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so, i’ve been trying to piece together thoughts on the current fandom dialogue and…it’s mostly led to the revelation that i really just do not care. i knew already that i’d moved beyond the desperation of someone who would get into any media just because there was representation, i haven’t felt like that in years, but i’m also realizing that a canon confirmation of any wolf 359 character being queer just….would not mean much at all to me. 

i guess i’ve just gained higher standards for representation. i don’t care about mentions, about scraps. i want characterization that is nuanced and complex and more than relevant for only a scene, i want plotlines, i want arcs. of course i am an advocate for the idea that canon queerness doesn’t have to be super delved into in order to exist, but i don’t want representation to be reduced down to ‘hey remember that one time that character mentioned she liked girls’. i don’t want it to feel like i could forget about a character’s queerness and i wouldn’t be missing out. 

i do think that passing mentions are better than nothing, i think they have their place in terms of queerness being more normalized, and i think they’re most valuable in narratives where there are lots of queer characters already, so it feels less like scraps and more like an expression of the prevalence of queerness in people. but none of those emotionally affect me. i don’t care. i’m like ‘oh cool’ or ‘okay’ and then i move on. 

and for the most part, i don’t think wolf 359 is the space for the kind of representation i really do want. and of course i’m speaking only for myself here, and obviously other people have made clear that they’d love a singular mention that say, eiffel is into guys, which would elevate him into Official Canonical Queer Status™, but like…having been there in the past, with those standards, it wasn’t fun. realizing that my emotional needs are less than they used to be in this particular area to the point where i can actually have standards is a wonderful feeling. and i get that not everyone is there yet, can ever be. this isn’t judgment, i know that i’m in a lucky place right now, that i’m able to feel this way. but like…consider what exactly it is that you’re asking for, and the value of that. 

to tackle the issue directly, everyone knows wolf 359 is not a romantically focused series. in any way. a romance between any of the prominent characters is unlikely, to say the least. this is also not a series particularly interested in tackling the characters’ orientations (or genders). even though people’s identities are always relevant to a degree, they do not disappear when not focused on, because they’re a part of who we all are, especially if your identity strays outside of the norm - this story is not focusing on them for the most part. these things are never irrelevant, but they are out of the spotlight. they are not crucial. it’s likely they never will be, as thematically that would not fit with the story this series is currently trying to tell. a story with characters who are mostly connecting and engaging with one another on other levels, a story where they are currently placing more importance on other areas of their life. this doesn’t feel exclusionary to me. it feels real, it feels honest, it feels refreshing. i don’t feel unincluded. i don’t feel queerness, my queerness, being dismissed or erased because queerness isn’t mentioned in the series. obviously other people feel differently, but i don’t think that the issue is that stories like this cannot exist, that stories cannot exist largely outside the realm of canonical sexual/romantic/gender identification. 

which brings me to…the canonical indications towards those identifications that we’ve got. all we’ve gotten is minkowski’s marriage to mr. koudelka, eiffel mentioning missing sex in am i alone now? (which complicates, but does not eliminate the possibility of ace headcanons), and potential subtext about fourier and hui. gabriel has said that they were not intended to have been confirmed to be in a relationship outside of the platonic realm, but he’s also said that fourier and hui: the couple is an idea in his mind. but regardless, we’re talking subtext and word of god there. ultimately, what this all comes down to is mr. koudelka. 

this entire conversation would be a blatant non-issue to me if mr. koudelka didn’t exist. not leaving this particular area of the characters’ lives filled out is an entirely solid, understandable, and interesting storytelling position to take. but the fact is that it was addressed with minkowski, her romantic relationship with a man informs her character, makes her more developed, sheds light on other aspects of her that we don’t get to see a lot of. if i didn’t know about mr. koudelka i would be missing something about minkowski, something not vital but still important in terms of her characterization. a character’s romantic orientation is relevant, is important, is not crucial but it’s worth mentioning. mr. koudelka has proven that no, romance is not something that will go entirely unacknowledged in wolf 359. romance is relevant to the characters’ lives, it can be used to develop these characters, it is an established tool for characterization in the wolf 359 universe. it’s been used sparingly, with one character, but it has been used. and that usage supports, not confirms, but supports, a read of that character as straight. the one time romance was brought canonically into characterization, it was in regards to a woman being involved with a man. and that’s more heteronormative than not. 

