RM: amazing how music transcends all langua-

Interviewer: sooo how’s the English album going?

RM: well as we know music truly transce-

Show host: didn’t rlly understand most of it hehe eng ver??

RM: ah yeah but it surpasses and transcends all barrie-

Reporter: bro sick songs but english??


@betaruga and me, two primitive saiyans taking down a pathetic Tuffle troupe. 

It’s a present from us to you, our mutual followers! And more or less our official way to let everyone know that we’ve been a serious item for some time now!! ^_^

I want everyone following me to know how happy and fulfilled I am to be with her, and that we both owe a lot of gratitude to you for your reblogs and support, you helped put our names out there, and we legit wouldn’t have met each other without your shared contributions :D

Thank you so very much, seriously! I hope some of our constant, non-stop joy rubs off on everyone here!