hi all!!! since this inktober i’ve found myself blissfully between one job ending and another beginning, i’m gonna have another crack at finishing a les mis comic. i’ll be doing a 1-2 page comic for each day and each prompt, then turning the whole thing into a little zine. so here’s a pile of amis to serve as cover art. see y'all october first!!

This is your reminder that Jehan has photos of all of the Amis in their wallet and they love to show random people on public transportation. A couple of old ladies and them always swap new stories about their ‘families’ when they see each other on the bus.

“and there’s Enjolras- yup that spot of blood was from the protest. It’s a bit blurry because we were being chased by the police but his boyfriend, R, still managed to get a half decent photo”

“that’s Courfeyrac, this is the most modest he gets. Although that man in the back is Combeferre, he’s a doctor, and he certainly approves of the booty shorts, which by the way, were bought on my recommendation”

“And that Feuilly, he’s a doll, this is him getting- oh, is this your stop? Well bye Maurice see you next Saturday! Wish Josh luck in his soccer game for me!”

the world needs more middle school aus

Ok, here me out, Les Amis in middle school.

  • Jehan is currently the only member of the amis to almost get dress coded. No one knows why, no one knows how, but everyone knows that it ended in the teacher yelling “DID YOU MEMORIZE THE ENTIRE LIST?”
  • Enjolras is the one who is supper excited to write essays in english class. He normally turns a simple prompt into a way to talk about current issues
  • “can we grow weed in our garden project?” 
  • Joly brings five bottles of hand sanitizer and 10 tissue boxes on the first day. He also brings more when the teachers are running out
  • Bossuet always, and I mean always, manages to lose all important papers
  • Grantaire has lower grades, but he has an A in art
  • Bahorel gets into fights sometimes, but it’s middle school fights so they are barely more than tugging on hair and maybe a punch or two. lots of scratching though
  • Feuilly gets so focused on his work that he’ll jump when the bell rings
  • History class is an interesting time. Communism is brought up at least twice a class period.
  • R, Bahorel, and Courfeyrac reference vines/memes every five seconds. They also were heartbroken at Vine’s death
  • Combeferre went to an after school math club
  • Marius and Cosette are that one couple that have been together all year and no one really understands how they got together but know they are the ultimate power couple of the school

Courf: I’ll be damned if I let you go out dressed the way you dress!

Courfeyrac helps Marius get dressed because Marius can’t see himself in a mirror. Vampire issues…

Where is that vampire Marius post, I was thinking about you, I want a fic of it where is my fic do I have to write it my goddamn self fuck me

Ok, so at my college we have note-takers, who are payed by the college to take notes which are then made available to the d/Deaf/HOH students in the class that have requested a note-taker. There is usually only one note-taker per class and the students taking the notes don’t actually know which students they are taking the notes for and vice versa because of privacy reasons.

So this got me thinking about Enjoltaire with Deaf or Hard of Hearing Enjolras and Note-taker (and also interpreting major) Grantaire, both in philosophy together (or some class like that).

Enjolras sits in the front of the class so he can see the interpreter to understand what the teacher is saying, and literally always has his hand up and is always talking and giving his input because Enjolras has exactly zero chill. Which means that there a definitely kids in his class who don’t realize he’s Deaf/HOH (yes, I’m looking at you Grantaire).

Grantaire sits at the back of the class, taking his notes, and while he never actually raises his hand to state his points, but will go on rants in the notes debunking everything Enjolras says during class, which drives Enjolras crazy because here’s this person debating with him and this person has some really good points but is just so cynical. (Also this person has some really cool doodles and their hand writing is a really pretty scrawl, but obviously Enjolras hasn’t noticed this at all… totally…).

But then Grantaire starts mentioning Enjolras in his rebuttals, calling him Apollo, and next thing Enjolras knows there’s a little doodle of him standing angrily on the top of a table and Enjolras is like who are you??? as he’s now constantly looking back at the rest of the class like ‘I’m going to figure out who you are dammit!’ 

IDK man, just somebody write this fic for me…

Side note: Les Amis are totally a group of Deaf/HOH/CODA/interpreting majors/just generally people who know sign. Every meeting is done using sim com. 


What ? my demoreel ? ya ya ya ! Check my work ! I chose a relaxing music !