so, do the creators have an obligation to tip the scales back a little? i think so. i think we’re pretty much owed another mr. koudelka, but in a way that does not only confirm a woman’s attraction to a man or a man’s attraction to a woman. and by ‘another mr. koudelka’ i don’t mean another character has to be in a relationship, or even mention a past relationship. by ‘another mr. koudelka’ i mean an expression of attraction that informs a character, that develops them, that sheds light on important aspects of them that we as an audience would miss being enlightened about. i mean making something like that relevant, if it doesn’t immediately present itself. not because i want it to be forced, but because there’s endless potential in terms what could be momentarily, but canonically explored about a character in this vein. spin it however you like, but i want it to be as important as minkowski’s attraction to men. 

i’m not saying we’re owed as in creators strictly owe anything to fans, to anyone but themselves and their art, but that there’s a responsibility in having an audience and even if you’re not interested in addressing these topics extensively, you should recognize when you’re feeding into heteronormativity and consider the impact of that. i don’t consider wolf 359 to be particularly heteronormative, or much at all, i really don’t, but the fact is that there’s one character who’s had one canonical attraction and that’s from a woman to a man. and the series could do better. 

but ultimately? i’m looking for my representation elsewhere. i don’t just want a mention of queerness thrown in for the sake of it, i want mr. koudelka levels of relevance, but i’m also not asking for anything more important than mr. koudelka. wolf 359 isn’t going to give me, isn’t meant to give me, i don’t want it to give me what i’m looking for in terms of canon queerness. i think that in the name of fairness, in the name of not being heteronormative, in the name of doing one’s part to ease the othering of the non-straightness, of the non-cisness, in society, yeah. it would be great for wolf 359 to delve into having a canon queer character or two. and for that queerness to be more relevant than a passing comment, to be given as much weight as the exploration into minkowski’s romantic life. but i would ask that of the team because i think it would be the right thing for them to do in their position, not because i’m expecting any personal needs of my own to be satisfied. because they won’t be. because another mr. koudelka would even things out, would right the balance, but it wouldn’t be as significant as the representation i want for myself. and i need to find fulfillment in that area elsewhere. 

Hey, uh. Question. I was looking at some queer books and now all of the advertisements on tumblr and a few other sites are giving me suggestions for gay related stuff. I’ve tried to clear my history and cookies but they haven’t gone away. I occasionally let my mother borrow my laptop so she can pay bills and I’d rather her not see them. I was wondering if anyone knew how to get rid of the adds/keep them from accessing what I’m browsing?

I swear to God my phone can read my mind. I was just thinking about registering my dog as an emotional support dog (turns out having ADHD does give me a legitimate claim to that). Thinking about it. That’s all. I didnt say anything out loud, and I haven’t done any internet searches about it in over a week. I glanced down at the webpage that had just loaded on my phone, and I saw an ad for service dog registration. HOW.

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@fenkurwaharel omggg the aged man tho….I have so many????theories???? Like???he says he’s fleshless during that quest so im… he someone who was resurrected as an emissary too?? Like??????? Did he manage 2 escape either via the star city or some other means???? Im??? Bc HE KNOWS!!! LIKE….Probably more than the black guardian tbh….i just?!?!??!?
And the veiled woman omfg….is she? A diety? She obv wants u to stop the cycle bc for some reason she wants that I just…dont….??

And JESPAR…..IN THE STAR CITY IM….UGDHHDHDJ but also he sounds…Idk sad but…..hopeful in the other ending I’m so😢😢😢

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We had a new guy at work today and I spent the whole time calling him the wrong name and he only corrected me when I was adding him to the group chat for work. 😐