler par ma directrice, et ça les amis, c’est avoir des priorités dans la vie.


carlllgallaghrrr tagged me for the lockscreen / homescreen meme! thanks!

my lockscreen is my les amis art. it’s easily the biggest project i’ve worked on so far and i really like how it looks on the screen uwu

my homescreen looks like the default ios 8 layout. BUT the thing you should know is that i’m using an android phone. and the thing with android is that it’s highly customizable and you can basically do anything with it. and since i love jonathan ive’s design on the new ios (google’s new material design for android lollipop is great, too but ios just seems more sleeker), i recreated the layout on my phone. so, there.

i know most of you have done this already so do this only if you want to! mixanji teawithghosts writingabeautifuldisaster larchwood ngpeltier zevranai apinkducky flamingdemisexual

things to talk to me about

• lithoromantic grantaire falling for aromantic enjolras and having a happy relationship despite there not being mutual romo between them

• and that’s convenient for grantaire bc he’s litho

• lithoromantic eponine falling for marius

• combeferre deciding he’s asexual but then he meets courfeyrac and discovers that he’s grey-ace

• aromantic courfeyrac

• aro/ace jehan

High school theatre au where les amis start a game of never have i ever at a cast party and midway through the game feuilly says “never have i ever hooked up with someone in this cast” and of course the trusty poly trio are all shouting “THATS NOT FAIR” and courf is shrugging as he puts a finger down like “yeah all of them” and suddenly someone notices that enj (who still had all his fingers up) put down a finger and he and R (who had also put a finger down) are not looking at each other

headcanon that enjolras can’t cook

at all

he’s been in the kitchen for a while and jehan, combeferre and courfeyrac suddenly smell this awful burning smell

they run into the kitchen and it’s full of steam. ferre’s glasses fog up intensely but the others can’t see at all either bc it’s just a block of whiteness

holding their noses, they venture further and see enjolras standing next to the sink, saucepan in hand, running water over its twisted, melted bottom

he’s burnt himself in three places but right now he’s just panicking because he got distracted and suddenly the saucepan was melting

he was trying to boil water

little les amis tropes that I love

• enjolras being a terrible cook

• courfeyrac giving the best advice about relationships while pining after combeferre

• bahorel and feuilly being best bros

• trans enjolras where no one knows he’s not cis but somehow grantaire knows about it

• combeferre’s tattoos like hot damn

• grantaire the tattoo artist

• enjolras being really forward with his flirting and grantaire going into shock because really? he just did that?

• nonbinary jehan who regularly writes slam poetry and the les amis go to see them when they perform

• enjolras and grantaire fake dating and thinking it’s going really well but in reality everyone can tell it’s fake because c'mon when would they just suddenly start dating after hating each other

• on the fake dating thing, enjolras offering grantaire money to fake date him

• grantaire respecting enjolras’ boundaries in their romantic/sexual relationship

• enjolras calling combeferre in every situation for advice

• joly comes too

• bahorel and grantaire sparring and joly fussing over their possible injuries

• grantaire having some stupid doodles that everyone thinks are amazing still portraits but they’re actually just apollo snorkeling ducks and jehan loves them

• jehan and grantaire bonding over poetry and mythology

• bossuet and joly talking about their crush on musichetta and fawning over her when she’s in the room while trying to play it off as cool 

• eponine and grantaire being best buds and babysitting gavroche

• everyone being fucking happy for once and not dying like please

give me enjolras who’s never experienced any romantic attraction in his life so he goes years thinking he’s aro, then he gets to know grantaire and holy shit what are these things he’s feeling?? he gets really upset and stressed about it because it’s so unusual for him so he talks to combeferre about it and they discuss how it sounds like enjolras is in love.

basically give me demiromantic enjolras who doesn’t know he’s demi until he falls in love with grantaire

Today was the last day of first semester :) !

  • Right after the bell rang, Amy and I drove to Downtown Disney so we could relax and hang out
  • Bought the Chicken Strip Platter from Jazz Kitchen Express and walked over to Disney’s Grand Californian Hotel & Spa so we could eat at the Balcony.
  • Amy drove me back to Rancho for Korean Club practice.
  • Kevin and I drove around: Drove down the Pacific Coast Highway, Checked out the resort in Newport Beach, Drove through UC Irvine’s area, then ended up in Newport Beach again.
  • We found a City Ground bike shop and Kevin bought straps for his bike.
  • Stopped by at Kura Sushi because we were hungry and ate a few plates of sushi.
  • Drove home and later bought Starbucks at night. 

Yeah :)


Everyone wanted me to do this so!!! My Les Amis fancast using only ppl from the Les Amis fandom (i couldnt find myself a bossuet,bahorel or grantaire tho sorry // )

Enjoloras as Enjolras
Bahoreal as Combeferre
Dameferre as Courfeyrac
Cy-Lindric as Jehan
CanadianCosette as Marius
Sarah-yyy as Joly
TransFeuilly as Feuilly

Annnyway if ur on here and you dont want to be lemme know and ill remove ur selfie immediately!! 



  1. That which serves to guide or direct; a guiding star.
  2. Something that is the centre of attention; an object that serves as a focal point of attraction and admiration.