(I can say that this year there’s some kind of level up ? ) Level up ?? ‘o’

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kiss kiss

Okay so my phone does this thing and, basically, when I download a song, I have 30% chances there’ll be a random picture as a background. For no reason.

So last night I started downloading les mis songs in dutch, Hungarian and Japanese because what the hell not and

All my les Mis songs have my lgbt pride picture

I shit you not this is the best thing that’s ever happened to me

J'suis retombée sur cette photo l'autre jour, et j'en avais jamais parlé ici alors c'est parti

Mardi 12 février 2013

La loi sur le mariage pour tous n'était pas passée, beaucoup de manifestations contre mes droits, contre les droits de mes amis, contre les droits d'humains se sont déroulés à cette période. Beaucoup de choses virulentes se sont dites et partagées. On prend tout à coeur quand on a 17 ans et demi, surtout si le sujet semble nous concerner.
Mardi gras: me vient une idée avec l'aide de ma Maman = me déguiser en mariée avec une petite pancarte.

Faut savoir que j'étais scolarisée dans un lycée de banlieue (banlieue qui craint hein sinon c'est pas marrant) lyonnaise. Ainsi, même avant cette action je me prenais déjà des remarques, des regards et même des gestes déplacés quand je tenais la main à une fille. Combien de fois je me suis faite sifflée et insultée de “sale gouine” en sortant du lycée où en rentrant chez moi?
Ce jour là, j'ai pris tout mon courage et c'était parti.
Ma mère a du m'emmener cependant en voiture au lycée parce que le tram ou le bus c'était juste pas possible. Elle m'avait même aidé à trouver un foulard transparent blanc pour mettre sur mes cheveux et des vêtements blancs etc…
Beaucoup de lycéens m'ont fait des sourires en guise de soutien, une quinzaine de gens que je ne connaissais pas ont voulu prendre des photos avec moi, et puis y'a eu bien entendu des insultes ou des remarques à la con. Certains profs m'ont regardé de haut, d'autres m'ont souris, une m'a dit “j'adore votre déguisement”, ma prof de français que j'aimais bien m'a dit “vous êtes un fantôme?” Je lui ai montré la pancarte et elle m'a sorti un vieux “AH”.
À partir de ce jour là j'ai été encore plus cataloguée, mais en vrai, j'en suis toujours fière en 2017 !

anonymous asked:

*cough* Crime Boss!Enjolras and his artist boyfriend R *cough*

This was certainly a challenge, but I hope this fulfils your wish anon! (Big thanks to my @badassindistress and @fishandchipsandvinegar for their very helpful ideas!)

Enjoltaire, Modern Crime AU garnished with fluff, 2.6k

When Grantaire gets home there are two men waiting in front of the door of his apartment. He takes a step back, but they’ve already seen him.

“Mister Grantaire.”

Grantaire puts on a grimace that might pass for a smile. Police. He’s not in the mood for police today.

One of the men puts himself forward and gives him a thin, glib smile that couldn’t be less sincere if he tried. “I am Detective Inspector Thénardier,” he says. “And this is my colleague Detective Inspector Javert, we have come for a chat.”

“Have you now,” Grantaire replies, eying them both up and down. He knows who they are. About Thénardier he knows so much it’s kind of ridiculous that Thénardier doesn’t know anything about him. But then again, the guy never did pay enough attention to his children’s whereabouts. When it comes to Javert though, Grantaire has only second hand information. And what he has heard is very different to what he knows about his colleague, which is why he makes direct eye contact with Javert, but not with Thénardier.

Javert stays silent.

“If you’d be so kind,” Thénardier says, gesturing to the door.

“Don’t seem to have much choice, do I,” Grantaire grunts and he unlocks the door.

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Les Misérables
↳ les amis

“This barricade is made neither of paving stones, nor of timbers, nor of iron; it is made of two mounds, a mound of ideas and a mound of sorrows. Here misery encounters the ideal. Here the day embraces the night, and says: I will die with you and you will be born again with me.”

Les Miserables question

Hello my friends I have a question.
I’d like to decorate my notebook with self drawn portraits of Les Amis but I’m having a hard time remembering details of every single barricade boy

It would help a lot if any of you could message me anything about the boys, from hairstyle or eye colour to hobbies or clothing style. If it is just a single sentence or a short description about their characteristics, anything would help!

A huge thanks beforehand!!
(If you don’t know anything about Les Amis but still want to help me, reblogging will help me too!)