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4 6 12 26 38 127

4) Are you easy to get along with?
Very very easy to get along with. I rarely meet someone I can’t find something in common with and get along with

6) What kind of people are you attracted to?
People with similar goals and dreams as myself.

12) What are your 5 favorite songs right now?
That’s a really tough one honestly bc my taste in music/fav songs change daily based on my mood lol. But right this minute, in no particular order:
Take It All Back-Judah and the Lion
Rhythm and Blues-The Head and the Heart
Way Down We Go-Kaleo (or pretty much anything Kaleo tbh)
Hang Me Up To Dry-Cold War Kids
Revival-Jamestown Revival
Soulfight-The Revivalists
thats 6 whoops

26) What do you do when you wake up?
Hit snooze at least 10 times

38) Describe your dream girl/guy?
Hmm. Someone I can trust unquestionably and leaves no room for doubt. Someone kind hearted. Someone who is driven and has goals and works hard to achieve them. Someone who has a desire to travel and wants to see the world with me. Who loves nature and my dog as much as I do. Someone intelligent and adventurous and fun. Someone I can laugh at dumb stuff with but also have a deep conversation with. Someone who chooses me and never stops choosing me.

127) What makes you happy?
My dog. Tacos. Sunshine. Plants. Hikes. Nature. Lazy days. Friends. Beer. Stickers. Singing. Softball. Making other people happy.


2017 Unknown @ DO Hamilton Throwdown 17 by Anthony Baker

aight so I was tagged by @donkey-is-my-spirit-animal to do this, might not know you that well but i super appreciate the tag nonetheless ✌🏻

LAST MOVIE YOU WATCHED: lately I’ve been into shitty horror movies so last night I watched this recent one called Viral, it was cheesy and predictable but I still liked it

LAST SONG YOU LISTENED TO: currently listening to “Peanut Butter Jelly” by Galantis as I type this

LAST SHOW YOU WATCHED: like 7 episodes of Steven Universe in a row, not that impressive I know but trying to catch up on a show when you have a short attention span is hard

LAST BOOK YOU READ: “American Gods” by Neil Gaiman

LAST THING YOU ATE: a turkey burger that I grilled myself, somebody get me on Master Chef tbh

IF YOU COULD BE ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD RIGHT NOW, WHERE WOULD YOU BE: normally I would say something like “Athens!” or “Oxford!” or “Paris!” but honestly I just wanna be back at school

WHAT WOULD YOU DO WITH YOUR LOTTERY MONEY: assuming we’re talking jackpot winnings, I’d set aside a third of it to do nice things for the people I care about and then invest the rest so I wouldn’t have to worry about money anymore

WHICH FICTIONAL CHARACTER WOULD YOU HANG OUT WITH: yikes idk, maybe Kala from sense8? she’s my underrated daughter so that’d be a blast, plus if you get one you technically get them all

CURRENT TIME: 11:36 pm, est

idk who to tag on here other than greg so @dorkyprince and just to get a few more lemme run through my recent activity real quick: @midnight-summer @iouapizza @twinkletits

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reyna / leo ??? idK

WOULD I SHIP..? (accepting)

insert a Chill Reyna icon because leo / reyna has me feeling that way tbh?? i love the idea of anyone being with reyna and just, making her laugh. she’s so serious and formal and uptight (or at least, that’s what she wants people to see her as) and i think leo is just the perfect foil to that. for the life of her she can’t think of any good reason for him to keep being so upbeat and himself and there comes a point when she just stops asking and just accepts it. also i love that they’re the kind of people whose work ethic, when tapped, is quite literally on fire (badum tsss). seriously, when they’re both up because of a project or work, they both know it’s futile to try and drag the other off to bed so they stay up with each other. reyna fixes him a cup of cocoa with aurum and argentum lazily weaving through their ankles with only lamplight and moonlight aglow, kissin the concentration deep set in his brow. him doing the same thing when she’s pouring over plans and stratagem and making her do that throw-her-head-back-deep-belly kind of laugh when she shouldn’t. mmm i love it! 

tbh there are some makeup trends that i would love to see more of but i just know once white people latch onto it im just gonna have it ruined for me tbh

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as one cryptid/paranormal enthusiast to another, i just want to thank you for this blog! It's pretty amazing finding something that appeals to this (albeit niche) interest.

Thank you very much! This kind of stuff has always fascinated me tbh

this is completely random, but sometimes i tend to think a lot about my muses and their ships, in the sense of having their first inmate moments together, like kissing or sleeping together for the first time…i don’t know, my favorite part honestly is having all of them be so different from one another.

like my muses are all different in that sense, so all their first times with partners? it’s going to be different for each ship, and i love that. if that makes any sense.

those fluffy moments between my ships mean everything to me tbh :’) because i think they are important for development even if they are tiny things.