Combeferre | Courfeyrac | Photography | Editing/x

Amechibi Cosplay Ball 2015

imapixie123 asked:

Les Amis starting as an online group chat thing and they end up meeting in real life?

  1. Oh man that means first we need to talk about usernames, right?  Enjolras’ is MyBarricade’sBiggerThanYours, courtesy of Courfeyrac (who know each other irl already) after Enjolras spends a week trying to decide what would be an appropriate mix of clever and sophisticated and accurately portray the image he wants for the online sociopolitical chat group he’s making. Enjolras was furious but as Combeferre will later point out it sort of does portray Les Amis’ image, in a weird way. Courfeyrac’s username changes on a semi-regular basis but the one he’s had for a while now is DoHeGotTheBasicCivilRights? followed by the tag line “He Dooooon’t seriously what the fuck why don’t he”.  Combeferre’s is Lepidopteran-Man-of-Mystery.  His online handle has been Moth-Man-of-Mystery or some iteration since he was in middle school but when he was making this account his sister was waiting for her turn on the computer and bugging him about that username – really shouldn’t you have a more mature one by now?  So without breaking eye contact Combeferre deleted “Moth” and put in a more mature name. Grantaire is, obviously, R (he delights when people ask him for his real name and he can smugly say that he’s already told them).  Joly’s is 4_Jolly_Wings.  Lesgles is Bossuet with the tagline “help my username autocorrected to this how do I change it? I’m not a dead French bishop I promise??”  Jehan is ~FlowerChildren-and-DeadPuppies~. Bahorel is ThisMachineKillsBigots with the tagline “and by machine I mean my fists so fuck off assholes”. Feuilly is Self-Taught-Activism (and if you don’t think Enjolras fell a little bit in love the minute he read that username you’re dead wrong.  And when Feuilly first message to Enjolras says “is your username supposed to be a euphemism or…?” Enjolras absolutely tries to kill Courfeyrac – again.)
  2. Originally the group started between Enjolras and Courfeyrac who had been friends since they were kids, and Combeferre who they met online on another website a couple years before the Les Amis group formed. People slowly trickled in from there. Feuilly was the next to join because he read the group mission statement and believed in what they were doing so started chatting.  Jehan popped in and out periodically to post their more politically fuelled poems and ended up becoming a fixed member.  Bahorel got into a fight with a transphobic asswipe in another forum and got invited into the group by Feuilly who read the thread.  Lesgles accidentally posted messages in that chat instead of the one he meant to and just got absorbed, and he dragged his online friend Joly in with him. Grantaire went on a drunken rant one night and Enjolras, who was online, ended up engaging with him and from that point on he was impossible to shake.  Though the original point of the chat was mostly to discuss social and political movements, it eventually grew to include just normal, everyday socialization because everyone in the group became such good friends.
  3. Their meeting irl is the result of months of planning.  They figure out where the most central location is to meet (you can say they’re either all American and find the most central part of the country or else are all Europeans and can use the train systems to meet in the most central country, whichever floats your boat) and do so in the summer with the plans to then go on a massive road trip together.  The first few hours are literally just a mix of screaming and hugging and amazement as they see the faces behind the usernames for the first time. No one is surprised that Bahorel is basically a caveman but everyone’s amazed by how tall Jehan is and by their scruffy goatee (though no one’s surprised by their wardrobe – everyone had seen the sort of aesthetic Jehan liked online) and how short Joly is (Lesgles delights in being able to carry his friend around until he trips and they both wipe out).  It’s always a toss up as to whether they’re all each other by their real name or their online name and it can get a little weird for an outsider listening in.
  4. Grantaire spends the first night, after a lot of the other people had trickled off to bed, sitting between Joly and Lesgles drinking and moaning about how “It’s not fair that he’s hot too!  Why is he hot?  Oh my god, I was hoping he’d be, I dunno, covered in zits or have giant ears or buck teeth or something oh my god I can’t do this I’m actually going to explode. Shit, and now he knows I’m not only an asshole but an ugly asshole, fucking shit fuck” to which Joly and Bossuet make appropriate sympathetic noises because Grantaire moaning about Enjolras is nothing new, even if now it’s more audible and followed by less frowny faces and hearts.
  5. A few days into their excursion, when they’re having a roadside picnic lunch, (aromantic) Jehan get up on the table and says “Okay, I think we can all recognize that the amount of sexual and-or romantic tension going on here is frankly ridiculous, even more so now that it’s not being filtered through computer screens, so I propose that instead of cramming ourselves into tents tonight we find a cheap hotel, each rent a room, and then shuffle around until all the necessary nonsense is sorted out.  Anyone that doesn’t want to can come party in my room, we’ll watch bad hotel TV movies and eat snacks and laugh about the other people who think they’re being subtle about their crushes.”  And with some trepidation that is exactly what happens.  (Grantaire is originally going to head to Jehan’s room, in his pajamas with his pillow, but Enjolras catches his elbow and awkwardly asks if he wouldn’t mind talking with him…  Grantaire nearly faints.  The rest of the couples I’ll leave up to your imagination.)